2 Lying Salted Fish System

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A mechanical voice appeared in Ye Xing's mind.

"Ding! The system is in the process of awakening, 1% 50% 100%."

Ye Xing was stunned when he heard the voice.

What the hell?

The system?

Ye Xing's mouth twitched.

Just as he was about to lay flat on the bed, the system came?

Wasn't this timing a little too timely?

Why didn't the system come before his talent test?

He was prepared to lie down flat and waste his life.

After all, he had the Ye family supporting him. He didn't have to do anything and he could reach the Saint realm by enjoying natural resources.

Then should I lie down?

After all, the system had already awakened. It would be unreasonable if he didn't work hard.

After transmigrating to a fantasy world, who wouldn't desire to become the strongest?

Ye Xing checked the system.

Let's see what the system can do for now.

"Ding! Idle Fish System bound. Host, please check the attribute panel."

[Ye Xing]

[Cultivation: None]

[Cultivation Talent: Lower-grade Yellow-rank]

[Lifespan: 90]

[Bot-cultivating in progress]

Ye Xing looked at the system panel in front of him and pondered.

"Idle System? System, introduce yourself please," Ye Xing asked.

"Ding! This system is the Idle Fish System, determined to help the host become the most powerful idle person who can do nothing, just like a salted fish on sale."

Hearing the system's introduction, Ye Xing was speechless.

What did it mean to become the most powerful idle person?

If he was already the strongest, could he still be called idle?

Ye Xing asked again, "System, what functions do you have? It can increase one's cultivation talents?"

"Ding! As the name implies, as long as the host continues to lie idle like a salted fish, the system will be able to obtain cultivation, divine artifacts, cultivation techniques, and so on. "

As long as he laid idle and did nothing, he could continue to become stronger?

Ye Xing was slightly stunned. He did not expect the system's function to be in line with his thoughts.

It was as if the system was tailor-made for him.

It just so happened that he wanted to have a peaceful life with the Ye family behind his back.

Then, the Idle Fish system was awakened.

"Ding! It was the host's will to lie idle that woke up the system, so please carry out the will of an Idle Fish for the rest of your life."

Carry out the will of the Idle Fish for life…

As expected of the Idle Fish system. Now, he didn't need to do anything and he could continuously improve his cultivation.

"Ding! The bot function has taken effect. Cultivation level +10, breakthrough to Qi and Blood Realm Primary Stage."

A notification rang out. Ye Xing's qi and blood had changed.

Ye Xing's eyes lit up. He was really training.

"What's the point of working hard? I'll just be an idle person of the Ye family."

"Ding! The host's willpower has increased. The reward is the God-level cultivation method, Chaos God Demon Art."

"Ding! The host has obtained God-level Chaos God Demon Art. The cultivation speed of bot-cultivation has increased by a thousand times."

"Ding! God-level cultivation technique, Chaos God Demon Art, is automatically cultivating."

When Ye Xing heard the system's notifications, he grinned.

A God-level cultivation technique!

The system's reward was truly terrifying.

One must know that even in the Ye family, the highest cultivation technique they had was only a Grand Emperor-grade cultivation technique.

A God-level cultivation technique was not something that could be found in this fantasy world.

It was a technique that only existed in the Upper Realm.

He had only wanted to lie down and the system had rewarded him with a God-level cultivation technique.

"Check the Chaos God Demon Art," Ye Xing said.

[Chaos God Demon Art: God-level cultivation technique. It is a cultivation technique passed down by the Chaos God Demon of the Upper Realm. When cultivated to perfection, one can use their physical body to affirm the Chaos God Demon Dao and achieve the Supreme Divine Holy Physique]

Instantly, Ye Xing felt that a cultivation technique had appeared in his mind, as well as a trace of Chaos qi in his body.

"What a good cultivation technique. If I cultivate it step by step, this cultivation technique can at least allow me to cultivate to the level of a God!" Ye Xing's eyes lit up.

Moreover, the system also had the function of bot-cultivating, so he didn't have to train himself.

"The road to lying flat is a long way to go."

"Lie down, be idle, and become the strongest."

Ye Xing immediately decided to lay idle in the future.

He didn't even need to cultivate.

Cultivation techniques also had an automatic cultivation system.

"Ding! The host's willpower has increased once again. The reward is a High-grade divine artifact, the Seven Treasure Glazed Sword."

[Seven Treasured Glazed Sword: a divine sword used by a certain God in the Upper Realm. It can cut down heavens and worlds with a single thought. ]

A High-grade divine artifact?

Ye Xing was once again shocked by the system's reward.

The system was really God-level.

A divine artifact, as its name suggested, was a weapon used by Gods.

In the entire continent, there was only one broken divine weapon.

If a Pre-Emperor expert was equipped with a broken divine weapon, he could even fight against a Grand Emperor; if the Pre-Emperor expert was equipped with a complete divine weapon, he could cut Grand Emperors like slaughtering chickens!

This was the terrifying aspect of a divine weapon.

Ye Xing gasped.

He sighed at the power of the system.

"The Idle Fish System doesn't sound like much, but I didn't expect it to be so powerful,"

"Ding! It's natural. As long as the host continues to lie idle, you will become the strongest one day."


Time passed.

In the blink of an eye, ten years had passed.

In Ye Xing's courtyard.

Ye Xing was lying on the recliner, basking in the sun. He was extremely relaxed.

In the past ten years, Ye Xing had been lying idle and did nothing else.

Ye Xing had not cultivated at all for the past ten years.

Every day, he would either bask in the sun or stroll around the Ye family's territory.

Of course, after lying down for ten years, Ye Xing's strength had also reached a terrifying level.

"System, check the panel," Ye Xing said.

[Ye Xing]

[Cultivation: Ninth-grade Grand Emperor]

[Cultivation Techniques: Chaos God Demon Arts, Grand Emperor Glazed Physique, Chaos Heaven Breaker Sword…]

[Treasures: Seven Treasure Glazed sword, Ninth Mystic Golden Pagoda]

[Cultivation Talent: Lower-grade Yellow-rank]

[Lifespan: 100,000 years]

[ Bot-cultivating (current cultivating speed: True God stage)]

Ye Xing smiled in satisfaction as he looked at the extremely luxurious system panel.

Other than some flaws in his cultivation talent, he had already reached the peak of this world.

However, the system had rewarded him with all sorts of divine weapons and God-level cultivation techniques.

The Ninth-grade Grand Emperor alone was enough for Ye Xing to roam free on this fantasy continent.

There were only seven Grand Emperors on this continent.

Including Ye Xing, there were only eight people.

Besides, other than Ye Xing, the others might not have reached the Ninth-grade

The strongest among them was only a Eighth-grade Grand Emperor

It could be said that Ye Xing was already among the strongest people in the world.

He could even be called the strongest person in this world!

Unfortunately, even though his cultivation had already reached the Ninth-grade Grand Emperor, he was still lacking.

There was no change in his cultivation talent.

"System, is there any way to change one's cultivation talent?" Ye Xing asked. He did not want to give up just yet. 

"Ding! There's a chance for the daily reward system to provide a treasure that can improve one's talent." 

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