1 Investing In The System

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The investment system.

The Reliance Sect.


In a square surrounded by magnificent buildings, dozens of young men and women looked around and discussed animatedly.

Nan Shan stood at the end of the crowd, a little confused.

"It was just a small car accident. How did I transmigrate?"

As one of the top angel investors on the Blue Planet ...

He never dreamed that he would have such a day.

Just like that, the ten billion yuan worth of assets that he had worked so hard to save for several years had nothing to do with him!


He was only twenty years old!

What crime did he commit!

The heavens actually wanted to punish him like this!

He had come to a fantasy world where strength was everything.

Nan Shan's thoughts was like this.

'Forget it, since I'm already here, I'll just take things as they are. I'd better think of a way to live a good life.'

He could only try to comfort himself like this, but the effect was very plain, and he still could not muster up any fighting spirit.

He had no choice.

His talent was only reflected in his investments and had nothing to do with his cultivation.

This was exactly the situation that he was in.

Although he was now an in-name disciple of the Reliance Sect, that did not mean he could enjoy the sect's protection for the rest of his life, and live out until old age in peace.

This was because, among the dozens of people who joined the sect, everyone had entered with their own strength.

Except for him!

He had to rely on spirit stones!

By relying on his family background!

By using the back door!

Only after paying an expensive registration (bribe) fee (assistant) did he manage to join the Reliance Sect!

As one of the major sects of Huafeng state, the Reliance Sect was extremely strict. All of its disciples were given very detailed hierarchical titles.

The so-called in-name disciples were the lowest level of existence. It was not too much to say that they were handymen, as they might be kicked out of the sect at any time.

If he wanted to get rid of this situation, he could only pass the annual assessment and join the Outer Sect, entering a better cultivation environment.

Above them, there were the inner disciples who were filled with experts, as well as the unattainable core disciples and true disciples.

A difference of one level would result in a huge difference in the sect's monthly salary.

Cultivating in the fantasy world was a competition of resources.

Even if one's talent was not good enough, if one had an endless supply of natural treasures, one could still become an expert.

Nan Shan was also envious.

He wanted to advance further in this sect.

Just where should he start...

Just as he was thinking, a gray-robed young man with a waistcoat slowly walked toward him.

Beside him was a disciple who was also wearing a gray robe.

However, there was no waistcoat.

Nan Shan keenly observed this detail.

The disciples of the Reliance Sect had different titles, and their clothing was different as well.

The gray robe represented the Outer Sect.

The waistcoat represented dignity.

It was obvious that this was the head disciple of the Outer Sect, an existence that they had to address as Senior Brother.

His cultivation had definitely reached the peak of the Qi refining stage, and it was uncertain when he would be able to build his foundation and enter the Inner Sect.

As the young man entered the arena.

The other young men and women who were still talking immediately shut their mouths, and the atmosphere froze.

"This is the new batch of people?"

The gray-robed youth glanced at everyone with an indifferent gaze, "Hmph, your talents are average. Not a single one of you is at the Qi refining stage. It's a waste of time to bring you all along."

These words of ridicule made everyone a little uncomfortable, but no one said anything.

The gray-robed young man did not say anything else. He just raised his palm slightly. The outer disciple beside him immediately understood and took a step forward. A white light flashed in his hand.

He did not do anything, but a square wooden box appeared out of thin air.

The disciple opened the wooden box and took out a stack of talisman papers. With a wave of his hand, a white light engulfed the papers, which flew on its own and flew to everyone.

"Is this a celestial spell? Interesting."

Nan Shan saw this, and his desire to become stronger became stronger.

He lowered his head to look at the paper. On it were the sect rules, as well as an introduction to some of the basics. It could be considered a beginner's guide.

"Once you're in the Reliance Sect, you'll be a part of the sect. You ca not act as you please like in the mortal world."

The disciple's tone was equally indifferent. "Memorize the rules on this paper and we will conduct a spot check tomorrow. If there are any disobedient members, they will be expelled from the sect!"

The atmosphere was heavy, and no one answered.

He immediately frowned.

"What, are you all mute?"

The dozens of in-name disciples looked at each other and hesitated for a while. Then, they said, "Yes!" and "As you wish!"

The gray-robed young man waved his hand impatiently. "Bring them to the dormitory for in-name disciples. It's annoying just looking at them. Later, I'll ask Junior Brother Changsheng to go to the Administrative Pavilion and have him to this troublesome thing for me."

The disciple cupped his hands and bowed respectfully, "Yes, sir. I will do it immediately."

Nan Shan stood in an inconspicuous position in the crowd and remained silent.

In his short interaction with the reliance sect, there was only one feeling he had.

The hierarchy was strict!

The weak could only obey the strong.

Even if they had the same job title, their status would be as different as the sky and the earth.

Very quickly, under the lead of the Outer Sect Senior Brother, everyone arrived at their living quarters. it was a ten-bedroom house, with men and women living separately.

Because Nan Shan's family had spent a lot of money, they were assigned to a single room near the mountain stream. It even had its own courtyard. The scenery was pleasant and the air was fresh, so it was quite comfortable.

Many of the other disciples cast envious gazes at him, but because of the presence of the Outer Sect Senior Brother, they did not dare to protest.

However, there were a few female disciples who had ambiguous looks in their eyes, as if they were hinting at something.

Nan Shan ignored all of them. After entering his room, he immediately began to read the sect rules.

"The Outer Sect, huh..."

He clenched his fists.

The letter showed the time of the selection of disciples every year.

The next test was in ten days.

The sect would only choose in-name disciples who had reached the level of drawing Qi into the body and had broken through to the first level of Qi disciple to be promoted to the outer sect.

Although he was not talented, he had taken in a lot of resources over the past ten years because of his family's good financial situation.

Because of this, his current strength was already at the ninth layer of the body refining stage, only one step away from the Qi refining stage.

Among the group of registered disciples, they were considered the top team.

As long as he familiarized himself with the Reliance Sect's training methods, he might be able to break through in a few days.

It still felt very easy.

However, as an excellent angel investor, Nan Shan was cautious by nature.

Therefore, he planned to think of a way to see if he could get something to consolidate his Foundation before trying to break through.

[ Ding! ]

This was the moment a voice in his mind rang!

A crisp sound resounded in his mind.

[ Strongest Investment System, binding .. ]

[ Binding successful! ]

[ Registered to the host—Nan Shan! ]

Nan Shan was slightly stunned at first, then immediately reacted.


Was this not cheating?!

He quickly calmed himself down and focused his mind to understand the system's functions.

The next second, a transparent screen appeared in his eyes.

There were dozens of regulations written on it.

After a careful look, Nan Shan finally understood the investment system.

Its function was still very simple.

The system would determine if the people he knew had the qualifications to be invested in.

If there were, the system would show the corresponding prompt, and it would be divided into one to five stars according to potential.

The higher the potential of the investment target, the more difficult the requirements and conditions to be met to trigger the investment event.

The system and the investors would also receive more returns.

Nan Shan could not help but laugh when he saw this.


This is his specialty!

With such a system helping him behind the scenes, would it not be easy to pass the test?

However, when he looked down and saw the last few items, he could not help but scratch his head.

[ The investment must be evaluated by the system. ]

[ The reward received through the system can not be given again. ]

[ The system reserves all rights to the final explanation. ]

There were a few small disclaimers, but it was not a big problem.

Nan Shan felt that his specialty was finally useful in this fantasy world, and his future days were bright.

The future was promising!

"thump, thump, thump."

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, followed by a gentle voice.

"Junior Nan Shan? Are you in here?"

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