FALLEN (Sequel) Book

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FALLEN (Sequel)


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Mortha is assistant to the Savior and the light bearer, commander of the Army Angels. He was summoned by God the Father to go down Earth to seek what's happening ghere and why humans no longer trust or love God, Jesus. He was asked to help people and lead them back to God. But him meeting Belle Sun seems a life changing experience for our angel that he was torned between his duties and his affection for her. He falls for the lovely, feisty and sweet country girl who neither believes in God nor angels, but nature and ancestral gods. Yet, will it be allowed when Mark is immortal, an angel and Belle is human? I thought I would die of sadness and despair because of the people I helped and reached out to save. But only you can save me, your love, your smile and your whole being, I miss and always desire to have and be in forever. Haaa!! ….Mark's eyes changed colour to golden yellow and as if magic, light is now covering him and Belle who is wiping her eyes to clearly see Mark in his glory glowing like a grand god in gold and glitter called. Ma...aaarrkkk!!??..I am already at the nuke’s tail and about to catch the body so he can detonate it. The bomb is so sophisticated that it took me some time to figure out how to stop it. Within ten seconds the nuke will explode, though my speed is about .....Ahhhh


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