Fate/DC Universe

Raiden Kagawa was an ordinary human whose life took an unexpected turn when he found himself thrust into the chaotic realm known as the DC Universe. Struggling to comprehend the enigma of his sudden transference, he discovered an extraordinary system bestowing upon him the abilities of heroic spirits from bygone eras. As Rai embarked on his journey in this unfamiliar world, he encountered numerous challenges and adversities that would undoubtedly redefine his character. The question that looms over him is this: how will a man endowed with the combined might of countless heroes confront the dual forces of hope and darkness that pervade the vast expanse of the DC Universe? . Also . If you wish to read more or simply support me just because ?  than check out my patréon at "https://www.patréon.com/Riadooo" Don't forget to change "é" to "e" //********************************************************\\

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Freedom ?

"Am I genuinely witnessing a 15-year-old who emerged from a five-year-long coma defeat Amazo?" The observer, a tall and imposing man with piercing green eyes, watched the camera footage of Raiden and Amazo's battle. He possessed black hair streaked with gray, a long black mustache, and unruly black eyebrows. This man was none other than Ra's Al Ghul.

"Yes, the child is Raiden Kagawa. He's an orphan, and his last surviving family member, his grandfather, passed away a year ago," explained another man. This man appeared on a blue screen among several others, participating in a virtual meeting. He was the bald man responsible for the issues caused by Raiden, also known as Lex Luthor.

"So, you're saying we have no way of using his family members as hostages?" inquired a woman on the screen. She had dark skin, dark blue eyes, and long black hair, known as Queen Bee.

"No," replied the bald man.

"Luthor, please tell me you've implemented a mental switch, similar to Project Kr," interjected a man with extraordinary intellect this time.

"We tried multiple times, but it was impossible. We have no understanding of his powers and abilities, but we do know that he's immune to mental and psychic invasions. When some of our psychics tried to infiltrate his brain while he was in a coma, they were all incapacitated. It was as if they had entered the minds of hundreds of people," Luthor explained.

"Who cares? He's just another runaway from Ivo. Maybe it's time to eliminate him," suggested a childlike entity.

"No, we need Ivo to create Amazo again, and this time it must be perfected. It will play a crucial role in our future plans. As for this matter, it's a lost cause. Raiden is now in the hands of the Justice League. Our plans proceed as usual. The mind control over the Justice League was only the beginning. We move on to our next plan," declared a tall, muscular man with medium-dark skin, rugged features, broad shoulders, and a square jaw. He bore three pale scars across his face, brown eyes, and long black hair pulled back. This man was Vandal Savage, the oldest living human.

After Closing the connection to the other members of his organization, Vandal Pondered to himself "The ability to maintain peak performance even while in a coma and the power to transform into a higher form, rivaling the output of six League members at approximately 50% power — quite impressive for a child. But is this truly the evolution of humanity I've been seeking, or is the child concealing more?"


Star Labs, July 14, 2011


"Ughhh, what's happening...?" The young teenager lying on the bed slowly opened his eyes, greeted by the blinding lights and the cacophony of mechanical noises emanating from the equipment surrounding him. Groggily, Raiden surveyed his surroundings for a moment, his gaze eventually falling to the tubes connected to his body.

"No, not again! Leave me alone!" He hastily removed the tubes and sprang out of bed, rushing towards the wall to get a better view. After a closer look, he realized that the room was filled with hospital equipment. "Thank god, I thought I was put back in that damn tube"

Contemplating his situation, Raiden noticed some peculiar bracelets adorning his wrists. "Maybe I should transform and make my escape."

{Not recommended.

- The perimeter around the host is patrolled by A+ Class warriors, and the system deems causing chaos unwise.

- If the host disregards the recommendation, the chances of success are a mere 6%. They increase to 80% if you summon an S Class.

- It's also advisable to feign an inability to transform. The bracelets on the host's wrists are suppressors for the human Meta-Gene. They are ineffective against the system's powers, but the host can use this opportunity to mislead his captors and gain an advantage.}

(Damn, you're very useful, I haven't even had the chance to see anything about this System, what are you anyway)

{The Fate System is a potent ability granted to the host due to the high karmic value of his previous life. It offers several features, as previously explained.}

(Can you explain these features Again? I wasn't exactly paying attention last time)

{Main Feature of the System:

Summoning Circle: The host can utilize his body as a summoning circle and serve as a conduit for a servant from the Throne of Heroes. Servants are ranked from 'S' to 'E.'

Current Host Records:

S-Rank Servants: None Summoned Yet, Record time as a servant: None, Estimated Time: 3 Minutes

A-Rank Servants: Heracles, Record time as a servant: 9 minutes 27 seconds

B-Rank Servants: None Summoned Yet, Record time as a servant: None, Estimated Time: 19 Minutes

C-Rank Servants: None Summoned Yet, Record time as a servant: None, Estimated Time: 57 Minutes

D-Rank Servants: None Summoned Yet, Record time as a servant: None, Estimated: 2 Hours 51 Minutes

E-Rank Servants: None Summoned Yet, Record time as a servant: None, Estimated: 8 Hours 33 Minutes

System's Sub Feature:

Bond: After using the same servant multiple times, you can form a bond with them. Each servant has specific needs and requirements for bonding.

Reaching Bond Level 5: Gain one of the servant's active skills permanently.

Reaching Bond Level 10: Gain the ability to specifically choose this servant when Summoning.

Reaching Bond Level 15: Gain the servant's Noble Phantasm (select one if the servant has multiple).

Reaching Bond Level 20: Gain the ability to transform into the servant for an unlimited time (unless you run out of Mana).

Current Bonds:

Heracles: Bond Level 2 (Increased due to sharing a rage-filled moment together).


These are currently the only features of the Fate System.}

"Wow, this system I have is quite something. Well, it will be helpful. Servants of fate, huh? I've always been a fan of that series. As for the world I'm in right now, I can tell it's DC, but I have no idea which one. DC has so many timelines, it's overwhelming. My goal remains the same, nonetheless. When I find Ivo, I will tear him apart. But for now, I won't let him dampen my happiness. I've been granted a second chance at life, and I won't waste it!"

While Raiden pondered his current situation, the door swung open.

"I take it you've finally settled down?" The man who entered the room remarked.

Upon seeing the newcomer, Raiden immediately recognized him. It wasn't as if the man was hiding his identity, with his dark attire, Bat logo, and lengthy cape. It was none other than Batman.

"You've sealed my powers... I understand. I didn't mean to cause that chaos. I was simply escaping from my captor. His name is Pro-"

"Professor Ivo. We know," Batman interrupted. "Unfortunately, he managed to escape. You seem remarkably composed for someone who was in captivity for five years."

Raiden smiled in response to Batman's comment. "I do, don't I? It's quite new to me, to be honest. I wasn't like this before I got these powers. It's as if they've changed me. Well, I mean, obviously, they did. You know what I mean, right? Besides, I know you're Batman, a hero, so I feel safe."

Before Batman could respond, another person entered the room. It was a tall, fair-skinned woman with straight, waist-length black hair, blue eyes, and broad shoulders. Raiden immediately recognized her as Wonder Woman.

"I thought I told you to wait for me. We were supposed to investigate together," Wonder Woman scolded.

Raiden tilted his head and said, "This is an investigation, huh? Well, I'll speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Although none of you have asked for my name or anything, I assume you already know me? I suppose it wouldn't be challenging for heroes."

Smiling, Wonder Woman replied, "Yes, we know who you are, Raiden Kagawa. Currently 15 years old, you were kidnapped four years ago when Star Labs was attacked by Ivo and many other villains. You were in a coma back then."

"Indeed, that's true," Raiden responded. "I don't really know much since I was in a coma. The last thing I remember before waking up in that tube was the death of my parents, and my grandfather taking care of me. My parents died, and I couldn't even mourn them back then. At least I had my grandparents. I'm allowed to meet them, right?"

Wonder Woman's expression saddened as she said, "It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you your grandparents are no longer with us. Your grandmother passed away in 2007 from cancer, and your grandfather spent his last years searching for you but passed away last year."

"I see... That's unfortunate," Raiden replied, lowering his head slightly before touching his cheeks. A tear fell, and he thought, (It's not like I knew any of them personally. I never even knew my old family. I was looking forward to having a family here, but it's unfortunate. But the fact that the host of this body has lost all his family is sad to me. I hope wherever you are, you are united with them.)

"Do you need a moment?" Wonder Woman asked.

"No, it's fine. I expected things to be this way ever since that day. Things haven't been going my way, anyway. Let's get through this interrogation. I don't want to stay here any longer."

Feeling a bit guilty, Wonder Woman suggested, "The doctor has cleared you of any injuries. Would you like us to change the room?"

After a moment of consideration, Raiden replied, "Yes, that would be nice."

The trio left the hospital bedroom and moved to a nearby lounge where they were joined by Green Lantern, Superman, and Martian Manhunter.

Green Lantern approached Raiden and said, "Hey kid, I... I apologize. I failed you. I was the one who placed you in Star Labs when you were declared a Meta-Human in Central City. I should have looked for you more diligently."

Smiling, Raiden reassured him, "Don't worry about it. I understand. It's not your fault that I was kidnapped by that lunatic."

Seated on the couch, Raiden spoke up, saying, "Alright, let's begin."

(Batman for Harsh Questions, Wonder Woman for the lasso of truth, Martian Manhunter to scan my mind, Green Lantern to scan me with the ring and Superman incase anything goes wrong, these guys aren't hiding it all)

"Raiden, I hope you don't mind, but I'll need to use this rope. It's the Lasso of Truth. This will ensure that your answers are genuine," Wonder Woman explained as she gently retrieved her Lasso of Truth and began to wrap it around Raiden.

In a sarcastic tone, Raiden quipped, "Would you refrain from using it if I objected? Let's just get this over with."

Wonder Woman began, "The Lasso of Truth compels you. What is your name?"

"Michael Jordan... Wait, hold on, it didn't work!" Raiden exclaimed, genuinely surprised by the result.

"What? How is that possible? The Lasso of Truth compels you. What is your real name?" Wonder Woman pressed, causing the League members to become tense and vigilant.

In response, Raiden jokingly suggested, "Uh, Michael Phelps? John Smith? Are you certain you activated it correctly?"

"How can this be? No human, demi-god, or god can resist the Lasso of Truth!" Wonder Woman exclaimed, her face a picture of astonishment. It seemed that the straightforward interrogation they had planned had taken an entirely unexpected turn.