Farming Inside The Dungeon (The legend of farm-style dungeon) Book

novel - Fantasy

Farming Inside The Dungeon (The legend of farm-style dungeon)


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What if in the era where awakener hunt in the dungeon, the weakest awakener suddenly gain an ability as a Dungeon-Master? A story about Ray, an orphan who strived in the era of awakening to help his orphanage. In this era of awakening, humanity had gained the power to fight against numerous monsters and dungeons that suddenly appeared in the world. Ray, our protagonist, suddenly gains the power of a dungeon master. However, without him knowing, the system has a special plan for him. Follow his journey to make the strongest farm inside the dungeon and gaining beautiful women along the way! The Netori and harem part will be on the later chapter, about 20 or later, and the Netori will come slowly not like my other story. So please stay tuned ^_^ Additional tag: action, rudeyoungmaster, no netorare, mature woman, No R-18, evolution, chickens, money-grubbing protagonist, dense protagonist, love interest fall in love first, beautiful female lead, rich office ladies, netori specialist. Discord: https://discord.gg/henXAtbX