Fantasy: I Became Invincible By Editing Narratives

# decisive Shen Ran transmigrates to a fantasy world and becomes a disciple of the Empyrean Sword Sect. Problem is, everything about him is ordinary— ordinary talent, ordinary temperament, ordinary life… In this cruel world where cultivation talent determines how far one could go, this means that Shen Ran's future can be seen at a glance. Banished to the servant quarters as a servant disciple, his daily grind is to attend to mundane chores which will go on until he dies of old age a hundred years later. Then he comes across a narrative modification system which makes it possible to rewrite entire lives! An avid reader of online novels in his previous life, Shen Ran relishes the chance to read the narratives of everyone and everything and alter them. The narratives modified by him will become reality! This is the story of how he transforms his ordinary life by editing his narrative and going on to cultivate the Dao, handle calamities, and rule the ages. And he is limited only by his imagination!

Brother Mahua · Eastern
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200 Chs


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Behind the Empyrean Sword Sect, was the Grand Myriad Mountains.

At this moment, outside the Grand Myriad Mountains.


A figure flashed past as if he had teleported.

A peak ninth level Qi Refinement Realm Fierce Cloud Leopard only had time to let out an uneasy growl before a white jade-like fist kept expanding in front of it!


This punch ruthlessly smashed its head. Its sheer force directly scattered all the meridians and vitality of this Fierce Cloud Leopard!

Third one.

Shen Ran withdrew his fist and turned his neck.

Immediately, his perfect body let out a series of crackling sounds.

Every one of the bones lit up with a faint glow.

A ninth-stage Qi Refinement Realm Fierce Cloud Leopard was instantly killed with a single box by Shen Ran!

It was known that the bloodlines and bodies of these primordial beasts far exceeded that of humans. Moreover, they fought and killed all year round and were extremely difficult to deal with.

In the entire Empyrean Sword Sect, only the chief disciples who had stepped into the Divine Sea Realm could guarantee their victory over these beasts.

However, at this moment, these primordial beasts were as fragile as paper in Shen Ran's hands.

This was the power of talent!

Even if the current Shen Ran was only at the seventh level of Qi Refinement, he could still challenge those at a higher level and attack the Divine Sea!

As time passed, his extremely terrifying talents would gradually be revealed and he would dazzle everyone!

At that time, Shen Ran would debunk all the myths of the past and present!

"Hua hua hua…"

Suddenly, Shen Ran's ears twitched as he heard a rustling sound.

Shen Ran turned around and saw two green-robed figures flying over sneakily from the depths of the Grand Myriad Mountains.

"His Highness Dao Seed has consumed too much Blood Cloud Powder to break through to the Illumination Realm this time. Chi1 King is somewhat displeased."

A fat man in green robes frowned as he spoke.

"It's fine. His Highness has already broken through to the Illumination Realm. As long as he persists for a while more, he will break through to the Marquis Realm. Then he won't need this Blood Cloud Powder anymore."

A lanky man replied.

"Yes, let's not talk about this. After we see His Highness Dao Seed later, we'll report this matter to him and let him decide on his own." The fatter green-robed man nodded and replied.

"Yes, with the help of the Blood Cloud Powder, His Highness Dao Seed will only need three years at most to break through to the Marquis Realm! At that time, His Highness will definitely be able to become the Dao Child of our Empyrean Sword Sect! At that time, Brother Qian and I will be considered the subjects of the Dragon. I believe His Highness will definitely not mistreat us. Hahaha." The tall and thin man chuckled in satisfaction.

They continued talking.

"Who is it?!"

The tall and thin man suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Shen Ran.

They looked at Shen Ran, who was dressed in black, and the carcass of the Fierce Cloud Leopard, who had just stopped breathing. Their eyes narrowed slightly.

A servant disciple? The two of them looked at each other.

Only someone from the Empyrean Sword Sect could appear here.

This black-robed man was clearly a servant disciple of the Empyrean Sword Sect.

Shen Ran also looked at the two green-robed figures.

Since he had bumped into them, he couldn't be bothered to hide anymore.

"This… seems to be Junior Brother Shen Ran from the Ninth Summit, right?"

Suddenly, the plump green-robed disciple seemed to have thought of something and let out a soft gasp.

Speaking of which, when Shen Ran bumped into Wang Qingxuan a few days ago, he was following Wang Qingxuan.

He still had some impression of Shen Ran.

However, it was dark now, and Shen Ran's disposition had changed greatly, so he did not recognize him immediately.

"Junior Brother Shen Ran, what are you doing here alone in the dark?"

The fat green-robed disciple asked with a smile.

However, he quietly looked at the tall and thin man beside him. Under the dark night, a hint of ruthlessness flashed across their faces!

This information that His Highness had consumed the Blood Cloud Powder should never be revealed!

This concerned the future competition between His Highness and the other Dao Seeds. There must not be any accidents!

They were not sure if Shen Ran had overheard their conversation.

However, in order to ensure that nothing was leaked, they would rather kill him than let him off!

To them, Shen Ran was just an ordinary disciple on the mountain. Now he was even a lowly servant disciple. So what if he was killed? It wouldn't even cause a ripple.

"Senior Brothers, didn't I just come to the servant quarters? I'm not used to it. I came out for a walk at night."

Shen Ran scratched his head and smiled foolishly.

"Oh? Then Junior Brother Shen's luck is really good. He can even pick up the carcass of a Fierce Cloud Leopard. This is a great supplement."

As the two disciples spoke, they quietly approached Shen Ran. The killing intent in their eyes deepened.

As for the carcass of this Fierce Cloud Leopard…

In the Grand Myriad Mountains, ancient ferocious beasts fought all year round. It was not rare for one to be lucky enough to pick up the carcass of a ferocious beast.

In their opinion, Shen Ran was only at the seventh level of Qi Refinement, so he was naturally no match for this Fierce Cloud Leopard.

They approached him quietly.

They were getting closer and closer to Shen Ran, only 10 steps away.


The two green-robed disciples shouted and planned to kill Shen Ran at the same time.


A muffled sound of an explosion suddenly sounded in their ears!

The next moment!

Shen Ran, who was 10 steps away a second ago, instantly appeared in front of them. He struck out, tore through the sound barrier, and attacked them fiercely!

His punch created a huge wind!

Before they received his punch, the terrifying wind from the punch had already solidified into a physical form, causing their cheeks to hurt!

Under this punch, the two of them were stunned on the spot, and their pupils dilated crazily!