100 Chapter 100 – Historical Remnant and Sorcerer

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"Am I… going to die…" Under the massive historical remnant, Chen Heng pressed his hand against his chest and thought to himself.

He was in a terrible state.

Using Life Ignition was incredibly bad for his body. Even if he was at his peak, it would greatly damage his body and cause him to fall into a bad state.

Chen Heng could feel his energy dissipating and his body gradually weakening.

He was going to die soon.

"Krudo, looks like our journey ends here." He turned around with great difficulty and gave a bitter smile.

Not too far away, Krudo's corpse was silently laying on the ground, completely lifeless.

Chen Heng sighed, but he was not too sad.

After all, everyone died sooner or later.

For a Knight like Krudo, dying in battle was better than dying slowly on a bed.

He was confident that Krudo would be quite satisfied with his end.

However, now…


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