1 The pirate prince

"I am Wyatt Brewer, First prince of the Empire of Endossa….."

"Yes, We have gone through this Prince Wyatt" A man said, irritation and exasperation thick in his voice.

"And I am a pirate" I muttered, ignoring his irritation.

"Yes" He said, gnashing his teeth together before shaking his head "You are the First prince of the Empire of Endossa, son of Emperor Brewer the 3rd and as you have ordered, we have attacked the minor vessel of Captain silver-tongue by surprise, and have successfully defeated them"

"Although it wasn't without its consequences as we have lost about 5 men out of the 20 members of our crew. Five more are heavily injured but the other 10 only need to rest to revitalize their bodies. And also during the battle, we had almost lost because you somehow fell into the ocean after being hit on the head, causing you to lose your memories".

"Did I?" I said, frowning as I rubbed my palm against my head, trying to soothe the painful headache that somehow disappeared as soon as it came.

But the swaying back and forth of the ship against the harsh winds and sea tides wasn't helping either as it did little to help hide my growing nausea and confusion.

The man in front of me helped me though as his words enabled me to understand my current predicament to an extent.

I stared at the man for some time. Dressed in a red loose-fitting flowing shirt, a gold earring on his left ear, black trousers as well as a rainbow sash together with a pair of black boots to match the outfit which I would have thought was only just only a grown middle-aged man cosplaying if not for parts of his clothes been soaked in blood with a sword tightly held in between his hands as the blood on it dripped on the wooden floor.

"Prince Wyatt" The man called again, seemingly narrowing his eyes as he looked at me, my thoughts oblivious to what he was thinking as only a psychic could read minds, not me.

But even if I could, I wouldn't care any less about his thoughts as my eyes wandered around his clothes, trying my hardest to find something to say that wasn't 'Who the hell dressed you up? '.

"And you, who are you" I blinked, trying my best to listen to his response and not drift into my thoughts once again.

"The Mad John, I am your sailing master".

"The sailing master huh!" I nodded "And who is your captain".

"You are Prince Wyatt" His face soon turned into a frown as he seems almost displeased by my question.

"Alright, and what are we doing right now?" I said as my thoughts were still trying to settle down amidst the rough storms that caused the ship to creak.

"We are just about to make the rest of the 'Poisonous maids' crew' walk off the planks and leave their bodies to be devoured by the magical beast of the sea".

"Wait, we are going to kill them. I mean, can we legally do this? Isn't there some punishment or possible consequences we might face for doing this?"

"No Prince Wyatt, you are a pirate, and according to the codes of pirates, whether we choose to let them live or die is your duty to decide and you won't face any punishment or consequences for doing so" The man explained, shaking his head in disagreement.

"But the only thing we should be worried about is the fury of Captain Davy, the second largest vessel belonging to Captain Silver-tongue's fleet".

"And why is that?" I asked with raised brows as I somehow understood the details of his words.

The man sighed as he looked at me with bitterness in his eyes as though thoroughly regretting his words as he said them.

"It's because you had already ordered before the battle to leave no men alive including the 'Poisonous maid', leader of the 'Poisonous maid crews' and daughter of Captain Davy. From the moment we had attacked the 'Poisonous maid crews' and their ship, we already risk attracting the anger of Captain Silver-tongue for illegally breaking away from the fleet and Captain Davy for daring to attack his daughter".

I scrunched my eyebrows together as I understood the implication of my current dilemma from the man's tone and expression.

"And why didn't you stop me from making such a stupid decision if this was supposedly the result of our actions" I asked, already knowing that such orders were given by this body's former owner.

But still, I couldn't help but find something or someone to directly vent my frustration on. And the man standing in front of me was the unlucky scapegoat.

"I had warned you about the implications before you gave the order Prince Wyatt. But still, you insisted and kept on screaming something about freedom and unfairness"

"But fortunately, you don't have to worry about Captain's Silver-tongue fury since your father- Emperor Brewer the 3rd of the Empire of Endossa has a very close relationship with him so maybe we wouldn't be put on his wanted list even after he found out what we had just done" The man said, sighing as though even him was finding it hard to believe his own words.

"Empire of Endossa..." I mumbled as I heard that name once more, wondering what kind of place it was as it was already obvious that this body's former owner was a prince belonging to a supposedly grand empire.

"Yes, And it's one of the biggest empires in the 'Word of Tharcania".

"Wait. Did you just say Tharcania, the 'World of Tharcania?"

'Wasn't that the name of the world in which that Librarian had centered his book in, even though I told him how cheesy it was'.

I asked as my thoughts spiralled down the bottomless pit of confusion once again. My eyes widened as I began to remember what I was doing before I arrived here.

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