Fate/DC Universe

Raiden Kagawa was an ordinary human whose life took an unexpected turn when he found himself thrust into the chaotic realm known as the DC Universe. Struggling to comprehend the enigma of his sudden transference, he discovered an extraordinary system bestowing upon him the abilities of heroic spirits from bygone eras. As Rai embarked on his journey in this unfamiliar world, he encountered numerous challenges and adversities that would undoubtedly redefine his character. The question that looms over him is this: how will a man endowed with the combined might of countless heroes confront the dual forces of hope and darkness that pervade the vast expanse of the DC Universe? . Also . If you wish to read more or simply support me just because ?  than check out my patréon at "https://www.patréon.com/Riadooo" Don't forget to change "é" to "e" //********************************************************\\

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Revelations and Transformation

While Wonder Woman grappled with her shock over her Lasso not functioning, Batman took the initiative to speak.

"How did you do that? No one can evade the Lasso of Truth. You can bypass it by believing a lie, but to completely evade its effect? Not possible. So, what did you do? Does this mean you have different powers? And how can you activate them when bound by these Meta-human Suppressors? Your powers shouldn't work!"

Taken aback by his own situation, Raiden looked at Batman and replied, "I have absolutely no idea. My powers aren't working, I can assure you of that. But I don't know why her lasso didn't work. However, I do have an idea."

Batman narrowed his eyes before turning to Jon and said, "Can you check him for me, Raiden? This is Martian Manhunter. He can read minds. Since you've been very open about yourself, I don't think you'd mind him reading your mind?"

Nodding his head, Raiden said, "Look, I may have an idea as to why the lasso failed, and I think the mind reader here will confirm it for you. But I have to warn you, sir, Martian, the people who had me captive tried this with me too. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I do remember that all those who tried to aggressively attack my mind ended up hospitalized. So please, be careful in there. You'll understand once you try."

Manhunter, being the reasonable man he is, said, "I understand. I don't plan on being aggressive either. I'm not someone who abuses his power. I have faith in you, child, and I do believe that you are innocent. But please, allow me to ease the mind of my fellow League member. Now, shall we start?"

Putting his fingers to his head, Manhunter attempted to enter Raiden's mind. Then, mostly five seconds later, he removed his hands and opened his eyes. "Just as you said, young Raiden, I now understand."

Batman looked at Manhunter and asked, "What did you find?"

"Nothing. It was impossible to penetrate his mind. He's completely immune to mental attacks."

Once again, the League was shocked. Wonder Woman then looked at Manhunter and said, "That doesn't explain why my Lasso didn't work. The lasso isn't a mental force!"

"May I explain?" said Raiden.

"Go on," replied Batman.

"I think it may have to do with my powers. While I'm unable to activate them now, they will always be active inside my mind and body, regardless. Martian, sir, can you tell them exactly why you couldn't read my mind?"

Martian Manhunter closed his eyes before saying, "While this may sound unbelievable, for some reason, this child has more than 500 people inside his mind and body. I still don't understand it, but no matter how much I tried, my mind will never be able to read all their minds, especially some of them. They were vicious and powerful. This also probably explains why he was immune to the Lasso of Truth. It was like she was using the lasso on not one, but many, many people."

The more Manhunter spoke, the more shocked the League members became. Then Batman looked at Raiden and said, "Why are there more than 500 people inside your mind and your body?"

Raiden sighed before he said, "As I said before, this is the result of my ability. I'm not happy about telling you what my powers are, but I guess you won't trust me unless I explain it. Do you remember my last transformation?"

Green Lantern interjected, saying, "Yeah, the Dark Skinned Goliath. I remember. You tried to take my head off. Well, not like you would have done any damage."

Snickering, Raiden said, "That Dark Skinned Goliath that you think wouldn't have been able to damage you is the Legendary Hero Heracles. If that attack had hit, you wouldn't be smiling right now."

Once again, Raiden revealed shocking information about himself to the League.

"Brother Heracles! That's why I felt weird around him," said Wonder Woman.

Superman, who had been sidelined the entire time, asked, "Heracles? The Hero of Strength, right? He looked very angry, almost like Doomsday."

"The legendary hero from Greek mythology? Well, considering Diana here, it's not unbelievable that he's real. But why was he inside your body?" said Batman.

"Well, that is my power. I have the ability to summon heroes of the past inside my body and use their powers as if they are mine. I haven't had the time to mess with it a lot, but from what I can understand, the heroes are random. So I was actually lucky to get Heracles, or else I don't know if I could have defeated Amazo," explained Raiden.

While the other members were still digesting the implications of such a power, especially in the hands of a fifteen-year-old, Batman had already started planning contingency plans. He then asked, "Do you always go mad when you transform?"

Noticing the profile Batman had started creating for him, Raiden said, "No, that was a special case. I was very angry, obviously, but most of the rage came from Heracles. He's like that, a Berserker, if you will."

Before Batman could ask more questions, Wonder Woman said, "I find that hard to believe. Even though I sensed Olympian powers from him, Brother Heracles was known as one of the most dignified heroes in history. He even earned a spot amongst the gods. His statues didn't look like 'that' as well. So how come the 'Heracles' you summoned seemed different, mad, and insane?"

Sighing, Raiden said, "You had to ask that, didn't you? Well, it's a bad memory, but I guess I'll have to share it. You see, when I summon these heroes, they are taken from different points in their history, significant moments if you will. Such as this one, the Heracles I summoned was the one driven to madness by Hera and tricked into killing his wife and children. So yeah, that's why he was like that."

Hearing the story, Wonder Woman felt a bit of shame. Her ancestors weren't exactly nice, and this story was real. Her stepmother, Hera, had done this before.

Seeing the tension in the air, Superman said, "I believe this should be enough, no? The kid has had a rough day, a rough life, if I may add. Questioning him anymore would be useless. He's been very honest with us, so we should respond in kind. Hal, use your ring to scan him for any irregularities. If the check is good, we let him relax."

Although everyone, especially Batman, had many questions to ask, they understood Superman's point. After Green Lantern scanned Raiden, he was left alone in a room and given a day's worth of rest. The room had a TV and an Xbox, a gesture from Green Lantern.


Raiden lay on his bed and closed his eyes before asking, "Hey, System, if I transform into a servant, can I cancel my transformation at will?"

{Yes, Host can always cancel a transformation, unless certain conditions are met}

Raiden followed up with a hint of concern, "{Conditions? That sounds somewhat ominous. Is there any way for me to determine if this room is bugged or equipped with hidden cameras?}"

{The System constantly scans the host's surroundings. No unusual items have been detected}."

Feeling more at ease, Raiden decided, "{That's reassuring. In that case, I'll proceed with the transformation. I'm curious about the kind of servants I have.}"

{Summoning Ceremony Initiated:

Servant Class: Rider,

Servant Tier: B,

Servant Name: Ushiwakamaru}."

After a gentle glow, Raiden examined his transformed self and was utterly shocked. His hands and body felt considerably smaller, and he glanced at his attire, which resembled armor. To his astonishment, he noticed that instead of his usual chest, he now possessed round, perky breasts. He exclaimed in disbelief, "WHAT THE FUCK?"

In a sudden panic, he instinctively placed his hand where his previously slumbering dragon would reside  and gasped, "NO FUCKING WAY, it's gone!"

A voice identified itself, saying, "I am Ushiwakamaru and I have been called upon.  Honoring the full devotion as a Samurai, I will do my utmost best! Oh, Master, Do you Perhaps find my body appealing to you ?" 

Raiden, startled by this turn of events, stammered, "Ah! You can talk?"

Ushiwakamaru replied with a touch of humor, "Certainly! Although I cannot employ my physical form, I can still provide guidance."

Raiden expressed his sincere apologies, "I see. …I apologize about your body, I was merely admiring it. I also Apologize for the fact that you are stuck in my mind ."

Ushiwakamaru reassured him, "No need for apologies, Master. My body is wholly at your disposal as your servant. You may use it as you see fit. A master's desires take precedence over those of his servants. Moreover, I don't mind; most servants would consider themselves fortunate to have an opportunity beyond their usual confines. even if it is withing your mind !"

Raiden acknowledged with gratitude, "I understand now. Thank you for your understanding, Ushiwakamaru. I was merely testing my newfound powers, so I didn't require your immediate assistance. Nonetheless, I greatly appreciate your prompt response. I feel honored to have you and the others with me."

Ushiwakamaru humbly replied, "The honor is mine, Master. As your devoted retainer, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity you've given me. Please summon me again and make use of my abilities as needed."

Raiden expressed his intent, "I will do just that. Thank you, Ushiwakamaru."

{Summoning Canceled!}

Raiden's body emitted a red glow as it reverted to its normal state. He sighed with relief, "My King Cobra is back! Thank goodness! Well, at least I didn't lose consciousness this time, but I feel incredibly weakened."

{The host's body has been adjusted to accommodate servants. However, due to the substantial power of most servants, the host's body will always feel weakened upon returning to its original state. It is recommended that the host increase his power. According to current calculations, if the host were to summon an S-Rank servant and then revert, he would be incapacitated for a week.}"

Intrigued, Raiden inquired further, "A whole week, huh? How powerful are these S-Rank servants? What are the cooldown periods for other ranks?"

The System provided the information, "{Given the host's current physical limitations, the cooldown periods vary by rank:

S-Rank Servants; Cooldown Time: 6 Days

A-Rank Servants; Cooldown Time: 30 Hours

B-Rank Servants; Cooldown Time: 12 Hours

C-Rank Servants; Cooldown Time: 8 Hours

D-Rank Servants; Cooldown Time: 4 Hours

E-Rank Servants; Cooldown Time: 1 Hour}"

Raiden speculated, "So, if I understand correctly, if I were to attempt a transformation after just one hour, I'd be guaranteed an E-Rank servant?"

{Incorrect. The host must wait for the cooldown period appropriate to the rank last used, which in this case A-Rank, meaning your current cooldown is 12 hours.}

Raiden chuckled, "I thought I could perhaps find a way to cheese the system. Well, no matter. I'm going to get some rest. I still have no idea what the League has in store for me. We'll find out soon enough."


{Creating a Servant Profile…

Name: Ushiwakamaru

AKA: Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Gender: Female

Attribute: Man

Alignments: Chaotic・Balanced

Basic Traits: Loved one, Humanoid, Servant

Passive Skills: Magic Resistance C ・Riding A+ 

Active Skills: Tengu Art of War EX ・Six Secret Arts of War: Thunder and Gale A ・Art of the Swallow B

Noble Phantasms: Wandering Tales of Shana-oh EX+


Strength: D  …  Endurance: C

Agility: A+  …  Mana: B

Luck: A  …  NP: A+