1 Changing the Narrative!

Talent: Ordinary.

Enlightenment: Ordinary.

Temperament: Ordinary.

Life history: Ordinary.

Innate Ability: Ordinary.

Overall Evaluation: Ordinary.

Looking at his evaluation form in the sect, Shen Ran could not help but shake his head helplessly.

Ordinary, everything was ordinary.

It was no wonder that the sect wanted to send him to the servant quarters to become a servant disciple.

"Sigh, in my previous life, I was just mediocre, accomplishing nothing. I didn't expect to have transmigrated. Everyone else is just showing off their ambitions and skills, but when it comes to me, I'm just an ordinary person, like one of the masses."

Shen Ran put down the form in his hand and sighed softly.

There was nothing bad about being an ordinary person. But since he had transmigrated, shouldn't he dream of achieving great things and becoming a powerhouse who could move mountains and fill the seas, seize the moon, and pluck the stars?

With a breath of vital energy, he felt like the rapid wind that could travel a thousand miles.

It was the dream of many.

Half a month ago, Shen Ran transmigrated to this fantasy world and became a disciple of the Ninth Hall of the Empyrean Sword Sect.

Before he could rejoice, he received the results of the triennial sect assessment.

In this assessment report, it clearly showed that he was only an extremely ordinary person who had barely passed the assessment.

There were many disciples of this level in the Empyrean Sword Sect, and he was definitely not within their consideration for development.

Therefore, he was naturally eliminated by the Empyrean Sword Sect.

He would be sent to the servant quarters and become a servant disciple.

In this cruel world where talent determined how far one could go, this also meant that Shen Ran's future could be seen at a glance.

Tomorrow would be a repeat of today, and it would go on until a hundred years later when he died of old age in the servant quarters.

Then, like many senior servants, he would be casually thrown away and buried in a mountain outside the Empyrean Sword Sect. From then on, he would be accompanied by insects and mudstones and Shen Ran would no longer be in this world.

Earth to earth, dust to dust.

"Forget it. If it is predestined that you have it in your life, you will have it, but if it isn't predestined, do not push it."

After sighing and comforting himself, Shen Ran started to pack his luggage and planned to report to the Servant Quarters.

[Ding! Narrative modification system loading…]

[Narrative modification system loading successful!]

[Note 1: The host will see the narratives of everything in the world and have the opportunity to modify them. The narrative modified by the host will be mapped into reality!]

[Note 2: The first time you install this system, you will be given three chances to modify the narrative! The modification of the narrative cannot be used to directly modify cultivation!]

[Note 3: The narrative after the modification is logical and reasonable!]

Suddenly, a cold notification sounded in his mind.



Shen Ran suddenly raised his head, his eyes shining brightly!

Narrative modification system?!

The opportunity to cheat is here!!

Shen Ran, who was familiar with online literature in his previous life, knew that his opportunity to cheat had come!

He just didn't know…

What the hell is this narrative modification system?

As he hesitated, he looked at the sword he had placed on the table.

Immediately, a narrative that only he could see appeared in front of him.

[This is an extremely ordinary iron sword. There's nothing eye-catching about it. It's ordinary.]

[Do you want to modify the narrative?]

[Note: Currently, the host can modify the narrative 3X.]

Looking at the narrative, Shen Ran only thought for a moment and understood!

In other words…

Can I edit and modify the narrative of this iron sword?

For example, if I change the narrative of this iron sword to the number one divine sword in the world, would this ordinary iron sword become the number one divine sword in the world?

In an instant.

Shen Ran smiled broadly.

Good God!

If my imagination is big enough, wouldn't I be invincible?

This is purely a test of imagination!

In this world, the most important thing in cultivation is talent. A day of cultivation for a talented expert is equivalent to a hundred days for ordinary people…


A smile appeared on Shen Ran's face as he slowly turned to look at himself in the mirror.

Immediately, a line of narrative appeared.

[This is an ordinary young man who was born ordinary. If nothing unexpected happens, he will live an ordinary life.]

Looking at the word, "Ordinary" in the introduction, Shen Ran did not look disappointed at all. Instead, he looked as if he had expected it


If nothing unexpected happened, he would live a mediocre life like countless seniors who had been sent to the servant quarters. Then he would die and wither, turning into dust.


Shen Ran took a deep breath, and the divine light in his eyes began to flicker violently!

"System, modify the narrative!"

Instantly, all the narratives about him were cleared and displayed as pending input.

Without any hesitation, Shen Ran began to type the narrative.

[This is a young man born with the bones of a supreme being! He possesses the Pangu Sacred Body[1.Pangu means creator of the universe in Chinese mythology] that is immune to the corrosion of curses, and ancient immortal eyes that can see through the supreme techniques of the world! His talent is one in a million, and it is world-shaking! He is born to cultivate the Dao and handle calamities! He is destined to rule the ages alone. He will wipe out all his enemies in the future, until no one in the world dares to call himself supreme…]

With a crackling sound, Shen Ran copied the narratives of male protagonists in light novels from his previous life and wrote his own narrative.

He only stopped after writing for half an hour.

He rubbed his chin and nodded in satisfaction at the narrative, which was like an essay.

Is that reasonable? Yes, it is!

Shen Ran smiled silently, then collected his thoughts

"System, generate a new narrative!"

[Ding! Narrative in progress…]

[Ding! Narrative completed!!!]

In an instant, Shen Ran's entire body and soul began to tremble!

His entire body began to change shockingly!

Every bone in his body emitted a dazzling golden light!

Mysterious patterns appeared on every one of his bones, like runes written by the heavens!

A transformation!!

All the bones in his body were transforming into Supreme Bones!

The Supreme Bones contained endless potential.

As long as a person had Supreme Bones, it meant that his leveling speed was a hundred times faster than others.

And on the way to leveling up, there were no limits.

There was once a human emperor who became one of the ten strongest experts in the world in just 300 years because he had Supreme Bones in his body.

With Supreme Bones, he had the foundation to become a Supreme Being. It could be said that he was destined to be a Supreme Being!

At this moment, the 300 bones in Shen Ran's body were all transforming into Supreme Bones!

How scary was that?

This meant that as long as he did not die early, he would definitely become the supreme ruler of heaven and earth in less than fifty years, looking down upon the sun, the moon, and the stars!

It was known that the ten strongest cultivators of the human race had cultivated for at least 300 years before they obtained top-notch strength.

From this moment on, Shen Ran would no longer be an ordinary person who achieved nothing for the rest of his life!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!!!"

In the next moment, the blood in his entire body suddenly boiled, like a surging river wave colliding with a reef, emitting a muffled bang!

Immediately after, strands of scarlet hair with impurities grew out of his pores before falling off!

His blood turned from red to hot gold!

This was… the awakening of the Pangu Sacred Body!

There were 3,000 holy bodies in the human race.

And the Pangu Sacred Body was number one!

It was also known as the strongest human constitution.

As long as you had the Pangu Sacred Body, it meant that your physical body was incomparably powerful and invincible among your peers!

After mastering it, one could achieve a unique and unrivaled strongest physical body!

With just his physical strength, he was invincible in the world.

In the history of mankind before that, only two people had awakened the Pangu Sacred Body.

And when they were alive, both of them were the strongest cultivators in the world at that time.


At this moment, the Pangu Sacred Body, which had only appeared twice in the tens of thousands of years of human history, had awakened in Shen Ran's body!


A Blood Qi Furnace suddenly appeared in Shen Ran's body. The monstrous blood qi formed a pillar that passed through his body and soared into the sky like a beacon!

The Pangu Sacred Body was awakening!!!

Behind him, six great phenomena appeared, reflecting the Ninth Heaven and wheel of reincarnation!

The Great Immortal descending on the Ninth Heaven!

The Green Lotus sprouting from the Sea of Bitterness!

The Yin-Yang Life and Death Diagram!

Brilliant stars shining on a sunny day!


These phenomena would only appear in the world when someone with infinite potential was born.

At the end of these six phenomena, he would evolve into the Six Paths of Reincarnation Fist that could dominate the world and crush the ancient era!

And this was far from over!

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