Fallen Chronicles

Renji, a devoted player of a post-apocalyptic game, had numerous exes who were all fictional characters within the game. As a firm believer in strength, Renji would strip useless characters of their equipment and resources, relegating them to the background as caretakers while giving the best to new, powerful characters. He insisted this was temporary, all for the sake of advancing in the game and saving the precarious post-apocalyptic world. However, these "fictional characters" didn't seem to agree with Renji's perspective. When Renji, with his emphasis on strength and meticulous planning, fulfilled his mission as the "savior" by putting an end to the source of Tainted Miasma in the wasteland and becoming the first to achieve a "perfect clearance," he unexpectedly found himself transported to the game's second stage. Renji had thought he would soar directly into a carefree life, but he soon realized that things were not quite as he had imagined. ---------------------------- The important characters he encounters, their illustrations will be posted in Characters Chapter 00.

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Chapter 3: Legacy 1/2 [3/4]

Rumored to be the birthplace of the first dynasty 'Ashen', which saved the world five hundred years ago.

In the countless underground caves beneath the plains, in addition to the descendants of the mutated creatures infected by "Tainted Miasma", the legend of " Emperor Ashen" also remains.

Anything that has even the slightest connection to the almighty emperor would drive everyone crazy and make them flock to it.

After all, if it weren't for emperor Ashen's feat five hundred years ago, unifying the wasteland, rallying the forces of the entire continent, leading a coalition of various races deep into the "Tainted Miasma," and completely purifying and eliminating the source of pollution, then even now, the world would still be shrouded in fear of Miasma pollution, full of scars, with all creatures trembling in the shadow of Miasma monsters and disasters, struggling to survive.

And yet, even though five hundred years have passed since the 'disappearance' of the emperor, no one has ever reached the heights of his power, not even half of it. This further highlights the legendary nature of the legendary emperor.

Therefore, on the Blackhole Plains, rumors of the emperor's "legacy" attracted countless people, causing them to swarm to it.

Unfortunately, after so much time has passed, no one knows whether the "Legacy" has been secretly taken away by some major power or if the rumors themselves are false, or perhaps it has been transferred deeper underground by those Tainted Monsters.

In any case, there has never been any official news stating that someone has actually found the so-called "Legacy" inside.

Over time, people finally lost their enthusiasm for the Legacy, but every year there are still many archaeologists, explorers, and local forces mixed with all sorts of people and scavengers who try to go deep into the cave to try their luck.

At this moment, a small team is winding its way through a cave under the plains.

Most of them have an unfriendly appearance and were armed with guns. A unified "Sand Rose" logo can be seen on the back of their jackets or cuffs, indicating that they are members of a gang.

Among them, a scar-faced man, seemed a little impatient, and shouted at the woman at the front of the team who was dressed like a typical scavenger:

"Hey, how much longer until we get there? We've been in this damn place for over two hours. Aren't you supposed to be familiar with this area? Are we even going in the right direction?"

The scar-faced man interrogated angrily, but the scavenger woman at the front of the group didn't hold back and retorted just as fiercely.

"And you have the nerve to complain!? It's all because of this crappy treasure map you guys provided. It's so poor in quality and blurry that several parts are even f**ing wrong!"

The scar-faced man was scolded, his expression was sour. His subordinates behind were also getting annoyed, but in the end, the scar-faced man gave them a glance, swallowing his pride for now. After all, this local guide was the best they could find, and their chances of finding the rumored "Legacy" relied on these "rats" who were familiar with the caves.

'However, after we finish this... heheh~'

Jason, holding a torch and watching the scavenger woman intently as she focused on the map, sneered inwardly.

'Rats were best left in the sewer'

A few minutes passed.

Just as Jason's patience was wearing thin...


"We're here" The scavenger woman leading the way stopped in her tracks.

Initially, Jason and the others felt relieved, but then they looked around at the cave walls, Jason was about to question the scavenger woman, as it didn't seem like a place where the "Legacy" would be.

"According to the markings on the map, all we need to do is touch a certain mechanism here"

The scavenger woman extended the torch toward the cave wall and began to search.

With a "click" sound.

Before she and Jason's group could react, the ground beneath their feet instantly collapsed.

"What the hell!"

The sensation of weightlessness struck them as the scavenger woman cursed vehemently amidst a thunderous rumble, and everyone fell downward.

After a while, the dust cleared.

Coughing and brushing off the dirt, the disheveled group slowly got up from the ground.

Luckily, the fall wasn't too deep. Most of them had only minor injuries, but it was enough to make Jason furious. However, he hadn't even started to vent his anger when he stopped abruptly.


Once their vision cleared, Jason noticed that the place they had fallen into was a bit different.

The surroundings were no longer ordinary rock layer but rather resembled a deliberately crafted chamber.

On the brick walls, there were complex murals and textures that he couldn't read or understand.

Looking around the space, Jason could see various objects piled up. Although most of them had become rotten and covered in a thick layer of dust, spiderwebs were visible everywhere, they couldn't hide their past elegance and opulence.

On some of the artifacts and reliefs, Jason could even catch a glimpse of faint reddish glow.

Although it was very faint, the "detector" hidden in his sleeve responded noticeably.

Jason immediately understood that these were

[Miasma items]

The highly sought-after and scarce Miasma Items that were Very hard to find even in the black market! Just these Items alone were enough to make him overjoyed.

But it seemed...

They were merely the appetizer.

Everyone in the chamber quickly turned their gaze to a heavy, plain stone coffin in the center of the room, radiating a reddish-brown glow in the dark.

At first glance, the stone coffin seemed simple, without too much decoration or engraving. There were some patterns on the coffin wall, and the reddish-brown light they saw earlier was emanating from these pattern gaps.

However, as they continued to stare, they were overwhelmed by an intense feeling of ancientness emanating from the stone coffin. A faint shiver ran through their hearts, compared to the coffin, they felt so insignificant, fragile, like ants.