4 System's Assistance!


There was a brief moment of silence, and even the System couldn't determine whether Yu Tian's current situation was fortunate or unfortunate.

The Primordial Divine Eyes were a fearsome bloodline that could even target Sacred beings in Yu Tian's realm. On one hand, this was an incredible stroke of luck for him. However, anything related to the demonic way was a ticking bomb in the Immortal Realm, despite One Mystic Demonic Art being a heaven-defying cultivation technique surpassing the Emperor level.

Despite the passage of millions of years, the Immortal Realm has not forgotten the terrible sacrifices made in the past.

[Host, there is no need to worry! The system can assist in concealing any demonic energy in your body.]

[As long as you do not utilize the extreme demonic technique of human slaughter, even the Great Emperor will fail to detect its presence in your body.]

[When you wish to use the demonic technique, the system can set up a large barrier to prevent detection. A permanent one-meter barrier has already been established.]

Yu Tian finally breathed a sigh of relief with the system's explanation. He no longer had to worry about being exposed. The system also suggested setting a barrier to suppress his demonic energy when he displayed its prowess.

At the same time, he was eager to sing the praises of his villain system, which had been so helpful.

Yu Tian no longer resisted the incoming flow of the One Mystic Demonic Art in his body, and the strong demonic energy began to circulate through his meridians.

However, he soon encountered a problem: his realm was still unstable, and the flowing demonic energy was a dangerous element.


Yu Tian began to feel discomfort in his dantian, and his spiritual energy was wildly attacking his meridians.

This process was similar to breaking through, but the demonic energy was not following the correct path, and the degree of intensity was too high for his meridians to control.

"System, hurry up and stabilize my realm."

Feeling that he was about to experience extreme pain due to this sudden impulse of force breakthrough, Yu Tian could only ask the system for help.

[Ding! To stabilize the rampant demonic energy, you need to break through to the Great Transcendent Realm.]

[Since you are already at a critical moment, it will cost 2000 villain value to break through the shackles of the Transcendent Realm. Do you wish to proceed?]

"So much nonsense. Just increase it."

Yu Tian was already starting to feel the intruding pain in his meridians, and he did not have time to listen to the system's chatter.

[Ding! Villain value: -2000 points!]

[Current Villain value: 2000 points!]

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