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Jay was having a weird day. Freaky even. He had avoided death just today over 30 times. So much so that he had become paranoid that someone was out to get him. But he survived. Because he was awesome. That night as he went to sleep, he died of a brain aneurysm. Tragic! Truly tragic. Then something happened and he was reincarnated in a fantasy world. Cheat superpowers, cliche quests and a harem full of busty beauties, here I come! Or so it was supposed to be. Only it wasn't. Instead he was born to a cobbler in a small border town, in a world ruled by dungeon conquerors with an iron fist that regularly fucked with the commoners with their 18 inch spiked steel dildos. They hoarded all the best grinding spots, the 33 world dungeons and all the best loot, armed with their hundreds of years of farmed exp as tower lords, allowing next to no social mobility. With the 33 dungeons inaccessible, a poor background, and no cheat superpowers, how will our hero ever rise to the ocassion? Read to find out!


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