119 Absolute Ego

To test out his new skill, there was no need to keep all the remaining enemies. 

Lorn decided to kill all but one and leave one alive.

He used Mental Inducement to stun them all and when he started aiming his rocks at them; he felt something different. Before, he would always aim at their chests, knowing he would probably miss their heads, but this time, he felt confident hitting any part of his enemies.

He aimed, no, willed to hit the chimera's eyes and just like that, the dozen pieces of rocks flew out of his hand and got lodged in their eyes, killing them instantly.

"Dayum," Yara whistled beside him.

Something like this would've been impossible before, but Extreme Micromanagement made it look effortless.

It was almost like Probability Tampering, with how Lorn's body would move ever so slightly to correct his aim, taking into consideration the enemies' movements, the amount of Spirit needed and his own position.


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