5 Chapter 4 - Illya, Kuro and Sella

Emiya was truly relieved, Rias finally left his room. Because Emiya knew something bad would happen to him, if he was seen together with Rias who was completely naked in his room.

"Onii-chan it's time to wake up!"

And sure enough, exactly a few seconds after Rias left. His, two younger sisters, Illya and Kuro suddenly opened the door of his room without knocking and immediately shouted to wake him up.

Based on the memories that came from his new body, in this new world Illya was really younger than him and not legal loli like Illya who came from the world where Emiya came from. While Kuro is a cousin of Illya who came from Germany and her real name is Chloe Von Einzbern. And what makes Emiya feel surprised is why Kuro can be so similar to Illya? And why the color of hair and skin of Kuro is like him? maybe Emiya could find an answer using Structure Analysis on Kuro's body later.

Emiya sighed at the behavior of her two younger sisters. Then he said to them:

"Illya, Kuro both of you doesn't need to scream like that, I've been awake since earlier if you yell like that, you will disturb the neighbors know! "

"Forgive us," Kuro and Illya said, bowing their heads.

" Onii-chan who usually wakes up earlier than Sella doesn't appear in the dining room this morning," Illya said. "That's why we both became worried and try to wake Onii-chan up."

"Besides, when Onii-chan came home, we had no idea when you get home," Kuro said. "We both thought Onii-chan didn't come home yesterday until Illya saw Onii-chan's shoes lying on the veranda this morning. What actually made Onii-chan coming home without alerting us?"

"I was too busy practicing Kyudo yesterday," Emiya said. "I forgot about time and practiced until almost midnight, so I came home late."

"I'm sorry Illya, Kuro if I make both of you worrying me."

Emiya hugged Illya and Kuro not to make both of them suspicious also to show his affection for Kuro and Illya. Especially to Illya, his favorite sister who died a year after the fifth Holy Grail War ended. Emiya really really missed the existence of Illya.

"I-It's ok Onii-chan," Illya said with a very red face.

"Y-Yes Onii-chan, we-we have forgiven you, really." Kuro said with a face that was as red as Illya, but with a little blood coming out of her nose.

(Starting from the scene Archer Emiya will be called by Shirou to make the story writing easier)

"Illya-san, Kuro-san both of you only go to wake Shirou-san up but why both of you is taking so long," When Illya, Kuro and Shirou were hugging, Sella the maid at Emiya's residence appeared to see why Illya and Kuro needed a long time just to wake up Shirou and when she arrived in front of Shirou's room whose door was open and saw Illya, Kuro and Shirou were hugging. she really felt shocked and then suspicion arise in her mind and then a bad thoughts on Shirou began to appear in her head, then the bad thoughts began to cause reactions to her body.

"What are you doing you lolicon!" Sella immediately charged towards Shirou with a punch from her left hand right at Shirou's head. And Shirou was shocked by Sella who suddenly wanted to hit him, to the point that Shirou released his arms that hugged Kuro and Illya.

As well as Illya and Kuro who were truly shocked by Sella's appearance. The two of them fell to the floor because Shirou let go of his arms and they released their arms from Shirou body.

"Sella, stop!" Kuro shouted.

"Sella Onii-chan didn't do anything to us!" said Illya.

Sella ignored the words of Illya and Kuro because she was already blinded by anger.

  Shirou who was about to be hit by Sella did not feel any threat from Sella at all. With his experience as a Counter Guardian in previous life, the blow from Sella feel very slow for Shirou. And Shirou easily caught the punch from Sella using his right hand.

Illya, Kuro was really surprised to see their big brother could withstand a blow from Sella. Where as before Shirou could not do anything when he would be hit by Sella.

And Sella who struck Shirou felt even more shocked than Illya and Kuro. Shirou who had been a routine victim of her beatings if Shirou did something she thought was a pervert this time could withstand her punch. Sella was really confused about what was happening.

"You know Sella," Shirou said. "You shouldn't jump to your own conclusions when you see something happens in front of you, it makes you feel like a spoiled rich kid who thinks she's or he always right."

"Shut up!" Sella said that her left hand was still held by Shirou. "Don't touch me! You lolicon!"

"I will not let go of your hand Sella," Shirou said. "Before you want to hear an explanation from me, Illya and Kuro!"

After an explanation that didn't take long for Sella about why Shirou, Illya and Kuro were hugging. Sella finally understand and then she bowed her head to Shirou.

"I'm sorry," said Sella. "I was wrong because I made my own conclusion when I saw you hugging with Illya and Kuro."

"It's good that you understand Sella," Shirou said. "I'm already tired, you keep hitting me at will even though I'm not guilty at all! So make sure you change your attitude, Sella!"

Shirou then walked past Sella who was still kneeling while lowering her head while carrying a bath towel, uniform and school bag.

"I want to take a shower first and then have breakfast," Shirou said. "Illya, Kuro, Sella, the three of you, please have breakfast first."

Shirou then walked out of his room to the bathroom in a cool manner passing through Illya and Kuro. Shirou's pretentious style makes Illya's heart beat very fast and her face turns red and there is smoke coming out above her head. Then Kuro had a much worse nosebleed than before, her face was as red as Illya plus her eyes became heart-shaped because she saw how cool Shirou was.

"O-Onii-chan is too cool!" Kuro said.

while Sella who had been scolded by Shirou could only stay stiff, unable to move at all half of the reason is because she was upset that she was scolded by Shirou. And the other reason was because she really felt fascinated by how cool Shirou was when he scolded her.

The second life of the Counter Guardian Emiya as a new Shirou Emiya has just begun!

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