67 Prelude to the Second Showdown

"Hey Saber!" Jun called out and she looked up at him.

"Thinking is for after you get back to safety." He said.

"Saber gained some energy and said. "Yes sir!"

"Sir?" Jun asked.

"Ah n-no it's nothing." Saber became embarrassed.

Irisviel chuckled and said.

"We'll take out leave then. But since we're now allies, you should drop by the Einzbern castle in the forest." She suggested.

"I will. You're also welcome at Ryuudou anytime." Jun said before disappearing with Morgan and Saber and Irisviel left walking.

Back at Ryuudou, since battles were beginning in earnest, Jun decided to check his status before he went into battle since he was planning on having some fun himself this time around too.


Eternal Martial Mastery (A+) -> Boundary of Nothingness (A+++)

Eye of the Mind (True) (B->A)

Runic Skin (A): Enhances one's body with the circulation of one's magical energy. Also augments physical and magical resistance as well as resistance to effects like poison and curses.


Despite a decade passing, even more with the training at the Akashic Tower with its accelerated time, Jun's abilities had only changed at those two points and nothing more, it was truly disheartening.

Even if he rebuilt the powerful noble phantasm he had before, Jun could not truly wield them with his current power anyway. His martial arts were already at the peak, even when Heroic spirits were taken into account though.

Natalia and Maya's progress however, was going truly well. Jun had researched Dr. Jekyll's Dangerous Game drug that turned him into Hyde and adapted him to enhance the two girls without creating problems in their psyche.

The end results were as such.


Name: Natalia Kaminski

Race: Human/Succubus

Gender: Female


-Strength: C

-Endurance: C

-Agility: C+

-Mana: B+

-Luck: D


Marksmanship (C): Great competency with firearms.

Magecraft (B)

Vale Tudo (B): Significant mastery of the no holds barred martial art and way of fighting.

Mixed Blood (B): Mixed blood of a human and a Succubus. Grants enhanced reflexes, high speed regeneration and a longer lifespan along with the ability to manipulate dreams.

Can boost one's magical energy through the intake of semen. Repeating this act for long periods of time with powerful males will enhance one's Parameters especially the Mana Parameter.

Mana Burst (C): As a result of the user's heritage, the ability was developed at a low rank.

Runic Skin (A): Enhances one's body with the circulation of one's magical energy. Also augments physical and magical resistance as well as resistance to effects like poison and curses.



Name: Haikami Maya

Race: Human

Gender: Female


-Strength: B

-Endurance: C

-Agility: B

-Mana: C

-Luck: D


Marksmanship (B): Masterful use of firearms.

Magecraft (C)

Boundary of Nothingness (E): Initial grasp of Jun's transcendent martial arts.

Beast Form (A+): Call upon one's inner beast to assume the form of a powerful werewolf type being. All physical parameters receive a ++ modifier and the user is granted powerful regeneration abilities capable of healing from heavy damage several times without problem.

Instinct (C): The user's bestial nature had given rise to high intuition especially towards danger and enemies.

Runic Skin (A): Enhances one's body with the circulation of one's magical energy. Also augments physical and magical resistance as well as resistance to effects like poison and curses.


Their progress was, as seen quite pleasing to the eye as, despite being yet incapable of fighting Servants with decent noble phantasms, they had gone quite far. Runic Skin being the full body runic inscription Jun had created.

Jun on the other hand, had to find a other methods to increase his power even without improving his vessel and Morgan was the one to give him a great idea.

Much like she had created several magecraft based Rhongomyniad and stored hume amounts of magical energy, turning them into weapons of mass destruction.

Jun could also pre prepare such constructs with his Wrought Iron Magecraft to use as needed since he had huge amounts of stored up magical energy. And so he did.

Creating various combinations of noble phantasms and then creating magical constructs filled to the brim with his magical energy to use as required, thus improving the total amount of power he could unleash, even without touching upon his actual strength.

Assured by his strength, Jun went to find Natalia and Maya who were actually sparring together, dressed in tight spats and tight tops that only covered their chest and upper back, they were quite a delight to watch as they sweated hard.

Natalia was toned but her succubus heritage kept her soft looking and smooth but Maya was totally ripped which Jun admitted kind of turned him on.

Truly a chiseled body with bulging muscle but just to the point where it was attractive and not ugly, a perfect balance that Jun truly loved seeing in her. Not just because of the looks though, it was proof of her gargantuan effort in learning from him.

"Hey you two!" Jun called out ant the two stopped.

"Hey Jun." Natalia greeted back.

"Jun-sama." Maya greeted with reverence.

"I have a short and simple mission for you two. Morgan took down Berserker today so I want you to hunt its master, seal his body, and bring it to me. with your current capabilities, it should be plenty simple." Jun said.

"Got it!"


Natalia and Maya responded.

"I have another thing for you when that's over Maya so you can deliver the report." Jun added.

Accepting this, the two women headed out to complete their mission which ended up being even more simple than they thought as they found Kariya unconscious and near death in a dark alley before sealing him as ordered and bringing him back.

Jun's goal in having them do this mission was mostly curiosity, he would poke into Kariya's mind to figure out why had he decided to participate in this holy grail war and then research Zouken's crest worms out of some minor interest.

That was for later in his free time though, for now, Jun asked Maya to ready themselves for an outing as they were visiting the Einzbern Castle to meet with their provisional allies.

Once they arrived, Irisviel was there to welcome them while Kiritsugu hid away somewhere since Jun did not sense his presence anywhere nearby.

"Hello Irisviel. I came as per your invitation but I have to admit . . . I was half expecting the Magus Killer to ambush me." Jun greeted.

Irisviel's welcoming smile twitched as she had to put some effort into persuading Kiritsugu not to do exactly that and he changed his plan into something else.

". . . Hahaha! Of course not!" She responded.

"There was a weird pause but I'll let it go." Jun said.

"Who might that be?" Irisviel asked, looking at Maya.

"This is Maya . . . Well, she something like a little sister." Jun said and much to his amusement, hear Maya audibly "tch".

They had dinner as they awaited Kiritsugu's return and talked about the course of the war and enemies to look out for etc. Saber participated as well by was visibly quiet as she was still dragging Lancelot's appearance and actions in her mind.

Kiritsugu eventually arrived and greeted Jun.

"Haikami Jun I presume."

"We've already met at the docks Magus Killer. So how was your bombing tonight? Blowing up and entire skyscraper to kill one guy and still failing." Jun "greeted" back as he shook his head.

"Kayneth seems to be coming here while looking awfully pissed and he has brought Lancer with him. I suppose you are planning on using me as bait, distraction or maybe a shield? kayneth probably hates me after all." He continued, making Irisviel and Saber look at Kiritsugu with disappointment.

Maya on the other hand, became full of hostility, jun being the only one not showing any particular reaction becoming neither distraught nor even angry. But, seeing Kiritsugu fall into silence, he continued speaking.

"Not really how one should treat their allies I believe." He added, Making Saber look even more unhappy than she already was and that was saying something.

"Will you help us?" Irisviel asked anyway.

"It takes a special kind of shamelessnes to make that request after what I've said." Jun responded which made Irisviel squirm in her seat with shame.

"But I like you and Saber so I'll help out a bit. Saber can have her one on one with Lancer while Maya and I will take care of Kayneth." Jun suggested.

'I should give Maya a little taste of actual combat outside the Tower after all.' Jun thought to himself.

"You have my word Jun! I shall defeat Lancer." Saber got up and swore.

"I'm sure you will." Jun said which for some reason left Saber feeling a bit embarrassed before she shook it off.

"Well Maya, I'll leave it to you, should you get in true danger against an opponent of such caliber, I'll intervene and finish it but we'll have "special training" when we get back." Jun told her which made Maya shiver.

Special training for her was to try and follow Jun's routine which was suicidally masochistic for a normal human, hell, even for a super enhanced one like her so she became very interested in the fight as she and Saber headed out.

"Let's see how she does . . ." Jun said with interest as he observed Maya with his Origin Eyes of Akasha that were not bound by distance.


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