1 Return to the Past

Translator: Lonelytree

Xiao Lingyu could not believe her eyes. The lifeless bundle before her was her son.

"No!" Xiao Lingyu knelt on the side of the hospital bed and covered her face as she wept!

Her voice was filled with disbelief, pain, despair, and an overwhelming sense of guilt.

Only five years had passed since he was born. Other than taking a glance at him when he was born, Xiao Lingyu rarely spared a thought for her son.

Smack! It was a loud and resonating slap.

"Mom!" A young man gasped in shock.

Then, a middle-aged woman scolded angrily, "Cry, cry, cry, all you know is to cry. Xiao Lingyu, what's the point of crying now? Have you ever cared about Xiao Tong after he was born? Where were you when he was crying out of hunger? Where were you when he learned to walk and fell down? But these are nothing.

"In the past five years, do you know how much Xiao Tong missed you? How much he longed for his mother? But you couldn't even spare time to hug him!"

The woman was overwhelmed by emotions, and she started to cry too. She wailed, "My poor Xiao Tong, my poor grandson... How can you leave behind your grandmother just like that? Where is your conscience? Didn't you say love Grandma the most? My poor grandson..."

Then she pointed at Xiao Lingyu and continued to criticize her, "You have failed so badly as a mother. You didn't care about Xiao Tong after he was born. Now you're crying your heart out. Who are you putting on this show for?"

The young man, Xiao Lingye, or Xiao Lingyu's younger brother, looked sad too. He tried to persuade his mother, "Mom, you need to calm down. Plus, big sister is already feeling very guilty and sad because of what happened to Xiao Tong."

Heartache appeared in the woman's eyes, but she rebuked, "As if she'd feel guilty! All I can see is how fake she is!"

Xiao Lingye did not know how to comfort his sad and sorrowful sister, nor did he know how to comfort his angry mother. He could only sigh and tell them, "Mother, sister, you need to stop. At least let Xiao Tong rest in peace!"


The month of March should be sunny and beautiful. But it had been raining continuously. The rain doused the city and shrouded it under a frigid blanket.

Xiao Lingyu woke up in a blur. As she slowly opened her eyes, she felt that something was wrong. 'What is going on?'

Xiao Lingyu was flustered.

Once Xiao Lingyu gained her recollection, anger and embarrassment returned.

"Oh, you're awake? You're not bad for a virgin."

At that moment, a magnetic male voice sounded in her ears.

Xiao Lingyu's heart jolted hearing that voice.

'This voice...' It was something she would never forget in her life! 'How is this possible? How?'

Xiao Lingyu was puzzled. Fury burned through her. 'Has the man kidnapped me? Did he find out about Xiao Tong's background? Now that Xiao Tong is dead, he's going to take revenge on me? So he kidnapped me at Xiao Tong's funeral?'

The realization slammed into Xiao Lingyu like a freight train. Xiao Tong's death drained everything from her life. She lost her will to live. 

"What is it?" Sensing the change of emotions in her, the man asked with interest. In the dark, a devilish smile appeared on his handsome face. This was the first time he cared about someone in his life, but he didn't expect it to be for a present someone sent over!

Devastation swallowed Xiao Lingyu, and she surrendered to the numbness. Since she had lost the desire to live, she let the man do anything he'd want with her.


The sky was bright and sunlight showered on the bed. On the king-sized bed, a fair arm was exposed outside the blanket. A cascading waterfall of black hair covered the face of the arm's owner.

Eventually, a soft grunt came from under the blanket. Then the face which was previously covered by the hair slowly appeared.

It was a small face with delicate features and fair skin. The most eye-catching feature was the deep eyes that were hidden under the thick eyelashes that fanned out. The brilliance of the universe could be found within those eyes.

Xiao Lingyu raised her hand to block the blinding light. She slowly adjusted herself to the brightness. Her eyes colored with confusion.

Out of habit, she turned her head to glance at the bedside table to check the alarm clock. However, when her sight landed on the expensive porcelain and luxurious decorations on the bedside cabinet, her mind suddenly cleared.

'What is this place?' That was the first question in her heart. Then another thought barged its way in. 'Xiao Tong!'

"Xiao Tong!" She pulled back the blanket and jumped out of bed. 

When her feet touched the ground, her stomach and lower body winced with pain. Then flashes from what she believed to be a dream returned. It was not a dream!

Her eyes suddenly widened in disbelief. She muttered, "That man has returned? It is because he has found out about Xiao Tong?"

Xiao Lingyu's mind was muddled, but she was certain about one thing, the man had come looking for Xiao Tong.

'No, I can't allow him to disturb Xiao Tong!' She wouldn't put it past the man to disturb Xiao Tong's grave. The thought made her angry, panicked, and scared. 

Xiao Lingyu looked around the room with an uneasy gaze. A sense of familiarity settled over here. 'Why does it feel like I've been here before?'

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