13 Chapter 13 Senior Li's Cat_1

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The Yu Kong Flying Ship traversed the sky, and before long, it had already appeared just outside the small mountain village.

"Is that senior figure really in seclusion here?"

Fire Spirit was somewhat surprised.

The small village looked very ordinary indeed.

"Princess, there is something I must tell you first,"

At this moment, Wei Yushan spoke up, saying, "This Senior Li is a mysterious and unfathomable figure. Now, he lives in seclusion in this mountain village, assimilating with mortals, playing the game of life."

He paused, "Therefore, when you meet the senior, please be careful not to be abrupt or to offend him."

Hearing Wei Yushan's earnest warning, Fire Spirit's curiosity was piqued even more.

Playing the game of life!

Such characters indeed sound like something out of legends.

The flying ship stopped just outside the village.

Yu Qishui and others, accompanied Fire Spirit as they walked into the village.

"Oh, how come you're here again?"

Old Man Zhang at the entrance of the village saw them and smiled.

"We've come to pay a visit to Mr. Li,"

Wei Yushan replied very politely, referring to Senior Li.

After discussing, they had determined that since Senior Li was living in seclusion here in the village, he naturally didn't want the ordinary villagers to know about his extraordinary identity.

If they accidentally revealed it, a single anger from Senior Li would mean the end of Lihuo Sect in this world.

"Little Li is at home. You folks should go quickly,"

Old Zhang smiled.

The party then continued on their way.

"Hmm? There's something wrong with this gutter!"

On the road, all of a sudden, Fire Spirit's pretty face changed as she walked to the edge of a ditch, looked at the stones piled up there, and said, "This ditch conceals Dao intentions, and even the ordinary flow of water has gained a hint of spirituality…"

She took out a White Jade Vial and collected a bottle of water from the ditch!

"Worthy of study!"

She was very serious.

Yu Qishui and others had complex expressions, having been deeply shaken themselves when they first entered this little mountain village.

Now it seemed that even the Royal Family regarded the small touches left behind by Senior Li with high importance.

Not far along, Fire Spirit was shocked once again.

"This tree… is full of Spirit Fruits?"

She pointed to a pear tree in the courtyard of a common farmhouse.

The pears were full and luscious, looking tempting and shiny.

In terms of spirituality, they were on par with some of the treasures in the Imperial Palace of the Fire Nation.

What exactly was this place?

"This house is clearly a Daoist site! Who are the people living here?"

"Are these vegetables in the garden… actually Spiritual Medicine?"


As they walked, Fire Spirit became more and more astonished.

"Sect Master Yu, are all these... the work of that senior?"

She was somewhat incredulous.

This small mountain village, outwardly unimpressive, revealed profound mysteries within. Just this short walk revealed a depth that did not pale in comparison to the Royal Family of the Fire Nation!

Not to mention, how much more was hidden throughout the entire village!

This was terrifying.

It meant that Senior Li in seclusion here… was at least above the Mahayana Realm!

In the Integration Realm, one could be called a Venerable, and at the completion of the Nascent Soul Realm, one became a Supreme… Was there really a Venerable or even a Supreme hiding here?

"All of these are just the casual undertakings of Senior Li while he amuses himself in the mortal world,"

Yu Qishui shook his head, reminiscing the sights he had encountered within Senior Li's residence… those were the real terror.

Fire Spirit felt an increasing solemnity in her heart, realizing that this trip was truly worthwhile.

Before long, they finally appeared outside the gate of Li Fan's courtyard.

"Hmm? This... such strong spiritual charm... as if it's a world unto itself, transcending the mundane, unfathomable, and untouchable..."

In Fire Spirit's eyes, a flash of crimson light passed, but the next moment, she hurriedly closed her eyes, tears streaming from her beautiful eyes!

—She couldn't help but use the "Bright Fire Eyes" to observe the courtyard, but as soon as she activated them, she was thwarted by some force!

Had that force been malicious, she might have died on the spot!

Too terrifying!

Seeing this, Yu Qishui frowned and said, "Princess, you are too reckless!"

How dare she use divine skills in front of Senior Li?

This is seeking death!

Fortunately, Senior Li is magnanimous, otherwise the peerless beauty Fire Spirit would now be nothing but a corpse!

Fire Spirit also hurriedly said, "It's my fault, please forgive me, Sect Master Yu!"

Her tears kept falling, unstoppable, making her feel uncomfortable for a while.

Although displeased, Yu Qishui still glanced at Mu Qianning.

They didn't dare to step forward, after all, Senior Li had only agreed to let Mu Qianning visit him.

Mu Qianning took a deep breath and stepped forward.

Inside the courtyard.

Li Fan, utterly bored, was making a fire to cook cat food.

These past few days, having the little white cat for company had brought him quite a bit of joy.

Moreover, the little white cat was very clingy, seizing every opportunity to snuggle into Li Fan's arms.

"Seeing as you're all white, how about I call you Xiao Bai? Is that alright?"

As Li Fan cooked the cat food, he stroked the cat and asked with a smile.

Meow... Xiao Bai... not a very nice name. Bai Xiaoqing blinked her lively big eyes but responded with meows nonetheless.

Hmph, Bai Xiaoqing is not just afraid of you because you have a high cultivation level. I, I'm only considering the cat food...

These past few days, she had gradually discovered that this terrifying individual was actually quite easy to get along with. As long as she maintained the role of a cat, it seemed she could live comfortably, and even those fierce creatures in the yard wouldn't attack her anymore...

Plus, there was all sorts of delicious cat food to eat!

She was practically in feline bliss! No... in tiger bliss.

So, she had set her heart on being a good cat.

Now, as she looked at the small pot of cat food Li Fan was cooking, she was nearly drooling.

"Look at you, so gluttonous. Aren't you afraid of getting fat?"

Li Fan laughed.

Just then, there was a knock at the door accompanied by a familiar voice: "Is Senior Li home?"

It's Mu Qianning...

"Come in, the door is not locked."

Li Fan spoke.

The door opened, and Mu Qianning, Yu Qishui, and others walked in. Li Fan looked up and saw that this time, there was an unfamiliar young girl among them!

Another beauty? And her looks are not inferior to Mu Qianning's!

My little courtyard really is blessed!

But why does this beauty have tears in her eyes...

Does she have some matter to ask of me?

Li Fan pondered, extending his hand and saying, "Please have a seat. After I feed the cat, I'll attend to you all."

Yu Qishui and the others respectfully took their seats by the stone table under the peach tree, and at the same time, they couldn't help but look towards Li Fan's cat.

"Senior Li really knows how to enjoy life. How blissful to raise a cat when you have free time..."

Mu Qianning's beautiful eyes showed admiration.

"Don't... don't talk nonsense..."

Yu Qishui, however, started speaking with a slight tremble, "That's not a cat, that's a tiger... and it seems to be a white tiger at that!"

Hearing this, everyone was shocked, looking at Bai Xiaoqing incredulously.

Her whole body was snow-white, without a single blemish.

Moreover, there was an aura of excellence subtly emanating from her, her presence extraordinarily exceptional!

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