134 Oath to the heavens

At first, Michael was able to control the thing contaminating Mollie Fletcher but as time went by he found out that his mana was being drained too fast. Michael couldn't allow himself to lose any more mana as he needed a bit of it to make the potion that could cure Mollie Fletcher. Still, if he stopped inserting his mana into Mollie, things might turn from bad to worse real fast. 

'Any ideas?' Unable to think of any solutions to his problem Michael turned to the only being that he knew could help. The voice of the Spirit of the Akashic Records responded in his mind. 

'Hmm, this will be a gamble. Normally I would suggest simply drinking mana potions to restore whatever mana you lost, but that's not an option at the moment. If that guy was here he could have shared his mana with you, but seeing as he isn't here that's also out.' 

'How about you stop listing the things that I can't do and tell me what I can do!' 


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