Fallen Chronicles

Renji, a devoted player of a post-apocalyptic game, had numerous exes who were all fictional characters within the game. As a firm believer in strength, Renji would strip useless characters of their equipment and resources, relegating them to the background as caretakers while giving the best to new, powerful characters. He insisted this was temporary, all for the sake of advancing in the game and saving the precarious post-apocalyptic world. However, these "fictional characters" didn't seem to agree with Renji's perspective. When Renji, with his emphasis on strength and meticulous planning, fulfilled his mission as the "savior" by putting an end to the source of Tainted Miasma in the wasteland and becoming the first to achieve a "perfect clearance," he unexpectedly found himself transported to the game's second stage. Renji had thought he would soar directly into a carefree life, but he soon realized that things were not quite as he had imagined. ---------------------------- The important characters he encounters, their illustrations will be posted in Characters Chapter 00.

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Chapter 15: Suthia (Part 2) [5/5]

She knew her senses weren't wrong.

After all, only that person could use 'her power'.

The woman walked straight to the stone coffin.

Her crystal-like, elegant low-heeled boots made a crisp sound on the chamber floor. The silk ribbons tied around her delicate ankles floated as she moved.

Finally, she stopped right in front of the stone coffin.

She took off her gloves, and her smooth, delicate hands touched the rough, charred surface of the old coffin, making a stark contrast.

But she seemed completely unaware of this, ignoring the dust and placing her hands gently on the coffin.

The nuns behind her held back their urge to warn her.

After all, in their eyes, their Goddess was pure and flawless. How could she touch something so dirty? She even took off her gloves!


If that scene made Maria and the others uncomfortable, what happened next left them shocked.

Because it seemed that touching the coffin wasn't enough for her.

Not nearly enough.

The woman suddenly lay down inside the stone coffin.

"Your Holiness!"

Maria, the Archbishop, couldn't take it anymore.

The thought of their most sacred and noble Goddess lying in such a dirty, broken stone coffin made Maria feel like she was crawling with ants.

She quickly stepped forward, wanting to stop her.

Sometimes being someone's belief means you have to maintain a good image in public.

And Suthia had always done that for hundreds of years.

She gave hope to refugees.

She guided the lost.

She brought joy to people.

She became their belief.

But today,

This time,

The woman lying in the stone coffin no longer radiated that holy light. Instead, she seemed to blend with the darkness inside the coffin.

Her eyes, clear as sapphires, turned 'bloody-red' in that moment as Maria moved.


Maria froze, her face twisted in pain. She opened her mouth as if to scream, but no sound came out. It was as if invisible hands were choking her.

The two nuns following her sensed something was wrong and hurriedly tried to move forward. But the crosses on their chests started to flicker, and this time, the holy light wasn't on their side. It held them in place, unable to move.

'Interference eliminated'


The woman in the coffin could fully enjoy herself.

She wiggled around as if she was on a super comfy bed, not a cold, hard stone coffin.

The young lady—no,

Suthia in the coffin took a deep breath.

Right away, her white skin turned a bit pink, and her usually calm face looked like she was lost in some kind of daydream.

'Yes ♡'

'This scent~, this feeling~ ♡!'

She took several deep breaths, almost like she was gasping.

Her large chest heaved under her holy robes.

The familiar scent, the familiar feeling, the familiar taste. There was no mistake.

'It all belong to him'

'My One and only Lord Ashen!'

Suthia was shaking in the coffin, her eyes all dreamy. She touched every part of the coffin, like she was touching the person who used to be in it.

"Five hundred years"

"Five hundred years, My Lord. You're finally..."

"I knew you were still here, I knew you'd come back. My Lord, My love~♡"

She mumbled faster and faster.

The nuns outside the coffin, though physically restrained, could still hear. They were shocked and confused. Was this really their DGoddess?

Thankfully, the coffin wasn't transparent. Otherwise, Maria would've completely lost her faith if she saw the young woman's contorted movements and face inside. She'd think the world had gone mad.

But even Suthia's voice was getting weird.

"Why did you disappear? Did Suthia do something wrong? Did Suthia make you angry?"

"Why did you abandon us? Why make Suthia suffer for five hundred years? Why, why?! Why, why?!"

The voice from the coffin grew more frantic and shrill.

Then, all of a sudden, she started laughing—a laugh that made Maria super uncomfortable and scared.


"I get it. You must be hiding from those four, right?"

"So they think you're gone, and you can be with me, with Suthia, forever. No one else will come between us."

Her voice was still as clear and ethereal as ever.

She sounded excited and joyful, like a little girl about to take home her long-awaited, favorite toy from the store.

Suthia in the coffin smiled, a happy crazy smile.

Her eyes were filled with hope for a beautiful future.

Her eyes,

Were filled with insane, bloody-red color.

"My Lord, don't worry! This time, I won't leave you, and I won't let you leave either. I'll keep you with me forever, just for Suthia alone~~♡."

"This time, no one can take you away from me, not even you, My lord"

"Let's be together, forever. Hehehehe~~♡"

Her blue hair turned dark red [1].

Her holy boots transformed into bloody-red high heels with spikes. Her religious hat became a crown of thorns, and her pure white robe turned pitch black.

A burst of Miasma energy erupted from the coffin, warping the whole room. The three nuns, who were Eclipses, were hit hard. Two of them fainted, and Maria, the Archbishop, struggled but soon collapsed, bleeding from all over her face.

Good times are always short-lived.

Suthia's real body was far away, in the 'Confession Room' of the Holy Kingdom Cathedral. She was just a temporary projection, using her followers as a medium.

This projection was starting to break down, unable to hold her power.

Reluctantly, she got up from the coffin.

She didn't even glance at her three followers lying on the floor.

She looked towards the exit.

That's where Renji and Eileen had left.

She wanted to follow them right away, but she didn't want her Lord to see her like this. She had to be perfect when she met him.

'So, not yet~'

She still had some preparations to make.

'It won't be long, though'

'We'll meet again very soon My Lord~'

"Just wait a little longer, My Lord~♡ " Suthia thought, holding back her eagerness.

She touched the back of her neck.

Under the dark red glow of the Tainted Miasma, you could see a faded, worn-out brand on the back of her neck.

It seemed like her most precious thing.

And this time, she wouldn't share this precious thing with "Them"

After all,

"The covenant with My Lord is only for me, Suthia!"

With a crazy smile on her face,

And her bloody-red heels clicking,

Maria, lying on the ground, saw through her blurry vision that the "Goddess" was finally coming towards her. But instead of helping her up, she placed her hand on Maria's head.

"You've worked hard all these years, Maria."

"So, have a good sleep."



1==>[I will Make one With her Black hair and Red eyes tomorrow with the new chapters]