1 Goblin

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At the eastern border of the Cabreville Empire.

The sky was gray and gloomy, as if it was going to rain heavily in the next moment. On the muddy road, the wheels of the carriage rolled over the puddles, causing dark brown mud to splash around.

The driver's brown leather vest was covered in mud, and the whip in his hand kept hitting the horse.

He looked up at the sky, anxiety forcing him to swing another whip.

"Dammit!" the coachman muttered to himself. "This weather is frightening."

A woman's voice sounded from the carriage. She sounded a little weak. "Mr. Coachman, how long until we reach Peter Village?"

The coachman pursed his lips and looked ahead. He comforted her, "Don't worry, Madam. We'll reach Peter Village after another ten minutes."

At night, monsters would run rampant, and sleeping demon elves would appear one after another, especially in the wilderness. The two of them were ordinary people, so it was very easy for them to encounter danger. How could the coachman not be anxious? He had heard that there were goblins near Peter Village.

Peter Village was surrounded by deep mountains. There might be Goblins building a fortress within them, and they would definitely send a few goblins down to patrol.

If they encountered this, they could only pray to the heavens. The woman in the carriage was pregnant, and he was neither a guard or a knight. The coachman urged the horses forward anxiously, feeling extremely frustrated.


A strange laughter came from the side of the carriage. The coachman's eyes widened, and his back pressed against the carriage as he trembled.

If he heard correctly, it was the voice of a goblin! Goblins were the nightmare of all ordinary people!

The coachman tightened his grip on the reins and saw a green figure jump out of a bush.

Its skin was grass green, and it wore a grass skirt. It bared its fangs and brandished its claws like a savage. The creature held a spear and let out an excited cry as it quickly rushed towards the carriage.

The coachman actually had a knife beside his hand, but he was already frightened by the goblin. Not only that, but the horses were also frightened and they kept running forward, finally hitting a tree.

The horse neighed, and the carriage shook, completely unable to move.

The goblin's strange laughter was getting closer and closer. The coachman was terrified. How could an ordinary person defeat a goblin? Even if he had a weapon, he was not a match for a goblin.

"Mr. Driver, is it the goblins?"

In the car, Bai Yiluanna's abdomen bulged, and panic flashed across her face.

A tearing pain came from her abdomen. Bai Yiluanna held her stomach and sat paralyzed in the carriage. She was about to give birth!

In fact, she was going to Peter Village this time to find her husband, Connie Jeff, who had become a knight in Peter Village not long ago.

The coachman's frightened voice came from outside. He said shakily, "I'm sorry…"

"Ms. Bai, believe me. I swear that I will come back to save you. I will…" The voice gradually faded until it disappeared.

Bai Yiluanna clutched her stomach, a painful expression on her beautiful face. The collision just now had obviously affected her fetal qi. She was about to give birth, and riding a carriage was a dangerous thing.

Bai Yiluanna endured the pain and pushed open a corner of the window with difficulty. The coachman's figure disappeared into the distance, and the hideous monster could be vaguely seen in the stained glass. A few goblins pounced on the horse, tearing at the horse's meat with their bloody mouths, blood splashing everywhere.

Bai Yiluanna felt disgusted. She covered her mouth to suppress the churning in her stomach. At this moment, a pool of liquid appeared below her body.

Bai Yiluanna's face was pale from the intense pain. Her lips, which were as beautiful as rose petals, had a deep bloody mark.

She touched her stomach and lowered her head to say gently, "My child, I'm sorry."

Bai Yiluanna touched the knife left behind by the coachman and held it tightly. She pressed her back against the carriage and looked warily at the curtain that was gently blown by the breeze.

The pain in her abdomen became more and more intense, and blood vessels appeared on her cheeks. Bai Yiluanna took a deep breath and comforted herself in her heart.

"My child, wait a little longer!"

"Don't worry, I'll make sure you're safe."

As the goblins chewed outside, the cushion under Bai Yiluanna's body was dyed red.

Bai Yiluanna was thin and weak, and her body was covered in cold sweat. However, she did not retreat at all. She took a deep breath to ease the pain while waiting.

She was not a knight. She was only a wife and a mother. She would never give up like this! Finally, the goblin's chewing stopped.

The sound of the wind whistled through the curtains of the carriage, and the smell of blood in the carriage was swept away. The goblins, who had eaten their fill, were instantly delighted. They looked at the carriage. Their emerald skin, faces, and hands were stained with blood, and they looked extremely ferocious. The laughter was getting closer and closer, and Bai Yiluanna became even more nervous.

At that moment, a sharp pain suddenly came. Bai Yiluanna gritted her teeth and groaned. Blood flowed down the corner of her lips.

The child in her stomach seemed to be a little anxious and kept moving under her stomach. In great pain, warm blood kept gushing out.

On the other side, under the threat of death, the coachman who was running away frantically ran towards the village. As the coachman panted heavily, the quiet village appeared in front of him.

As soon as he entered the village, the coachman shouted crazily, "Mr. Knight! Mr. Knight!"

The coachman's voice was filled with fear, and it quickly attracted most of the people in the village.

Among them, a tall, muscular man pushed his way through the crowd, looking anxious. When the coachman saw who it was, he pounced.

"Mr. Knight, Ms. Bai… Ms. Bai has encountered goblins."


Connie Jeff let out a cry of surprise. He slipped and almost fell to the ground. Not only Connie Jeff, but everyone else in the village also spoke in shock.

Everyone knew that Bai Yiluanna was about to give birth. This was Peter Village's first newborn this year! Moreover, Bai Yiluanna was about to give birth! How could she be a match for a goblin?

"You! What about you? Why did you run back alone?"

Connie Jeff widened his eyes and grabbed the driver's collar. "Where did you leave my wife and child?!"

As a knight, he was extremely strong. He lifted the coachman up and roared, "You damn thing, take me to my wife quickly, or I'll kill you!"

"Connie Jeff! We will go with you!"

Soon, the people in the village quickly mounted their fast horses and galloped down the path without stopping. Connie Jeff's heart was beating wildly. For the first time, he hated his horse for being too slow.

Faster! Faster!

The carriage tilted to the side of the road. The horse was only a skeleton, and blood was spreading on the ground.

In the car, the woman was sweating profusely. She held a knife in one hand and held her stomach with the other. The child was about to come out! But the goblins were still outside!

Bai Yiluanna widened her eyes and raised her neck high, breathing heavily like a dying fish. As she used too much strength, the tiny blood vessels cracked, and the woman's pale face was covered in blood.


A scream came out of her throat. Bai Yiluanna grabbed the cushion, her nails pierced through the cotton cloth and dug into her palm. With this scream, Bai Yiluanna seemed to feel something gushing out of her body.


The laughter was very close. The goblins were attracted by the blood and gathered around the carriage. Perhaps because they were full, the goblins kept laughing, but they did not rush forward to cut Bai Yiluanna into pieces.

Bai Yiluanna collapsed in the carriage as if she had lost all her strength. She could not even move her fingers. Her cries and laughter intertwined, and Bai Yiluanna could not help but cry.

"My child…"

Bai Yiluanna forced a smile and kissed the child before grabbing the knife.

Even if she was at the end of her rope, her mother would never give up on her child! Finally, a goblin's green palm appeared in Bai Yiluanna's eyes.

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