5 The Boss was very angry, so he would give you a raise!

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Hearing the two maids' words, although Li Yang was very angry, he could not find the reason for his anger, so he could not speak his mind.

"You were wasting food. Don't you know how expensive wild boar meat was?"

After saying that, Li Yang walked back with a dark face. When Lia and Ya Mei saw that Li Yang was so angry, they immediately followed Li Yang carefully.

After all, they did not want to lose this hard-earned job, and the pay was so high that they did not have to do any dirty work even though the master had some strange small requests.

When Luther saw this, he cleaned up the battlefield without saying anything and collected useful ingredients.

In the farm, Li Yang was holding a meeting for the farmers on the high platform. He had to know the background of Luther and the others. After all, they were unarmed, and a few farmers used combat aura on the farm.

"Tell me, what happened?"

Li Yang, who was sitting on the high platform, took a sip of tea and asked slowly.

Seeing that he could not hide it, Luther said slowly without hesitation, "Sir, we didn't mean to deceive you..."

Luther then began to talk about their tragic experience.

Luther was born in the distant kingdom of the space dragon, and the Kingdom of the space dragon had about ten million people. Luther was a general who led a thousand people, and his four subordinates were all knights. Everything was peaceful.

However, all of this was broken by a sudden war. The Golden Empire, which was next to the Dragon Kingdom, suddenly invaded. The Golden Kingdom was an empire with a population of more than a hundred million.

The king initially wanted to join them with a huge army and countless experts if he could not beat them. However, the Prince of the Dragon Kingdom did not think so. Hence, he killed the king and inherited the throne.

Luther's army was drafted, but Luther's lord did not think so, so he chose to join the Golden Kingdom. Luther chose the king, but in the end, he was outnumbered and attacked by the Golden Kingdom to the capital.

Luther was prepared to fight to the death initially, but the king of the Dragon Kingdom had gone crazy. He chose to sacrifice the entire capital to summon the Dragon Army, but Luther found out.

In the end, Luther chose to surrender, which saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the capital, and the Dragon Kingdom was destroyed.

As the leader of the surrender, the Golden Kingdom was prepared to reward Luther heavily, but Luther refused.

In the end, Luther took the four centurions and their families, who were still willing to follow him and began to wander. When the silver coins were almost used up, Luther had no choice but to start selling his family assets, and in the end, he became a mercenary. However, the employer they protected was killed due to an accident, so they could not accept the mission.

After listening to Luther's narration, Li Yang felt a little relieved. No wonder these people were no different from monsters. Li Yang thought that the physical fitness of humans in the two-dimensional world was generally the same. Fortunately, it was not the case.

Before coming to the two-dimensional world, Li Yang had already learned about the power level on the Blue Planet.

He had learned about it in the sixth grade of elementary school. The power levels of the dimensional world ranged from 1st to 9th, and each level was divided into three levels: lower, middle and upper. For a knight, the first rank would be the Trainee Knight, followed by a Formal Knight and third rank would be a Knight of a Hundred Wars. 

The same could be said for magicians: Apprentice Magician, Junior Magician, Intermediate Magician and so on.

"Sigh, the world was unpredictable. Although I couldn't promise anything, I could promise you that as long as you followed me, you wouldn't have to worry about your life in the future!"


It was not Luther's fault for asking this. After all, he had a family to support. Although ten silver coins a month seemed a lot, there was nothing left after a month. After all, he had five children, and the remaining four subordinates were not much better.

"How could this be fake?"

After saying that, Li Yang waved his big hand and continued, "In the future, the farmer's salary would be increased to 30 silver coins, and Luther's salary would be increased to 50 silver coins!"

"Sir, it would be too much. Ten silver coins was very reasonable. 30 silver coins a month was the maximum even for me!"

Luther said in fear and trepidation. After all, it was already very good to be able to earn ten silver coins a month as a mercenary in the past. Moreover, the farmer's salary was even lower. He only needed five silver coins to guarantee that he would be able to find a very good farmer.

Seeing Luther's expression, Li Yang almost laughed out loud. After all, a knight on the Blue Planet was a big shot who could do whatever he wanted. If he wanted to hire a knight, he would need at least 200 gold coins a month.

Moreover, with this small amount of money, he could not only get them to help with the farming, but they could help with the invasion. It was simply worth it.

"What could 30 silver coins do? I needed you to help me with the farming, and I also needed you to help me resist the invasion, so I think this price was very suitable!"

Li Yang said decisively. He then gathered everyone and asked them to come up with ideas for the farm. After all, the strength of a team was much stronger than one person.

Luther, Lia, and Ya Mei had been at the farm for half a month. They had a deep understanding of the surrounding terrain, so they gave Li Yang a suggestion.

Clear out a grassland for breeding cows to produce milk.

At the same time, raise hares to supplement meat.

Finally, to divert the water from the pool to the farmland for irrigation.

After sorting out the suggestions, Li Yang began to summarize. What they said made sense, but this was only an ordinary farm. Li Yang had a space dragon, and those ordinary crops could not be sold for a good price. To earn gold coins, he had to grow some special plants.

For example, the supplementary plants needed to train his combat aura, or all kinds of potions.

After all, more than 20 billion people were on the Blue Planet, and there were more than four billion farmers in this alternate dimension, so the competition was particularly fierce.

Thinking of this, Li Yang was ready to take a gamble. Otherwise, even if he had a perfect start, he would not earn much money in the end.

He did as he was told. Li Yang began to plan the area on the map.

Firstly, wild boars could not be raised in the mountains, or those potions and high-level plants would definitely suffer.

After spending half an hour, Li Yang finished organizing and was ready to exchange materials before the dimensional exchange.

Although the dimensional exchange cost was frighteningly high, these were all added to the items, so there would be no hint of transaction fees. This was also very understandable since there were many treacherous merchants. If there were a hint every time, it would make people lose their desire to buy.

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