Fate/DC Universe

Raiden Kagawa was an ordinary human whose life took an unexpected turn when he found himself thrust into the chaotic realm known as the DC Universe. Struggling to comprehend the enigma of his sudden transference, he discovered an extraordinary system bestowing upon him the abilities of heroic spirits from bygone eras. As Rai embarked on his journey in this unfamiliar world, he encountered numerous challenges and adversities that would undoubtedly redefine his character. The question that looms over him is this: how will a man endowed with the combined might of countless heroes confront the dual forces of hope and darkness that pervade the vast expanse of the DC Universe? . Also . If you wish to read more or simply support me just because ?  than check out my patréon at "https://www.patréon.com/Riadooo" Don't forget to change "é" to "e" //********************************************************\\

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112 Chs

Trial's Aftermath

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"So... A three-month suspension," said Kaldur.

"Yup, plus weekly counseling from Black Canary. Instead of seeing the logic in my ways, they see a crazy man that needs to be fixed," replied Raiden.

"Raiden, you said you want villains dead; we are not murderers," said Zatanna.

"No, I asked for the execution of villains, especially bad villains with very hefty death tolls and are most definitely irredeemable!" Raiden replied.

"We are heroes; we exist to save people. We can't act as judge, jury, and executioners," spoke Robin.

"*Sigh* Look, I don't want to repeat this discussion here, but in short, why shouldn't we? No prison has been able to keep these monsters in it, except death." Raiden turned and then left, clearly angry about what had happened inside the trial.


"This boy... Are you sure you want to keep him inside our ranks? Special team or not, he is powerful. I admit to that, powerful enough to be a threat, and this threat is being allowed freedom inside our headquarters," spoke Captain Atom. At first, his opinion of Raiden was that he seemed interesting, but upon meeting him, he was very disappointed. The kid looked fit and looked the part, but his aura was nonexistent. He wouldn't look any different from an average high school boy.

But when his aura surged, Captain Atom felt fear. It wasn't like he could sense mana or extraordinary energy, but the anger changed him. His golden eyes felt as threatening as the sun, and his bloodlust was that of a killer who has ended the lives of millions, so his fear was justified. Atom was all too happy when Raiden deactivated his powers and relaxed again; a sense of relief dawned upon him.

"Raiden has been nothing but an asset to our ranks. He has dismantled three of the most dangerous villains and organizations in a matter of a month. His intentions are good as well. I see no reason to kick him out or treat him any differently from the other kids. He just needs to learn about heroism and what it takes to be one," replied Dinah, Black Canary.

"Can we even trust him? You saw how he reacted," asked Green Arrow.

"We had a traitor infiltrate our ranks a year ago, and his power wasn't nearly as strong as this kid," spoke Captain Atom. He was the only one who advocated for the removal of Raiden from the Justice League completely and went even as far as to ask for his imprisonment.

"I have been monitoring Raiden ever since we met him. While I have observed that he has hidden some things from us, his intentions and what he has done have all been pure good. I don't need to remind you that our friend Zatara was saved by Raiden and released from the shackles of the Helmet of Fate. He went as far as to grant the Helmet of Fate its own host, adding to our ranks," replied Batman.

"Most of us realize that Raiden is a good kid. He's been nothing but help. We can't be too angry at him for his views and beliefs as well. He is still a kid," spoke Superman.

"I'm not exactly angry at his beliefs. I, for one, think that he had the right idea. In my land, killers are executed. I see no reason why we shouldn't try to apply it here, in the Justice League and the surface world," said Aquaman.

"The same thing in space. Criminals with double-digit murders are killed on sight. Of course, we, the Green Lantern Corp, have to deliver them to the appropriate authorities," said Green Lantern.

"Some countries do have the death penalty," said Flash.

"Raiden suggested that we do it," said Atom.

"We do not kill," replied Superman, firmly.

"Killing is an addiction," spoke Martian Manhunter.

"If we start killing villains with our own hands, it will become addicting. Eventually, we will try to find reasons to kill villains, instead of judging them based on their actions," replied Batman.

"Well, let's discuss this later, but I do think we should consider adding some sort of way to take down villains permanently. If not, one day, someone will be crazy enough to destroy a city and kill thousands," said Aquaman.


Two weeks later...

Raiden was sitting on a rooftop; he was currently in his Servant form, specifically the Archer Class servant [Arash].

"Looks like things are going smoothly, Master?"

"Yes, it's pretty straightforward. We won't need to interfere."

Raiden was watching the team take on a group of a terrorist organization in Croatia; he, of course, followed them, even though he is not allowed, just to check on them.


"Access Raiden B-10."

"You are late," said Dinah.

Raiden looked at her then went directly to the counseling room. He didn't want/have the energy to speak with her, but he obliged nonetheless.

Dinah sat on her seat then said, "So, how was your little trip to the outside?"

"Pretty fine," said Raiden in a monotone way.

"Raiden... This is our third session together; you have to start saying something."

"Like what exactly? I don't like being here, I don't want to be here, and I don't like the attitude you take with me," replied Raiden with bitterness.

"What exactly changed? You weren't like this before. Was it the battle with Ares?" Dinah tried to come to a reason for what changed and why his attitude was suddenly aggressive and unsupportive of the league.

"You don't get it, do you? I haven't changed, Miss Dinah. I haven't changed one bit. I was merely suppressing myself, trying to observe you all, to come to a conclusion. I wanted to believe in your justice, but I haven't found my peace with it. It's suffocating in here, how you all act so graciously and heroically when, in fact, you are all the cause of many crimes," spoke Raiden in rage.

"Raiden, have you ever tried to consider our position? We are heroes, yes, but we are all also normal people. We have lives and families to care for. We can't bear to kill anyone; the responsibilities of such an act are too big," said Dinah.

"If it's that big, then why did you step up for it? Is your courage, strength, and resolve as heroes limited? Hell, if it's too big for you, then don't interfere when others do it."

"We're simply repeating the same thing here, Raiden. The world isn't so black and white," explained Dinah.

"No, it's not... But sometimes, it's better to see it that way," said Raiden.

"Can we talk about your time as a prisoner?" asked Dinah.

Raiden immediately got up and started leaving as he said, "Your time's up, Miss Dinah."

"You can't avoid it forever, Raiden. You have to open yourself to me so I can help you."


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