Chapter 227 – Summon

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After 30 years, the Zhang clan had become a large faction, in both strength and reputation. Even if Hou Juan really did have connections with demonic cultivators, it would not affect the Zhang clan much.

After all, with how powerful the Zhang clan was, even a sect like the Flowing Cloud Sect had to be wary of the Zhang clan.

As long as Chen Heng did not do anything and they cut their connections with Hou Juan, then there would not be much impact.

But if…

Zhang Chong looked quite worried as he looked at Zhang Ya, "Ya'Er, don't you think Hao'Er will…"

Zhang Ya paused and looked quite hesitant.

"I… don't think so…" she lightly spoke. 

However, thinking of Chen Heng's incredibly calm expression, she was not sure.

Opposing a faction like the Flowing Cloud Sect for a single person was something very irrational.

However, this was not necessarily the case for Chen Heng.