Fallout: Welcome to Mojave

Enzo was an ordinary college graduate. After three days of working non-stop, he finally gave in to the exhaustion and eventually died. He thought he was dead, but he heard this thing instead of God. "You're awake, How about that." Instead of God, he saw an almost balding white man sitting beside his bed. He realized he had been reincarnated into the world of Fallout: New Vegas. Follow Enzo he went on an adventure before the courier entered the story. Going to Primm? Of course. Trying to mess with NCR? Perhaps. Getting to new vegas? Definitely. Talking to a giant face on a monitor? Why not? Rebuilding the United States of America with Enclave? Let's see Follow Enzo as he goes through the quirk and absurd moments in the world of Fallout. Release Rate: 7 Chapters a week, unless I'm busy A/N: This fanfic would also display the world of Fallout 4, but quite far into the story. I also combine the mechanic from New Vegas and Fallout 4 in a way that is desirable, at least for me. Sorry in advance if you don't like some of the mechanics used. I won't use mechanics that people dislike, such as the fusion core in Fallout 4, etc. Also, some of the things in this novel aren't that lore friendly. One thing that I tried to do is incorporated some of the modern tech and weapons into our world, of course, with its own reasonings. Who is the person in the cover picture? She's Aurel. Who's Aurel? I'll let you decide who else wears an Elite Riot Gear.

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"A tour? Sure thing, I don't really mind, especially after what I have done to you," Sunny said.

I put the rifle on my shoulder and followed Sunny and Cheyenne from behind. We walked between the saloon and a building which I forgot on my right. Near the building on the right was a crafting station alongside a reloading bench. There were also two other stations that I wasn't sure which purpose they served.

"On your right is Goodsprings General Store, Chet placed several workbenches beside his workshop. He said that it was for travelers, but I know he just likes to craft weapon mods."

"How about that yellow contraption that seems to be used to lift up an engine from a car?" I pointed my hand at it.

"That's a power armor station. Some travelers have mercenaries using power armor. It's very rare nowadays though," Sunny said.

Hmm, a weapon station and a power armor station, eh? It was not in New Vegas as far as I remembered, it was only on Fallout 4. I still didn't know how this world worked, though. Was it as same as when I played the game or did something change?

"On your left is the saloon. You need drinks, and food, you go to Trudy. She sells a bottle of whiskey for some caps," Sunny explained further.

"Alright, I'll keep that in mind."

"Why don't you ask around town for getting some work? I heard Chet needs a courier, and I heard Trudy is running out of booze to sell. Oh, I also heard that Doc needs Stimpaks," Sunny said.

"Alright, thanks for telling me," I replied.

"No problem. Hey, if you need something, just call me, I'll be in the saloon. It's bloody hot out here," Sunny said.

I agreed with that, but to be entirely honest, it was not that bad as I stayed outdoors long enough. It might be because my body got used to the hot desert, or was it because the vault jumpsuit gave me slight comfort? Well, who knew?

Let's see what Sunny said earlier. Chet looked for a courier, and Trudy and Doc looked for a resupply. I might be able to handle that. They would also give me a fair amount of caps for that as well, so a win-win for me. Not to mention they would put in few good words about me in Goodsprings, it might give me discounts here and there.

[Quest Completed: Back Into The Boot]

[+200 XP]


All of a sudden, a prompt appeared on my Pip-Boy, it obstructed all of the other menus. It showed a menu filled with the skills that I currently had.

Energy Weapons: ◄26►

Guns: ◄35►

Explosives: ◄26►

Melee Weapons: ◄18►

Unarmed: ◄24►

Barter: ◄16►

Speech: ◄16►

Medicine: ◄45►

Lockpick: ◄26►

Repair: ◄30►

Science: ◄45►

Survival: ◄24►

Sneak: ◄20►

[14 Skill Points Left]

Which skill should I even increase? I doubted that I'd increase both explosives and melee weapons since there weren't any here, except for Dynamite which I didn't even know where to find.

My speech was very bad, I might be as charismatic as a roach. My barter skill would get me easily scammed as well. The other skills weren't that important for now, which one should I even pick? I'd focus on Speech, for now, it opened many opportunities.

Energy Weapons: ◄26►

Guns: ◄35►

Explosives: ◄26►

Melee Weapons: ◄18►

Unarmed: ◄24►

Barter: ◄16►

Speech: ◄30►

Medicine: ◄45►

Lockpick: ◄26►

Repair: ◄30►

Science: ◄45►

Survival: ◄24►

Sneak: ◄20►

[0 Skill Points Left]

[Welcome to Level 2]

[Man Killer]

[Intense Training]

[Lady Killer]


[Swift Learner]

Those were all of the perks offered to me, however, based on my past walkthrough, [Man Killer] perk didn't exist whatsoever. It was called [Confirmed Bachelor] and the effect was more or less the same in combat, only the tooltip was different from the one in New Vegas.

[Man Killer]: Thanks to your own knowledge as a man, you know where to hit which hurts the most. You'll do 10% more damage to a male opponent.

After that, the prompt disappeared and I was returned back to the usual Pip-Boy menu. Nothing was out of the ordinary yet, and I looked at the [Data] option on my Pip-Boy. It had nothing, but I turned on the [Radio] tab to turn on the radio. Immediately, the radio announcer began to play.

"You're nobody till somebody loves you, and that somebody is me, I love you. Gonna play a song for you right now. It's about that special someone you only find once... in a Blue Moon."

The usual Mr. New Vegas with its radio announcement started before the music started playing. The music began with smooth saxophone and immediately began with.

♪Blue moon...♪

Damn, that one was smooth. Hmm, I wondered though, would the other listen to the radio when I walked around though, it had a speaker equipped in it and it would probably jeopardize my stealth if that was the case. However, I also found that the music wasn't that loud enough to be heard from across the road. It was not like I would let go of the Pip-Boy either. It was too useful to be thrown away.

It would be safe to assume that I was in Survival mode since I felt that my whole body worked properly. For example, I began to feel this extreme thirst that kept bothering me. The longer I stayed outside, the more thirsty I might become. It might be a good idea to head back to the saloon to get some water, or maybe a Sunset Sarsaparilla.

I opened my Pip-Boy to see what time this was.

[11:30 A.M]

No wonder it started to feel a little bit hotter than before. The sun would go to the top of his head, sooner or later. I also checked what time was it, and what year was.

[29th of January, 2274]

Three years before the first battle of hoover dam. I didn't know what I would expect from this time period, though. I wasn't sure how I'd react to this since there wasn't much happening in this time period. The Courier arrived much much later.

Well, time to be the errand boy for this place. I better came to Chet first since he owned the general store and probably the one that sold ammo in Goodsprings. I only had 21 ammo in my inventory.

I entered the general store, and immediately, the hotter breeze came from inside the store. The place didn't have any air conditioner whatsoever, unlike the saloon. I then talked to Chet.

"Ah, the newcomer, Sunny told me about you. What a poor guy," Chet said as he swept the floor with a broom in his hands.

"When did she tell me?"

"She felt guilty shooting you. C'mon, nobody will shoot a barely adult human like that and not feel guilty about that," Chet said.

"Barely adult?"

"Ah, Doc told me you have some sort of memory loss. Well, we don't know your own age, and neither you are. Anyway, enough talk about that, looking to buy something?"

"Yeah, do you have any ammo for my varmint rifle?" I asked.

"Which type of ammo? I have the FMJ, HP, Surplus, AP," Chet said.

"What's the difference?" I asked.

"FMJ ammo is the standard ammo that anyone used, pretty much regular ammo. Hollow point ammo is ammo that will expand once it hit your enemy and deal much more damage. However, it can't do shit against armor. Then you have the armor-piercing ammunition, which will pierce the armor while dealing less damage thanks to the overpenetration. Lastly, the surplus ammo. I sold that in bulk, but I won't buy any surplus ammo. It left a large amount of dust on your gun and requires you to often maintain it. It's the cheapest ammo." Chet explained.


FMJ = Regular ammo

HP = Ammo with huge damage, bad against armor

AP = Armor piercing ammo, low damage

Surplus = Bad ammo, but cheap

"There is also a handloaded munition, but you are required to make it on your own. Sadly, I don't have the recipe to do it," Chet explained.

"Alright, I get your point."

"What do you want to buy, by the way? Sorry for the interruption."

"5.56 bullets, FMJ. Do you have a box of it?" I asked.

"Sure thing, I'd get it ready for you."

I get the bullet out of Chet's inventory. It contained 20 rounds of 5.56 bullets, FMJ variant. I immediately got the notification that I had just received 20 rounds of those bullets from the pip-boy in my peripheral vision.

[20 5.56x45 mm (FMJ) have been added]

Alright, time to do some questing.