122 The perfect shot

Loki watched as Evan took another shot and this time he shot a target a bit further away. While he was watching Loki was observing every little thing Evan did. He observed Evan's posture, his breathing and even used a spell to sense his heart rate. 

'I see, there are similarities to the skill I use in my archery. I'm guessing the position he's in is for better control over the recoil, it's pretty stable all in all. Still, movement is restricted in this position... I guess I can try using it for a while to get a better feel of my new rifle. Later I can try shooting with the same stance I use in archery. The recoil shouldn't be a problem with how powerful my body is.' 

Loki then started thinking of different ways on how to improve the way he would shoot using the modified Barrett M82. While he was thinking Evan was done with shooting, he then approached Loki with a satisfied expression on his face. 


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