125 Catherine Walker

Harold had created an algorithm that would help him spot the right clients for Loki's job. After the falsities and the absurd requests were removed Harold would start reading the remaining requests. These requests came from all the different websites that were talking about Loki. Harold noticed a newly written request that caught his interest. 

'A mother that disappeared and was found by his son in a brothel. After meeting the mother did not recognize his son... The son's request is to kill, Catherine Walker one of the few remaining big bosses in the city.'

This was a big job as it was about one of the five remaining big bosses in the city. There were many people requesting the deaths of these people in the forums but none of them had any good reason or even a personal reason to have them killed which goes against Loki's rules. Yet now there was an actual request that might convince Loki to act. 


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