Farm Cultivation: I Got Reincarnated as the Wife of Two Ghosts Book

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Farm Cultivation: I Got Reincarnated as the Wife of Two Ghosts


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"Wifey, how can you forget your husbands?" A red-robed Demon asked with a cute pout. "...." "Let the wifey rest, she has lost her memories." The blue-robed demon said as he tucked the girl in a bundle of covers. -- "Wifey, I'm hungry. Please let me eat you." The red-robed Demon whined cutely as he eyed the girl. "...." "Come with me. We need to cook for wifey." The blue-robed Demon said as he dragged his brother out of the room. *** Da Xia was a twenty-six-year-old youth, who loved to take care of her small farm during the day and also loved to be a writer on an online platform during the night. When a writing contest on the cultivation theme started on the online platform, Da Xia immediately took part in it due to her love for the genre. Little did she knew that the very next morning she would find herself transmigrated into the exact plot that she started writing the previous evening. The two Demon Princes whom she killed in the plot by the hands of the female lead, were now her husbands and they were hell-bent on making her regret plotting their death. As the girl was surrounded by a very poor and underdeveloped village, two pestering ghosts who were her husbands, and a strong will to return to her world to complete her story and win the contest, how would she find her way out of so many problems? The only companion that she got was a discarded system that another author on the online writing platform had kicked out of their story plot because they didn't like it. Talk about problems! *** WARNING: Mature content in the story (smut). Also, keep in mind that the female lead has two husbands in the story! -- The cover of the story belongs to me. -- My Other stories are : #Journey To Become an Insanely Pampered Wife (On-going) #Glamorous Journey of the Female Protagonist (Completed) #Vampire Empress: Blood Queen & Her Kings (Completed) #The Broken Angel and Her Overprotective Brothers (Completed) #The Veil Of Darkness (Completed) --


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