18 Still Trying To Run?

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Still Trying To Run?

Nan Shan was extremely shocked and angry.

When he saw this scene, he had already guessed why there were so many abnormal places in Heqing temple.

The evil cultivators had invaded!

Judging from the current situation, all the monks of heqing temple had probably been killed.

This originally solemn place had turned into hell on earth!

What was even more infuriating was...

The five of them had killed so many monks, and they did not even let the children go.

If he was not mistaken, these children were all from the nearby villages and counties, who had specially sent them here to cultivate and seek immortality.

Who would have thought that they would all become materials for alchemy and die without even leaving an intact corpse?

In an instant, Nan Shan had the intention to kill.

He really could not accept such a method.

"Scum of the Blood Sect, come out and face your death!"

Nan Shan opened his right hand, and the evil-devouring sword was instantly driven by spiritual energy. It flew out of the scabbard on his back and fell into his palm.

The pill furnace was still running, which meant that the person had not left for long.

Perhaps they were observing him in the dark and were up to no good.

He was not afraid.

The anger in Nan Shan's chest made him want to fight to his heart's content!

You want to trick me?

Come at me!

However, things did not go as he wished.

The people of the blood sect seemed to be particularly cautious.

After he shouted that, he did not move for a long time. It seemed that he did not even want to show his face.

Nan Shan snorted coldly, and sword Qi surged around him.

"You've been preparing this pill room for a long time, right? If you don't come out, I'll destroy it with my sword!"

"Fellow Daoist, why do you have to force me?"

The fake Abbot's hoarse voice rang out. "You and I don't even know each other. Why must we fight to the death? "

Nan Shan turned around and saw that the door was empty.

"Cut the crap and show yourself for battle!"

"You want to take the risk of fighting one against five because you're afraid that you won't be able to report back to the sect."

The fake Abbot walked out of the darkness and stood not far from the door. He said slowly, "Cultivation is not easy. If we fight, there will definitely be casualties. Why don't we each take a step back? I will write a reply on your behalf, and you can turn a blind eye and leave? "

"You're too noisy!"

Nan Shan was too lazy to say more and made a move.

He was not a three-year-old child, so how could he believe such nonsense?

I've seen your secret, and you're letting me go back to report it?

Are you stupid or am I stupid?

At the same time that the Devouring Fiend sword in his hand shone brightly, Nan Shan flicked his sword.

Immediately, several rays of sword Qi flew out, and the sharp Qi could be felt from far away.

The fake Abbot's expression changed slightly. With a light shout, four more figures appeared beside him.

The few of them attacked one after another. The blood-red light joined together and collided with the sword Qi.


There were no violent rumbles or strong shock waves.

After the two forces came into contact, they only resisted for a moment before they turned invisible at the same time. They turned into spiritual Qi and returned to heaven and earth.

The recoil came.

Nan Shan did not move, but the five people on the other side were all shaken and took a few steps back.

The fake Abbot's expression was grave.

"This is tricky, be careful."

The people around him looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

He had not expected that the youth from the Reliance Sect, who had come to deliver a letter, would be so powerful.

Judging from the spiritual Qi fluctuations, he was only a kid at the first or second Qi layer.

How could he make the five of them use all their strength to barely block that round of sword Qi that seemed to be just a test?

This was too exaggerated.

What kind of sword was this?

What kind of cultivation technique was this?

How could he be so powerful?

Without waiting for them to think too much, Nan Shan made another move.

This time, he used all his strength to take his life.

The evil cultivators felt the pressure increase, as if they were fighting with a third Qi layer cultivator.

In a short while, the two weaker people were wounded and bleeding.

It was also at this moment that a strange scene appeared.

The part that was injured by Tun Sha was actually emitting a cold air.

The two evil cultivators desperately circulated their spiritual energy to resist, but it was to no avail.

Soon, he could only watch as his wound and his entire body turned into an ice sculpture!

"What's going on? What did you do to me!" The heretic practitioner shouted in horror.

Nan Shan was also a little surprised, but he quickly felt relieved.

From the looks of it, this was the 'cold congealing Blood Fiend energy' mentioned in the system's introduction.

It was indeed overbearing!

However, this 'cold condensation' had shown itself. Where did 'Blood Fiend' go?

On second thought.

Could it be that he had to wait until after drinking blood and drawing his blade?

Nan Shan immediately became impatient.

His moves became more and more powerful.

The fake Abbot knew that he could not resist anymore and could not help but want to retreat.

No matter how rare the ingredients in the pill room were, they were not as important as his life.

In the end, he could only grit his teeth and make a decision.


He used the same trick again, throwing out another weapon to delay for a moment, while he himself turned around and fled without stopping.

The other four did the same and left in different directions.

"You still want to run?"

Nan Shan's brows furrowed. How could he let them have their wish again?

With a thought.

The sword seemed to know what he was thinking.

The sword glowed brightly and a burst of Azure Mystic Qi suddenly flew out. It split into five and flew towards the escaping evil cultivator.


A few screams rang out in succession, all of them greatly restricted by this 'freezing' force.

Nan Shan slowly stepped forward.

The fake Abbot's face was filled with panic.

"Don't ... Don't kill me ..."

"Don't kill you?"

Nan Shan's face was extremely cold. He pointed to the child's head that was still placed by the pool in the alchemy room. "They also begged you back then, right? Who did you let go?"

The fake Abbot was about to open his mouth.

The next moment, the sword light flashed.

The fake Abbot's head was separated from his body and he fell to the ground.

The rest of the evil cultivators saw this scene and started to struggle madly.

However, all of this was in vain.

In the face of absolute power, they had no room to resist at all.

After Nan Shan mastered the true magical effect of the devouring evil spirit, he became more and more adept at using the sword.

He did not even need to get close, he just raised his hand and waved.

His spiritual Qi was like an arm, controlling the sword to sweep across and kill all the remaining evil cultivators.

"You've done so much evil, and only killed like this. It's still too easy on you."

Nan Shan snorted coldly, the anger in his heart had not completely dissipated.

However, he was not a cruel and bloodthirsty person.

It was impossible to stab these corpses again.

At this moment, the Devouring Fiend sword suddenly let out an undetectable buzz.

Then, it started to shake violently.

The blood that was flowing on the ground surged continuously. Under the influence of the surrounding spiritual Qi, it turned into powder and crystals and gathered towards Tun Sha.

Tun Sha flew out of his hand and into the air, greedily absorbing the essence condensed from blood.

Not only that, but the blood in the blood pool in the alchemy room was also affected.

The amount of red light that gathered was far more than what the five evil cultivators outside had brought.

"It seems like this process will take a while."

Nan Shan was not in a hurry.

He searched the bodies of the evil cultivators and put away the storage bags.

When he opened it, most of them were cultivation resources and spiritual stones. After rummaging through them, he found two good things.

[Alchemy: the basic alchemy technique, which records thousands of alchemy recipes and refining techniques.]

[Pisces Jade Pendant: a relic of the abbot of Heqing temple. It has a certain defensive effect with the support of a formation. It also contains Buddhist techniques. Those with wisdom will naturally see it.]

Nan Shan accepted all of them, and first took out the Pisces Jade Pendant to comprehend it.


He did not feel anything.

It seemed that he did not have the root of wisdom.

'Forget it!

'Don't humiliate yourself!

'Look at the pill formula!'

Nan Shan was able to pick up and let go, not at all entangled on this, and instead immersed in the joy of reading.




Who was crying?

Nan Shan shivered and subconsciously looked around.

It was pitch black everywhere, with only a few corpses that had their blood sucked dry.

There was not even a gust of wind, so where was the person?

"It can't be a ghost, right?"

Nan Shan chuckled and made a joke to himself.

In the end...



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