Falling In Love With Mr. Xiao Zhan Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Falling In Love With Mr. Xiao Zhan


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When you fall in love with a superstar being a fan girl, how far you can go to get him and what you can sacrifice's for him if you get a chance? The protagonist Sati, here to show some talent how to get your dream boy and how to handle all obstacle with her will power without depending on anybody. Sati, is an Indian girl having multi skill to live a Independent life. When she fall in love with a Chinese superstar the obstacles of her life increased in a large number. In abroad with different mentality people and language how she going to manage, Is afterward but will her superstar going to support her or not you will find once you go through the story. Here maybe used some real celebrities names but originally it has nothing to do with them and I would like to request everyone to enjoy the plot of the story and don't forget to drop a review about it. Happy reading!

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