159 The end of the attack

Fade had used a ton of mana to finish off that large Ape type of Gigantes, it was a good thing that he now had inner energy as a reserve after he killed the ape Fade rescued the civilians in the surrounding area and brought them to a safe location. The other Gigantes were still on a rampage but the civilian martial artists and the police were able to hold them back for now. 

While Fade was rescuing civilians he once again spotted the weird people he saw at the start of the incident in the corner of his eye. Unlike everyone else, they were not panicking and moving in a militaristic manner. Fade saw that these people were now each carrying a large wrapped object. Once the group arrived at a corner of a building they quickly separated and headed in different directions, and surprisingly they all now had the same large wrapped object. 

Currently, Fade had no time to worry about who those people were, he already had his hands full with rescuing civilians. 


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