Fantasy: My Full-leveled Account Got Transmigrated Too Book

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Fantasy: My Full-leveled Account Got Transmigrated Too

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Kelly suddenly woke up in a shack and realized that he was in a fantasy world with with swords and magic. Just as he was about to be mercilessly slain by a goblin, he learned that his account in Demon Territory, a game that he had been playing for the past decade, had been brought with him into this new world as well. While other people were still Level 1 Swordsmen, he had already reached the max level. While others were still Level 2 Mages, he was already a full leveled one. His previous account had all the classes at the maxed level and countless legendary items that others could only dream of getting. Now, Kelly just needs to recover his items and strength, and start on the path to becoming the new legend in the new world.


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