Fake Professor, Misunderstood As Strong

On one fateful day, Jareth Blaze died an extremely horrible death. But fate has some other plans for him; he got transmigrated into the body of a weak third-rate villain in a role-playing game. He thought it would be difficult to survive as a villain with this weak and arrogant body, but for some reason everyone misunderstood him. They thought of him as a strong person and feared him. 'What are you looking at me with fear for!? aren't you the protagonist of this world!?' (No harem here!) [WSA entry 2024] (Shares the same world with my other novel, Reborn as an extra) .. My Discord server link: https://discord.com/invite/m87MTRraFD

Calm_Mountains · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
124 Chs

Zero and the ultimate rank skill!

Test subject number '0' is the girl who became the first victim of the cult leader's cruel experiments.

She has been working for the 'False Dome' cult for a long time under the name 'Zero'.

She has always succeeded in her missions and is considered a highly successful assassin.

Players had to fight her in the late stages of the game, where she would assassinate one of your heroines.

It's a cannon event; you can't stop it.

This assassination is bound to kill at least one of the heroines.

There are three endings in this game; each one of them ends well for the protagonist but has a bad ending for the rest of the world.

Although the protagonist lives happily with his harem, the fundamental issues facing this world remain unresolved.

The protagonist never ascended past grade 1, and things remained in the same stalemate as before until the end of this game.

But things have changed a lot now.