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Raiden Kagawa was an ordinary human whose life took an unexpected turn when he found himself thrust into the chaotic realm known as the DC Universe. Struggling to comprehend the enigma of his sudden transference, he discovered an extraordinary system bestowing upon him the abilities of heroic spirits from bygone eras. As Rai embarked on his journey in this unfamiliar world, he encountered numerous challenges and adversities that would undoubtedly redefine his character. The question that looms over him is this: how will a man endowed with the combined might of countless heroes confront the dual forces of hope and darkness that pervade the vast expanse of the DC Universe? . Also . If you wish to read more or simply support me just because ?  than check out my patréon at "https://www.patréon.com/Riadooo" Don't forget to change "é" to "e" //********************************************************\\

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111 Chs

A High-Stakes Wager

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"A wager? What kind of wager?" inquired Nabu.

"You and I, let's bet our mental fortitude! I've heard that no one can resist your possession, so let's put it to the test. If you can possess me, then congratulations, you get a body that suits you perfectly. But if you can't do it, then you'll have to settle for Alpha," Raiden explained with unwavering confidence.

"Your arrogance will be your downfall, child!" warned Nabu.

"This isn't wise, young Raiden. Nabu is the world's sorcerer supreme. I don't know how you've acquired such powerful magic, but it won't be enough to resist him. You should just let it go," urged Zatara, trying to persuade Raiden.

"Listen to dad, Raiden. I'm the last person who wants to see Dad possessed again, but sacrificing you is not an option," added Zatanna.

"Sheesh! What's with the lack of faith in me? Nabu, get the contract ready... or perhaps you're not willing to wager with me? Afraid, oh dear agent of the Lords of Order?" Raiden mocked.

"Let the contract emerge! You will regret this foolishness, child!" declared Nabu as a golden contract materialized in the air.

Raiden took the contract, read it, added his own rules, and then scanned it using the system to ensure there were no tricks.

{Contract Rules:

1. Upon signing the contract, Giovanni Zatara will be relieved of his duties as the host of Nabu.

2. Upon signing the contract, Nabu's contracts with the Zatara Family will be abolished.

3. Raiden Kagawa must wear the Helmet of Fate for a full minute, this must be done in less than three minutes after signing the contract

4. If Nabu takes control of Raiden Kagawa, Raiden Kagawa shall serve as Nabu's host for fifty years.

5. If Raiden Kagawa withstands the possession of the Helmet of Fate for a full minute, Nabu is forced to obey Raiden Kagawa's words and is not allowed to possess anyone without his permission.

6. If Raiden Kagawa refuses to wear the Helmet of Fate within three minutes of signing the contract, Nabu's contracts with the Zatara Family will be reinstated.

The system has detected no loopholes; the contract is secure.}

"Young Raiden, please, I urge you to reconsider!" pleaded Zatara as a final plea, aware that when magical contracts are involved, neither he nor the others in the room can interfere. His only hope was that Raiden would back out of his words.

Hearing the system's statement, Raiden summoned a pen and signed his name, and immediately afterward, Nabu's name was signed.

"What have you done, Raiden?" exclaimed Zatanna.

"It's done, isn't it?" said Zatara.

"Raiden!" Robin screamed.

"The contract is sealed! Giovanni Zatara, you are relieved from your duties as my host, and our contract is null for now. As for you, Raiden Kagawa, you have three minutes to say goodbye to your loved ones, if you choose to commit to your foolish actions," declared Nabu.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let's do this, shall we?" Raiden, with an air of carelessness, picked up the helmet and placed it on his head


Raiden's body bathed in a golden radiance as his attire transformed. The new outfit included a golden helmet that covered his entire head except for his ears, a high-collared cape fastened with two large buttons, a blue shirt with a golden oval on the chest, a large golden belt with a circular centerpiece, and deep blue pants paired with golden boots.

"Hahahahahahahah! So... This is the child's body! Truly perfect! I am the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Fate! I have returned, this time much stronger than before!" proclaimed Dr. Fate, who now inhabited Raiden's body.

"Oh no! Raiden! This is my fault. I should have stopped it," regretted Robin, lamenting his decision to let Raiden create the robot.

"Damn it! He was just settling in, too! He had only just woken up from a coma, and he didn't even get to experience life again!" exclaimed an angry Wally, recalling that Raiden had recently regained his freedom, only to lose it again.

"Raiden, no! He did all of this for me... This isn't right!" protested Zatanna.

"Nabu, please! Take me back! He's just a child. Let him go; he's learned his lesson!" pleaded Zatara.

"No! Ahahahah, you think I'll go back to that old body now? I've gained the most perfect body for a sorcerer in history! I am a god now! I will rule the world as its supreme god!" declared Nabu with immense pride.

"What?! What do you mean, rule the world?" exclaimed a shocked Robin.

"Rule the world? I thought Dr. Fate was a hero! Was he planning this all along?" wondered Wally.

"Dad, is it true? Is Nabu trying to rule the world? We have to stop him," implored Zatanna.

"No! This isn't possible. Nabu, Fate isn't evil; he can't go against the wishes of the Lords of Order," Zatara insisted, continuing, "Oh, heavens... child, what have you done?"

"Hahahahah! Well, the jig's up, I guess. You all really had no faith in me? Like seriously, none?" quipped Nabu, or more precisely, Raiden.

"Raiden! It's you! Seriously, man, you gave us a heart attack! But how?" asked Robin.

"Geez, man, I was remembering your backstory and all; don't do this!" added Wally.

"Don't do this, Raiden!" urged Zatanna as her eyes welled up with tears

"Child, how is this possible? The transformation has occurred, but Fate isn't the one in control. How did you do this?" questioned Zatara.

"I understand why Mr. Zatara would be shocked, but you three? Shame on you! Have you forgotten what my power is? Inside me is the sum of humanity's greatest historical figures and heroes. I summon them at will, and none can take over. Some are much stronger than Dr. Fate. What makes him any better? Possessing me would mean possessing all the heroes inside as well, and I don't think he has the capacity for that!" explained Raiden.

{Host can maintain this form for [05m27s]

Once the timer runs out, Host won't be possessed but also won't be able to use the powers any longer.

Note: Host's Fate system is locked when in this form.}

"So you're in control? Does that mean you can force him to use Alpha instead?" inquired Robin.

"Yup, but give me a second. Something is happening," said Raiden, floating slightly before assuming a lotus position and closing his eyes.

Inside his mind, Raiden found himself face to face with Nabu, who asserted, "You've made a mistake! Stripping me of power will alert the Lords of Chaos. The world isn't safe without me. You have to relinquish control, you fool, or you will doom the world!"

"Don't Give me this bullshit ! You think you can guilt-trip me? You, you took over a man's body, denied him his freedom. What's the difference between you and some villain out there?" Raiden retorted.

"It's for the greater good! Don't you comprehend? Sacrificing one man's freedom to maintain order!" Nabu insisted.

"Enough!" a voice interrupted.

Turning toward the voice, Raiden spotted several golden rectangular entities emitting a soothing aura and a sense of security.

"You, Gaia's Agent, you must release your hold on the helmet completely and allow it to find another host. If this is not done, the Lords of Chaos will unleash chaos upon the universe and Earth!" the voices spoke in unison. Raiden presumed they were the Lords of Order.

"I do plan on doing that; however, in accordance with the contract, I get to decide its host! The contract cannot be breached, as it is sealed with magic. Unless you can alter the rules you've set as the Lords of Order, then Nabu will be hosted by Alpha," Raiden replied.

"Then it shall be done," the voices affirmed.

"This Alpha he speaks of is an inferior host!" protested Nabu.

"It matters not. You signed the contract without our permission. As such, you must accept the consequences. The Agent of Gaia is also part of the universe's order and chaos cycle. It was unwise of you to attempt to use him as a host in the first place," stated the voices.

"I shall accept it then. Too many different hosts have influenced my judgment and personality. Perhaps a robotic host will serve me better," Nabu conceded as he was cast out from the realm of the Lords of order

"May I ask what you mean by the Agent of Gaia?" Raiden inquired.

"It is not our place to speak on behalf of Gaia. Just know that you are now a linchpin in this world's progress. Stray too far from order, and we shall be your enemies. Stray too far from chaos, and the Lords of Chaos will target you," explained the Lords of Order as Raiden was also cast out of their realm.


"I apologize for my actions against you and your family, Giovanni Zatara, and to you as well, Wally West. I shall take my leave now," said Dr. Fate, now possessing Alpha, as he departed through the window, flying away.

"Man, I know I forced him to apologize, but damn, I expected more. Well, whatever, at least you're free from him. Ugh," Raiden began to speak, but Zatanna jumped and hugged him, thanking him repeatedly as tears welled up in her eyes.

"You're welcome, Zatanna. It's what teammates... friends do! Teach me magic, and we're even," Raiden said as Zatanna continued to embrace him., then Raiden turned his eyes to see the smiling Robin before he winked and gave him one of the greatest Assists in recorded history by saying "you should thank Robin too, he's the one that urged me to do all of this, he deserves as much credit as I do" 

Turning around, Zatanna exclaimed, "Oh, Robin!" She rushed to his side, hugged him, and gave him a deep long kiss

"Ahem," clearing his throat, Zatara encouraged his daughter to release Robin as he expressed his gratitude, saying, "I will be forever in your debt, young Raiden. Robin, you have saved my life and reunited me with my daughter. I thank you deeply and will do everything in my power to repay this debt. You too, Wally."

"At least someone remembered me!" Wally remarked, and everyone shared a hearty laugh.

A few days after this incident, many of the league members' opinions of Raiden changed. Those who had suspected him now respected him for his actions. Batman was displeased with the way things had transpired, but he acknowledged Raiden and Robin for saving his friend Zatara, something he himself couldn't do.

"Hey, Raiden, I got you a gift," Robin said as they hung out in the same café they had visited before. However, Raiden was now in his human form.

Raiden picked up the gift, unwrapped it to find a box containing a pair of dark, circular-shaped glasses. He put on the glasses and commented, "These look cool. They complete my look. Thanks, man."

"I thought you might need them, you know, for going out in public," Robin explained.

"You do realize I don't have a secret identity, right? I don't even have a superhero name," Raiden pointed out.

"Well, I'll think of something for you," Robin assured him.

"Alright, I'll hold you to that! Anyways, we need to address the biggest problem at the moment," Raiden said.

"Problem? What problem?" Robin inquired.

To which Raiden declared, "I need a girlfriend, man!"


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