Falling for the Werewolf King Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Falling for the Werewolf King

Brittany Heiden

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"Lily Thornstun, a 24 year old writer who just wanted to start fresh after leaving a toxic relationship had agreed to be a roommate, but unbeknownst to her, her roommate is Jayce Ryder, a sexy bachelor. His rude, dark and mysterious persona leaves Lily to hate the man, even though he looked to be made by the Gods themselves with his hair as black as the darkest of nights, his crimson eyes and gloriously sculpted tattooed body. She refuses to accept the rising desire she feels for the man, but it only gets worse the longer she's around him. Jayce Ryder, 29 year old bachelor set in his ways that he was the man, and he can bend every woman to his will. Until Lily arrived on his doorstep with a briefcase and a backpack. Another feeble act of his mother to find him a Mate before the council ruled him as unfit to be King. Like Hell he'd share his reign with a human woman. Yet he couldn't deny the attraction he felt toward her, and the fire that coursed his veins whenever they touched. She wasn't easy to break, but he'll have her screaming his name by first snow fall."