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Wandering through the Forest of Death never got boring to Zenith, it's always something new to discover in the almost never ending dangerous forest. Currently she was on her own, taking a break from the farm while her husband was still working hard on their growing farm land. Truthfully seeing him work so hard makes her feel bad for leaving his side to take a little stroll to explore a bit.

Lux told her more than once to never feel bad, he's doing what he does by choice and it's not like he runs out of stamina. If her husband wanted to, he could easily work continuously for a whole week on the farm without needing to stop. He obviously doesn't require food or sleep. Plus Lux told her that she doesn't have to force herself to always work on the farm just because she sees him do so. She has her own life to live.

Still it's just hard for Zenith to not feel a little bad leaving her husband to do all that work on his own even if it's nothing to him.

Speaking of the farm, the progression of its growth is mind-blowing as always. It's been 6 months since the creation of the dragon hatchlings, at first Zenith thought it would've been somewhat difficult taking care of them. But to her surprise, it was actually fairly easy. Which shouldn't have been a surprise considering the hatchlings aren't ignorant beasts. They're intelligent and always listen to her and Lux without trouble. None of them can actually speak but they know how to communicate by nodding, pointing and such.

A month after Lux created the ranch he went on to create ligers that exude special flames called Deathperation Flames or also known as Dying Will Flame. From what Zenith understood, these flames are a high-density form of energy that is refined from one's own life force. There are several flame types, the Seven Dying Will Flames of the Sky or Earth are the most common types. Each of the two types has 7 separate flames within them. The ligers specifically wield both Sky and Storm Dying Will Flames of the Sky.

Their personalities are fierce but to Zenith they are just cute little cats who like to cuddle and be rubbed. Although they can't speak, they have high intelligence and great power. Those ligers are able to use an ability called Ruggito di Cieli, it unleashes a fierce roar composed of both Sky and Storm flames that first petrify then disintegrate their target. The roar can be blocked if the barrier is strong enough or if one is using their energy to cover their entire body. According to Lux, the ligers can reach peak Ultimate-Class or even Low Satan-Class with enough training. They start off at High-Class.

Then there are ice and fire phoenixes that came after the ligers. They usually don't get involved in conflict with any other beasts unless they are threatened first. Even though they are polar opposites in elements, the two phoenix types get along with one another really well. Their power is capable of surpassing the ligers, capable of reaching the same level as Dragon Kings.

The storm wolves also known as Tempest Wolves are an evolved form of direwolves. Lux created about 40 of them, he explained that these wolves have the ability to evolve into higher breeds that allow them to become very powerful. As of now only1 tempest wolf is capable of speaking using the skill Thought Communication.

Lux named him Ranga, who treats both Zenith and Lux as his masters. Zenith absolutely loves him, she always spoils Ranga whenever she can. Her husband said if she wants she can make Ranga her familiar considering how much she dotes on the alpha storm wolf.

There's several more magical beasts Lux created that reside on the farm.

Zenith was knocked out of her monologuing thoughts when she suddenly sensed a fight happening somewhere nearby. She made her way over to see what was going on, the distance was about a 5 minute walk from where she had been.

When she got to the area where the fight was taking place, she was surprised to see a giant Evil Centipede and giant Black Spider fighting each other for some reason.

"Hmm? This is a surprise, if I'm correct, usually this is the time for them to still be either in hibernation or just hiding in general since it's still the last month of winter. Yet here they are fighting each other. Yeah this forest is insane as always, not that I can talk since I'm insane for feeling comfortable enough to claim this forest as the home of me and my loving husband." Zenith shook her head, smiling to herself.

If this was nearly a year ago back during her first couple weeks of living in the Forest of Death with Lux. Zenith would've been scared to death right now, a being around Mid-Class in power stands zero chance against either of these monsters. Even those at the level of High-Class will struggle heavily against them.

This made her grateful and appreciative towards her husband for spending the time to help her become a powerful woman to stand by his side. To the current Zenith, these two beasts are essentially fodder in her eyes.

Usually she would ignore the battle between them, fights happen all the time between beasts in this forest. However her senses picked up two different energy signatures, one seems stressed while the other is both stressed and weaker compared to the other. The latter seems to have a few extra faint signatures within it. Looking to where the signatures are coming from, she spotted two inferno wolves. A male and a female with the female wolf being pregnant.

'Well that explains the faint energy signatures, those unborn baby inferno wolves within the pregnant wolf. From what I know, inferno wolves are strong beings. They're somewhat resilient to magic, can dodge spells, use magic through their horn, have the ability to enlarge themselves and can use fire magic from their mouth. Definitely as strong if not stronger than our tempest wolves back at the farm. But these two are definitely weaker than Ranga by a decent margin, they should be able to evolve with the help of Lux.' Zenith thought.

She decided to save them and bring them back to the farm.

'Before that, I need to get the Black Spider and Evil Centipede out of the way. They are preventing the inferno wolves from escaping their current position. I'd rather not kill them but as soon as they notice me it's a good chance they'll turn their attention on me. So I guess I'll just kill them, it'll be a waste of time trying to convince them to stop fighting for a second.'

Zenith made her move, without alerting the two giant fighting beasts on her presence, she used one of the fire magic spells that she learned from her beloved husband.

'Amaterasu.' She said mentally while holding her right hand out in front of her.

Suddenly intense, powerful black flames engulfed both the Black Spider and Evil Centipede. Causing them to cry out in pain and fall to the ground, allowing the inferno wolves to quickly move away from them. The blonde woman made sure to control her flames so that they don't spread out towards the wolves or any of the forest. She actually berated herself for using fire instead of lightning considering the amount of trees in this particular area of the forest.

Within seconds the burning beasts were turned into complete ashes. Immediately afterwards Zenith forced her black flames to disappear.

"Yeah…I'm still not used to being this powerful, hell before Lux saved me I never thought I could become this powerful as a human with a sacred gear that is a healing type. From what I know it's extremely rare, almost impossible for a human to reach Ultimate-Class without a Longinus. Especially within less than a full year. Most would laugh at the notion of it happening within such a short span of time." Zenith said while shaking her head.

She walked up to the inferno wolves, the male wolf stood protectively in front of the pregnant female wolf. Though he didn't growl at her since he knew that Zenith saved him and his mate.

"Ah, protecting your mate huh? Well you can relax. I'm here to help you two not hurt you. My husband and I can easily take care of you if you come back with me to our farm. I'm sure you don't want to keep wandering this forest with your mate in her current condition. Plus my husband will be happy to have a pair of Inferno Wolves join us. What do you say?" Zenith asked.

Inferno wolves are highly intelligent, which is why she's not surprised to see that the two wolves fully understood what she was saying. She can see them communicating with each other before both looked at her and nodded in agreement.

Zenith smiled brightly. "Great! By the way I don't know if you guys ever had names so I'm just gonna give you new names to make it simple. Is that fine with you?"

The wolves nodded.

"Ok so from now on your name is Yuki." She pointed at the pregnant black wolf. "And your name is Kuro." She pointed at the male wolf.

Again the wolves nodded in affirmation, Yuki looked down at her belly for a moment.

"Alright, I'll teleport us back to the farm. It's no use in making Yuki walk any more than necessary." Zenith said.

A gold magic circle appeared under the three as Zenith used the teleportation spell to get to the farm.


"Yeah the Angel faction is going to declare war on me, even I have to admit that this comes off as a massive fuck you to them." Lux chuckled to himself.

The immortal could be seen sitting on top of a branch holding a gold and blue colored pineapple, next to him was Ranga who had his legs laying on Lux's lap. He was enjoying the sensation of the immortal rubbing his fur.

"What makes you say that master? Isn't that the same as them committing suicide?" Ranga asked his master, he knew the history of the supernatural of the world thanks to both Lux and Zenith.

"You can say that yet at the same time looking at it from a different perspective, you really can't blame them for having to do such a foolish thing. I mean it would be my fault anyways since I pretty much brought the potential outcome on myself." Lux replied, knowing fully well he could've chosen to avoid a situation like that possibly happening.

"Is it because of the fruit in your hand master?" Ranga is positive that the fruit is involved.

The alpha tempest wolf assumption is correct, the gold and blue pineapple in Lux's hand is radiating a strong force of a certain type of energy within it. This energy is known as Holy Power. However, this isn't the Holy Power of the God of the Bible. No this version of Holy Power is energy that Lux himself creater many hundreds of millennia ago. If Lux decided to create or turn someone into an angel. They would attain his own Holy Power instead of that of the God of the Bible. Although he's unsure if any angel of his would still register in Heaven's system.

This means that his Holy Power wouldn't have negative effects on Devils, Vampires, Youkais or Fallen Angels.

The pineapple in his hands is not only extremely delicious, it has the ability to permanently give a person of any race the power to combine the elements of light and water together to use Holy Water. Just as Uriel and Baraqiel can use Holy Flames and Holy Lightning.

Even though Lux knew how hax his All-Purpose Farming Tool is, he still couldn't help but be a bit surprised that his experiment to see if he could grow fruit containing his own version of Holy Power actually worked. On the first try too!

"It most certainly is Ranga, this isn't the only one either. I also have several more fruits like this one including one that can transform a being into a pure angel or a hybrid depending on the race of the person who eats it. For example a human would turn into a 100% pure angel while a devil would turn into a devil-angel hybrid. Not to mention all of the fruits containing my Holy Power negates any of the poisonous effects that the Holy Power of the God of the Bible has on beings who are naturally weak towards it." Lux explained.

Lux knew he had to be creative in order to take his farm to the next level. Which is also why he stopped using the water from the lakes in the Forest of Death as his source of water. Instead he grew a water tree that produces water that is 100% pure, no germs can be or will ever be found in the water from his water tree. It can be said that it's literally the greatest water in the entire world, whether it be the supernatural or human world. The water is capable of improving health and purifying blood. Lux created two of these trees, each of the two trees can provide water to an entire continent.

'My little ole farm is going to shake up the world, but the supernatural will cause more drama than humans in this case. The majority of the human race in the DxD universe is ignorant to magic. Unless I decide to change that, they'll likely stay ignorant.' Lux became amused at the thought of seeing the entire human race's reactions to learning to learning magic is real. It will definitely cause a massive headache to the leaders of the supernatural factions.

"Now I understand why you say they would declare war on you master. If it ever came down to it, you know I will have no problem taking on anyone who dares to try to fight you master." Ranga declared proudly.

Lux chuckled and scratched behind Ranga's ear, the alpha tempest wolf nuzzled into Lux's stomach. "I know but sometimes fighting can be entertaining just to see the expression on an opponent's face when they realize they've tried everything they could and still haven't come close to defeating me. Although Ranga, since Zenith brought those two inferno wolves back earlier to live here, I want you to train Kuro and Yuki once Yuki gives birth and is fully recovered. They have rather high potential."

"As you command master." Ranga said.

'Back when I watched the anime of this world in some of my former lives. I always liked the devils the best regardless of their idiotic faults. Usually my top 3 favorite factions were Devils, Dragons then Youkais. While the smart decision would be to stay neutral towards all factions, I'd rather go a different route. Plus now that I have the opportunity, there's no way I'm gonna miss the prime opportunity to make the devil faction my strongest ally. Cliche or not. It'll be so easy to do so too, I just gotta show them either the Senzu Beans or the Devil Fruits.' Lux thought.

The Devils Fruits are next on his list of produce to grow.

'Truthfully with those two alone the devil faction will be in the palm of my hand. It'll be interesting to see the Old Satan Faction try to plot against me in some way. Then Yasaka will easily try her hardest to ally with me since I'm adding the Tailed Beasts from the Naruto universe to the farm. I wouldn't be surprised if she asked for my help in getting her faction more nine-tailed foxes. Let's not forget about the chakra fruits either.'

Knowing how much of a chaos he's going to cause, Lux couldn't help but shake his head. Another thing came to his mind suddenly.

'I wonder how much longer Great Red is going to continue watching me from the dimensional gap. Seriously, it's been quite some time now. I know he can't be that nervous to come and ask for a simple dragon apple. I mean I literally allowed the scent of the dragon apples to roam freely for a reason.' Lux said internally while sighing.

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