Chapter 7 The Great Power Must Not Be Insulted_1

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"Yin Xiaokong, your dog's nose is really keen; you even dare to chase us here!"

Wei Yushan spoke coldly.

In the half-empty sky, Yin Xiaokong looked down at them with cold contempt, saying, "This is your last chance."

"Either submit completely to my Fiery Mountain, or die!"

Wei Yushan advanced coldly, saying, "Who do you think you are? Do you really think our Lihuo Sect is so easy to bully?"

Yin Xiaokong shook his head and responded, "In my eyes, you are but ants."

"I'm giving you a chance to submit, don't squander it."

His arrogance was overpowering!

He did not take the Lihuo Sect seriously at all.

As he spoke, his aura gradually revealed itself, filling half the sky with an immense oppressive force!

Spirit Severing Realm, Nine Heavens!

"Your Lihuo Sect, even with the ancestor around, is just at the Spirit Severing Realm, and moreover, he's long been dead."

"What will you use to withstand me?"

With a single step, he stood hovering in the air; his mighty aura caused the vegetation below to swing suddenly.

"Spirit Severing?"

Wei Yushan let out a cold laugh; with a step forward, a similarly terrifying aura burst forth!

"Spirit Severing?!"

Yin Xiaokong was immediately startled!

Wasn't Wei Yushan just a minor Nascent Soul cultivator?

When had he broken through to the Spirit Severing Realm? And his aura was even pressing against his own!

Impossible, the intelligence can't be wrong. When Gongsun Qi came to report, Wei Yushan was still only at the Nascent Soul...

It was just a visit to this little mountain village!

A great unease arose in his heart, yet he said sternly, "Even if you've broken through to Spirit Severing Realm, you are still not my match!"

"Hehe, is that so? What if we add me into the mix?!"

At this moment, Yu Qishui also spoke. He stepped forward calmly, standing shoulder to shoulder with Wei Yushan.

An even more terrifying aura spread, instantly suppressing Yin Xiaokong's aura!

Yin Xiaokong was shocked. This was... the complete aura of the Spirit Severing Realm!

How could this be possible!

Hadn't Yu Qishui long been half-dead, with cultivation that could hardly advance?

But now, he clearly appeared at his peak, causing even him to feel terror!

They were both at the Soul Splitting Ninth Layer, but he was no match for Yu Qishui!

"Why... you were clearly only at the Nascent Soul Realm..."

He blurted out in disbelief.

Two Nascent Soul Realm individuals breaking through to the Spirit Severing Realm in a single day, one at the seventh layer and the other complete?! This is simply soul-crushing!

How could this be possible...

What exactly is in this mountain village?

Unable to help himself, Yin Xiaokong took a glance at the village below, seemingly peaceful and simple, yet in his heart, a tumultuous wave was surging!

Could it be that the ancestor of Fiery Mountain hadn't really died? And that his cultivation level had reached a terrifying realm?

Or was there some incredible opportunity hidden here?!

"Yin Xiaokong, it's time for you to die!"

Wei Yushan and Yu Qishui did not say much more, they attacked together!

Not killing Yin Xiaokong would still be a threat to their Lihuo Sect.

Yin Xiaokong's heart sank; against two cultivators of the same realm attacking together, he couldn't possibly resist.

Yet, he did not retreat an inch, murmering low, "Today, I just have to see what kind of opportunity is hidden in this small village that allowed you two to advance so quickly!"

Having said that, he suddenly shook four large flags out of his sleeve!

With bones as poles and human skin as flags, the flags whipped in the wind, bringing a chilling gust!

The four large flags immediately surrounded Wei Yushan and Yu Qishui.

A horrific aura spread, and it seemed as if countless resentful ghosts were wailing.

"What... what is this thing?"

Wei Yushan's face changed.

"Wicked heretical methods!"

Yu Qishui's complexion changed; his hair flew wildly as he released a furious aura in an attempt to blast away the four large flags!

But, in between the four flags, black invisible chains appeared in an instant, oppressing everything skywards.

Wei Yushan and Yu Qishui resisted with all their might, but the chains seemed to ignore their spiritual power shields, striking heavily upon them.


Wei Yushan and Yu Qishui fell straight down from the sky.

They landed heavily on the ground.

"You really think you can stand against me just because you've reached the Spirit Severing Stage?"

Yin Xiaokong spoke coldly, having prepared to face the elders of the Lihuo Sect before he came.

This Array Flag was his ultimate trump card, capable of slaughtering Hollow Void experts!

"Ancestor, Master!"

Mu Qianning hurried forward as she saw what happened, releasing her spiritual power to catch Yu Qishui and the others.

Both Yu Qishui and Wei Yushan were now pale, with cracked lips!

They were extremely weak.

"There's something wrong with that Array Flag, it's probably an artifact of a Mahayana expert..."

Yu Qishui managed to say with difficulty.

"What do we do..."

Wei Yushan's heart was filled with unwillingness.

At this moment, Yin Xiaokong too was slowly descending. He didn't even glance at Yu Qishui and the others, instead focusing on the quiet little mountain village ahead.

"What exactly is there? An opportunity?"

He muttered to himself, and suddenly waved his hand, the four large flags in the sky swooped down towards the four corners of the small mountain village!

"Whatever it is, I'll refine all the living beings in it first!"

He was very cautious, wanting to use the Array Flag to kill every living creature first.

"How dare you!"

Mu Qianning's face changed drastically.

"What wouldn't I dare? Haha, I should thank you all for pointing out such a great opportunity to me. Perhaps, it's time for me to ascend to the Hollow Void Realm as well!"

The flags, like four meteors, streaked across the sky, heading straight for the earth around the small mountain village.


right at the moment when the Array Flags were about to land, they suddenly stopped, and the next moment, they shattered!

They turned directly into flying ash!

It was at that instant that Yin Xiaokong's face changed, he spat out a mouthful of blood, cried out in pain, and was sent flying hundreds of meters away!


He hit the ground hard, dust and debris scattering everywhere.

Yu Qishui and the others were all shocked.

"Senior Li... took action?"

Wei Yushan spoke with some disbelief.

"No... he didn't take action; it was just a passive defense. This mountain village... due to Senior Li's residence here, had long become a terrifying forbidden area..."

Yu Qishui was the one who spoke in shock!

Those four Array Flags, most likely made by a Mahayana cultivator, but without Senior Li taking action, just by nearing the location where Senior Li resided, they were destroyed?

That's terrifying.

Is this the might of a peerless great power?

"Great powers cannot be insulted, truly they cannot deceive me..."

Wei Yushan muttered to himself.


Yin Xiaokong crawled out from the "Three Lives Soil", his heart trembling, looking at the peaceful little mountain village ahead, his eyes filled with fear!

What's going on?

How is this possible...

The Array Flag in his hand was supposed to be a weapon that could nearly annihilate Hollow Void Realm experts.

And now it was shattered? And he himself, with all his cultivation, was almost wiped clean in an instant; he had become crippled!

All of this, just because the Array Flag neared this mountain village?

What exactly was inside this mountain village?

Whatever it was, it was definitely not something someone of his level could touch!

He must report this immediately!

In that instant, he couldn't care about anything else, took out a White Jade Array Plate, burned his blood essence again, and activated the Teleportation Array!

His figure disappeared instantly.

He had escaped!

Yu Qishui and the others, at this moment, all let out a sigh of relief!

"Ancestor, Master, how are you?"

Mu Qianning asked anxiously.

Both Wei Yushan and Yu Qishui were trying their best to circulate their energy, but they found that the black chain scars, no matter what, were difficult to remove!

"Such scars, if left by a Mahayana Realm expert, cannot be healed with our power..."

Yu Qishui gave a wry smile and looked back at the mountain village, saying, "We can only ask Senior Li for help now..."