Fake Professor, Misunderstood As Strong

On one fateful day, Jareth Blaze died an extremely horrible death. But fate has some other plans for him; he got transmigrated into the body of a weak third-rate villain in a role-playing game. He thought it would be difficult to survive as a villain with this weak and arrogant body, but for some reason everyone misunderstood him. They thought of him as a strong person and feared him. 'What are you looking at me with fear for!? aren't you the protagonist of this world!?' (No harem here!) [WSA entry 2024] (Shares the same world with my other novel, Reborn as an extra) .. My Discord server link: https://discord.com/invite/m87MTRraFD

Calm_Mountains · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
125 Chs

Risa, The Villainess! Part-2.

University, Market Area.

8:30 P.M.

'This area always becomes so dark and shady during night…' (Jareth)

As Jareth has played this game a lot, he knew that the market area around the academy has always been quite shady during the night.

It becomes oddly dark in this area when night comes, and even the magic lamps seem unable to extinguish this darkness fully.

Jareth glanced at the eerily quiet area and thought to himself:

"Hmm, as I am on the night patrol duty today, perhaps I might be able to encounter 'that' random event…" (Jareth)

In the game, the reason why this area was always so dark was because it was the principal who did this on purpose.

He has cast an illusion-type magic in this place to play tricks on the students.

The market area closes after 8:30 P.M. and no shop is open after this set time.