1 Shocking the Empress at the Start

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Central Region, Wu Dynasty.

Eight hundred miles north of the imperial capital, in a small village deep in the mountains, Chen Xuan took out a packet of medicinal pills.

"Aunt Li, this medicine is called Coldrine 666. Melt it in room temperature water when you get back. It'll definitely cure you."

"Xiao Chen, you don't charge us anything for treating us every day, it's very embarrassing. I brought you a white radish. It's very sweet. Do take it," Aunt Li passed Chen Xuan a white radish and took the packet of Coldrine 666.

The outer packaging of the medicine was green and very exquisite. Tiny words were printed on the package, giving instructions on how to consume the medicine.

It was hard to imagine that a packet of medicine could be so meticulous.

After tearing open the package along the corner, a faint medicinal fragrance seeped out.

Aunt Li put it up to her nose and sniffed it.

Yes, she felt very much refreshed.

"Let's not wait until I get back. I'll just drink it now."

Aunt Li couldn't wait any longer. She poured the pills into her mouth and took a big gulp from her water bottle.

With a gulp, she swallowed all the pills.

Her body started to heat up, her nose immediately cleared, and the bitter taste that had been lingering in her mouth also became sweet.

Hu~ It felt so good.

Xiao Chen's medicine had always been magical.

Aunt Li was already used to it.

Whenever she had a headache or fever, she would always come to Xiao Chen.

"Aunt, you can't take the medicine like this."

"It's okay. I'm fine now."

Aunt Li smiled and her listless self could no longer be seen as she left in a lively manner.

Seeing this, Chen Xuan shook his head and continued with his day's work.

He watered the herb fields and cleared the weeds. Then, he fed the fish, arranged some flowers, and trimmed the willow branches.

He also scattered a handful of rice from the herb fields for the featherless chicken that couldn't lay eggs.

He had been living like this for three years.

As a transmigrator with a system, Chen Xuan had thought that he would be able to shine.

Unfortunately, what he had f*cking awakened was only a lowly Pharmacist System, and the missions assigned to him were all trivial.

For example, opening up a herb field, learning how to grind medicinal ingredients, brewing medicine, making medicine, and so on.

There were also missions like helping fellow villager Aunt Li's cow deliver its calf, providing physical therapy to Uncle Zhang next door for his cervical spine, and many more.

He had completed countless missions in the past three years.

But the rewards he received?

He had only gotten things like Coldrine 666, Nines Medicine, Lianhua Qingwen Influenza Capsule, Ngau Wang Detoxifying Pill, Vitamin C Tablets, Cephalosporins, and so on.

One had to know that this was a foreign world where demons ran rampant and cultivators were active.

Just with these medicines, Chen Xuan couldn't even leave this mountain.

Taking a bite of the radish that Aunt Li had given him, Chen Xuan heaved a long sigh before returning to his room to produce more medicine.

Although life was boring and uninteresting, he had to continue.

After he left, next to the one-and-a-half acres of herb field, the golden carp in the pond suddenly leaped and formed a dragon's figure in the air.

The branches of the willow tree at the side danced wildly, and multicolored light flashed.

The featherless chicken in the yard flapped its wings and flew over. A seven-colored phoenix tail that covered the sky appeared behind it.

A silver silkworm baby in the herb field seemed to have been frightened. Its body exuded waves of cold air, instantly freezing several miles of land.

The herb field, the pond, and the farm nearby were all frozen.

However, the cold air dissipated the moment it reached Chen Xuan's hut.

From the fish pond, the farm, the herb field, and the small forest, the living beings kowtowed in the direction Chen Xuan had left.

"The Master has left."

A moment later, the dragon's figure dissipated, the blazing light dimmed, the sky-covering phoenix's shadow disappeared, and the silkworm baby fell asleep again.

Everything returned to silence as if nothing had happened.


In the village, Aunt Li returned home, alive and kicking.

She found a woman in a brocade robe lying at the door of her house.

The lady had fair skin, big breasts, and a big butt.

Most importantly, she was very good-looking.

"I wonder which family this girl is from. It would be great if she could be Xiao Chen's wife," Aunt Li thought to herself.

Xiao Chen had been in their village for three years and had helped them a lot.

Everyone in the village liked him and wanted to find him a wife, but Dama Village had an aging population problem.

The only girl in the village who was the same age as Xiao Chen was Hu Niu, but it seemed that Xiao Chen didn't fancy her.

This made the villagers anxious.

Now that Aunt Li saw this woman in embroidered clothes, she immediately had thoughts.

However, she soon realized that the lady was bleeding.

"Hey, young lady, what's wrong?"

Aunt Li helped the woman back into her house and hurriedly gave her first aid.

"You're such a good girl who's so beautiful, you can't just die. What about Xiao Chen if you die?"

As she spoke, Aunt Li took out a band-aid from the drawer.

"This is called a band-aid. Xiao Chen said that it's good for stopping bleeding."

Aunt Li undid the woman's clothes and put the band-aid on her.

Then, she took out a bottle of medicine.

"This is a tonic prescribed by Xiao Chen. I don't know if it'll be of any use to you."

The situation was urgent, and Aunt Li couldn't care less.

She immediately poured a few pills into the woman's mouth.

"Just wait, I'll call your husband. He can save you."

With that, Aunt Li ran to Chen Xuan's residence.


"I'm not dead?" After Aunt Li left, Empress Xia Zuyuan gradually regained consciousness.

"What is this? Why would someone stick this on me?"

Seeing the Donald Duck picture band-aid on her flat stomach, Xia Zhuyuan immediately frowned.

She was the Empress of the Dynasty, unparalleled in the world.

At the same time, she was a clean freak.

How could she tolerate such a thing sticking to such a sensitive place like her lower abdomen?

She tore off the band-aid.

Then, she looked at her lower abdomen in surprise.

The wound on her abdomen, which had been cut open by the Tianmo Sect's Devil Emperor with a despicable method, had actually healed.

Even the internal organs that had been shattered by his Blood-guzzling Mad Saber had been regenerated!

"What's going on? Could it be because of this small thing?"

The Empress looked at the small band-aid curiously.

It was fine if she didn't, but with one look, she almost fainted.

She seemed to have seen the Supreme Great Dao on that little band-aid.

The Dao rhythms gathered on the surface and merged with the band-aid's medicinal power.

Even the cute pattern and Donald Duck's smile seemed to be hiding Heaven's Secrets!

"This, could it be... A Life-and-Death Talisman!" The Empress guessed.

It was rumored that some powerful beings could create talismans that contained Dao rhythms.

Such talismans could determine life and death!

"So, I was saved by an expert?" The Empress thought.

Although she was a clean freak, she couldn't bear to throw away the blood-stained band-aid in her hand.

This was a Life-and-Death Talisman that contained Dao rhythms and thus had an extremely high collection value!

At this moment, with a sudden "boom", the blood qi in the Empress's body started to surge.

An indescribable heat spread throughout her body.

Her eight extra-meridians were struck by an inexplicable heat, and she simply couldn't suppress it.

"What's going on? My blood qi is too vigorous. This is not good... Ah!"

Xia Zhuyan couldn't help but let out a soft moan.

Her blood qi broke through the restraints and helped her break through cultivation realms continuously!

Tier-8 intermediate Martial Saint realm.

Tier-8 advanced Martial Saint realm.

Tier-8 peak Martial Saint realm.

Tier-9 Martial God Realm!

The Empress was shocked!

The barrier that she had not been able to cross even with years of hard work had been suddenly broken in one day.

She had successfully entered tier-9 and become a Martial God!

Amid her shock, she vaguely remembered that a lady villager had fed her some pills.

The bottle seemed to be on the table next to her.

She endured the heat and walked over to pick up the medicine bottle.

Then, she saw a row of small words: Six-flavor Rehmannia Pill!

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