3 To the Servant Quarters


Ninth Summit, Empyrean Sword Sect.

"Mother! Are we really going to watch Ran be sent to the servant quarters?"

A beautiful girl with lanky legs and wearing green clothes shouted indignantly.

"Qingqing, I said that you should call me Peak Master or Teacher in the sect. You're always calling me "Mother". If the other disciples in the sect hear you, what will they think?"

The person who replied was a graceful and beautiful woman in her thirties.

This beautiful woman's eyebrows were 70-80% similar to the young girl's, but she was mature, and her figure was plump and curvaceous.

Not only did she not look old at all, but she also looked more charming than the girl.

She was like a ripe peach, but she was also like a cold and unattainable beauty. One couldn't help but be mesmerized.

"Who in the sect doesn't know that you're my mother?"

The young girl, Wan Qingqing, muttered softly. Seeing her mother looking at her, she couldn't help but say seriously,

"Mother, Little Ran's aptitude is indeed average and can't be considered outstanding. But no matter what, his results in this assessment are above the passing mark. He shouldn't be sent to the servant quarters

Those who go to the servant quarters would be wasted for most of their lifetime. If Little Ran stays in the servant quarters, he'd be wasted for most of his lifetime!"

Wan Ziling sighed and said, "Qingqing, I know this better than you do.

Although Ran is mediocre in talent, he has a pure heart, a good character, and is honest and steady. He was indeed not on the list this time.

However… he offended Wang Qingxuan a few days ago. As one of the three great Dao Seeds today, Wang Qingxuan's talent is extraordinary. The day before yesterday, he had even broken through to the Illumination Realm. He was reputed to be a rare cultivation genius in the Empyrean Sword Sect for fifty years and a powerful candidate for the future Empyrean Dao Child position. Now, his reputation can be said to be like the sun in the sky. Even Mother can't underestimate him when I see him."

Even if Wang Qingxuan doesn't deliberately target Little Ran, those who want to curry favor with him will naturally help him."

At this point, Wan Ziling gently pinched the space between her eyebrows.

As one of the major sects in the world, although the Empyrean Sword Sect was in decline, it still had thousands of disciples from the nine peaks.

Shen Ran was just the most ordinary one among the thousands of disciples. If he offended the Dao Seed, Wang Qingxuan, it would be a piece of cake for his subordinates to assign Shen Ran to the servant quarters.

Wang Qingxuan?

Wan Qingqing frowned slightly.

Wang Qingxuan was indeed talented. He was only 20 years old, but he had already reached the Illumination Realm.

The path of cultivation could be roughly divided into: Qi Refinement, Divine Sea, Illumination, Marquis, King, and True Emperor!

Most of the ordinary disciples of the Empyrean Sword Sect were still in the Qi Refinement Realm. For example, Shen Ran was at the sixth level of Qi Refinement, and his cultivation level was considered average among the disciples of the Empyrean Sword Sect.

As for a genius disciple like Wan Qingqing, she had just stepped into the Divine Sea Realm.

As for Wang Qingxuan, he was only 20 years old, but he had already stepped into the Illumination Realm!

Such talent was second to none in the entire cultivation world!

"Mother, from what I know, Wang Qingxuan isn't a petty person. He won't lower himself to target Junior Brother Shen Ran, right?" Wan Qingqing asked curiously.

It was not that she thought highly of Wang Qingxuan or deliberately belittled Shen Ran.

However, Wang Qingxuan and Shen Ran were indeed like the true dragon in the sky and the crawling ant on the ground. They were on completely different levels.

That was being brutally frank.

She did not think Wang Qingxuan would lower his status to suppress such an ordinary disciple of the sect.

"Didn't I say that there's no need for Wang Qingxuan to do such a thing? The people below will naturally understand and do it."

Wan Ziling shook her head and continued.

"Alright, let's stop talking about this for the time being. Since Little Ran is Mother's disciple, Mother will naturally think of a way to get Shen Ran out of the servant quarters in a few days."

"Mother…" Wan Qingqing opened her mouth. Seeing Wan Ziling's determined expression, she knew that her mother had made up her mind. She could only stomp her feet and leave angrily.

She understood that her mother did not want to offend Wang Qingxuan for the sake of an ordinary disciple like Shen Ran.

"This silly child's temperament is exactly the same as when I was young…"

Wan Ziling looked at Wan Qingqing's angry expression and couldn't help but laugh and shake her head.

This girl is still young.

She doesn't see things clearly.


At the foot of the Empyrean Sword Sect.

A small yellow door. Behind the door was a simple brick house that stretched as far as the eye could see.

This was the servant quarters.

The simple brick house was where the servant disciples lived.

Speaking of which, there were thousands of disciples in the Empyrean Sword Sect, but almost half of them were servant disciples.

There were so many disciples, peak masters, and elders in the mountain who needed someone to serve them. They had to tend to the medicinal herb garden, beasts, and poultry, fetch water, and cook. All of this fell on the servant disciples.

Therefore, the number of servant disciples accumulated over the years had already reached a rather large number.

"You're Elder Sun who's in charge of the servant quarters, right? I'm a disciple from the Ninth Summit. May I know where I should report to?"

Shen Ran carried his bag and stood at the small yellow door.

"From the Ninth Summit? I'll take a look… Room 24 in the 36th row of the East District. You can go there."

The old man spoke lazily without looking up.

"Thanks a lot."

Shen Ran nodded and walked towards the location this Elder Sun had mentioned.

"Little fellow, don't be anxious. Remember to go to the laundry area to change into the uniform and token of a servant disciple after you leave your luggage. You can't wear the clothes you're wearing anymore…"

As the old man spoke, he looked up at Shen Ran.

He happened to see Shen Ran's side profile.

Hmm? This little guy looks outstanding. He doesn't seem ordinary…

The old man's eyebrows rose, then he shook his head.

Such a person has probably offended some big shot in the sect.

The weather is so cold. Let's go back to sleep!

Yawning, the old man couldn't be bothered and went back to sleep.

As a person whose talent had long been severed, he was able to serve as an elder in the servant quarters and govern thousands of servant disciples because he did not ask too many questions.

No matter why this person came to the servant quarters, all he could do was to shut up.

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