Fantasy to reality

Life is interesting. Death in equal parts as well she came to learn. She didn't know how she died. She just knew that she did. She didn't have any specific feelings about it. It was weird though. She just woke up in an endless white space with no body, strange wasn't it? Very much so "I'm Aphrodite" She met a goddess by that name. She seemed to have taken an interest in her. So much so that she offered her another chance at life with some interesting abilities. It was cool that she was overpowered. She wasn't so sure about the very perverted powers however. But hey. She got another chance. It doesn't matter if she turned to be futa. It didn't matter that a very sexual goddess follows her on her adventure. It doesn't matter that she quickly builds her own Yuri harem filled with girls who want her love and her special package amongst other things. It didn't matter right? Such things only happened in fantasies did they not?

Archer_Phoenix · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
1 Chs


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