5 Chapter 5: A Wonderful Start [1/2]

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Renji had considered many possibilities for his Second playthrough.


But he never thought that it would give him a real-life version of the game.


'And to be born in a coffin, no less?'


Even after he had kicked several times, finally rising from the coffin he found himself face-to-face with a group of people who were clearly here to rob his "grave," and they were staring at him wide-eyed.


Could there be a more absurd isekai than this?



It was only after a moment of deathly silence that these shameless grave robbers began to turn their guns on Renji, who had just emerged from the stone coffin, with terrified expressions on their faces.


Renji born in a beautiful country.


Therefore, he didn't have much experience in gunfights, and he could feel his hair standing on end, as if his heart had skipped a beat.


At this moment, Renji truly understood the words from the "friendly reminder" by the system when he started his "second playthrough."


[No save points] [no restarts]


'Damn it!'


'So that's what it means!'




"Put them down, all of you!" Jason, seeing his men point their guns at Renji, was even more anxious than Renji himself, his eyes widened as he shouted.


Indeed, he was also quite frightened by the initial commotion of the "Legacy."

But as everything returned to normal, as if nothing had ever happened, and with Renji not making any other moves aside from getting up from the stone coffin, it emboldened Jason.


Seeing the scar-faced man, who seemed to be the leader, scold them, these grave robbers finally put down the guns aimed at Renji one after another.


This made Renji breathe a sigh of relief.


At least the other side was a civilized group of grave robbers.


But who would have thought.


"If you damage the 'legacy' not even ten thousand of you can compensate for it! No looting allowed, and anyone who dares to shoot will be the first one I KILL!" The scar-faced man warned his subordinates in the most ruthless tone.


Renji: "..."


It was clear that he really wanted to "protect" him.


However, Jason seemed to have forgotten that there was someone present who wouldn't obey his orders.


While Jason had all his attention on his men, Eileen, biting her lip, as if she had made some determination, suddenly began to move.


Then, from Renji's point of view, he saw a petite figure rushing out from the other team at a very fast speed, and in a few breaths, she had reached behind him.

'Wearing a ragged trench coat, with an old hood on her head and pockets all over her body, her attire suggested she might be a scavenger?'


Before Renji could analyze her any further, he directly experienced, for the first time in his life, the feeling of being embraced by the opposite sex from behind.


This scene was somewhat acceptable.


Of course, Renji thought it would be even better if the scavenger lady behind him hadn't brandished a sharp, gleaming dagger right in front of his eyes.


"Don't move! Drop your weapons and kick them over here!"

  Eileen, using Renji as a bargaining chip, threatened Jason and the others with courage.


Even though she knew it was a huge risk.


It was literally a matter of life and death.


After all, the terrifying Tainted Miasma energy emitted by the stone coffin earlier had lingered in Eileen's mind for a long time, and it was obvious that the black-haired young man who emerged from the coffin was anything but ordinary.


But Eileen had no other options left.


This was her only chance to possibly stay alive at the moment.


Luckily, the following facts proved that her risky move indeed worked.


The black-haired young man didn't resist her, which relieved Eileen the most. On the other hand, Callewa's gang reacted just as expected, with frustration.


"You f***ing b***h!!"


From Jason's yell, which was several decibels higher, it was clear that his anger had reached its peak.


However, the scar-faced man didn't dare to act rashly, he could only rage impotently at the female scavenger.


"You're fu@king dead! You're challenging us, the Callewa, by doing this! Get your filthy hands off the Legacy right now!"


"I warn you, if you dare to damage our 'Legacy,' not only will you die a gruesome death, but your family, your sick mother back in the gathering place, will have no chance of surviving either!"


Renji could feel that when the scar-faced man mentioned her "sick mother," the female scavenger pressed against him noticeably trembled.


But after that, the other party, perhaps thinking there was no turning back no matter what, seemed determined to go all-in.


So, the female scavenger, under the scar-faced man's tough talk, pressed herself even closer to Renji, who served as her lifeline Legacy and continued to brandish her dagger, demanding the man let her go.


However, from the scar-faced man's expression, it was clear that this was impossible. But he was unable to do anything to the female scavenger because of Renji being his 'Legacy' So, they stood there, locked in a standoff.




'Is this the marvelous start of my new life?'


'Absolutely loved it '


As soon as Renji realized he had crossed over to the game's world, the first thing he did after emerging from the coffin was to quietly observe the situation and quickly check his own body.


The good news was that the game system was still usable.


The bad news was that the second playthrough didn't inherit the "protagonist's" data, meaning he was now back to square one at level one.


The good news was that his "wives" from the previous playthrough had indeed been inherited.


The bad news was that in the system, all of their avatars were in a "grayed-out" state, meaning they couldn't be selected.

Renji didn't understand why this was happening; such a situation had never occurred in the game. But at least he was relieved by the presence of his skill panel.


[Divine Healing], [Dragonblood Ignition], [Magnetic Pulse], [Annihilation], and finally, [Elven Shelter].


Just like many other cultivation games, in "Fall Chronicles", the "protagonist" or the player doesn't have any inherent skills, nor can he level up by "killing monsters". The only way to increase their strength is to cultivate their Eclipses Characters.


In other words, the stronger the Eclipse, the more experience points you get, and when an Eclipse reaches a certain level, players can select one of their abilities as their own skill.


The five skills in the skill bar were carefully chosen by Renji from them during the game.


Although they might not necessarily be the strongest ultimate moves they have, they certainly are the ones that, when combined, make Renji a super hexagon warrior who can deal with various situations.


Even though he hasn't inherited the strength from his original character, the levels of these skills have all turned back to the initial Level 1. But it's important to know that there are differences between Lv1 skills.


As top-tier six-star characters he had carefully cultivated, and the highest Rank [Calamity] Eclipse's Level 1 skills, they are more than enough to handle the current situation.

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