Fake Professor, Misunderstood As Strong

On one fateful day, Jareth Blaze died an extremely horrible death. But fate has some other plans for him; he got transmigrated into the body of a weak third-rate villain in a role-playing game. He thought it would be difficult to survive as a villain with this weak and arrogant body, but for some reason everyone misunderstood him. They thought of him as a strong person and feared him. 'What are you looking at me with fear for!? aren't you the protagonist of this world!?' (No harem here!) [WSA entry 2024] My Discord server link: https://discord.com/invite/m87MTRraFD

Calm_Mountains · Fantasy
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80 Chs

Learning Hidden Skills!

Jareth's Dorm room.

Inside the training room.

After a whole hour of mental agony, the immense pain finally faded away. 

Jareth's gritted teeth finally relaxed and he felt tired all over his body. He seems to have used too much mental strength to comprehend so much information in such a short amount of time.

[Ding! Congratulations you withstood the side-effect of the 'Memory Card (Advanced)!]

[Ding! Your 'INT' stat has increased by 10!]

[Ding! Maximum mana capacity has increased to 60!]

'At least I got some compensation for this pain… sigh~' (Jareth)

It was a good thing that his 'INT' stat increased further. Even one point of increase in the INT stat is already a very good thing for his weak self. 

The INT stat directly boosts your 'mana control' ability. Moreover, the INT stat indirectly influences your mana capacity too. 

'Well it's not much but even this is great progress from this body's perspective at least…' (Jareth)

Jareth slowly got up from the ground with tired eyes. 

He glanced downwards and noticed that his whole body was covered in sweat, thus he decided to take a bath first.


While in the bath Jareth continued to think to himself.

'Now that I know the whole backstory of the original Jareth I can stop worrying about my survival for now at least... instead I need to focus on becoming strong…' (Jareth)

'Perhaps I should go and grab some of the hidden items that may make me stronger…' (Jareth)

Jareth used to be a veteran player of the game, he has decent knowledge about a few hidden items that could help him a bit in this time of need. (Stealing session here we come! Rrrraaaaghhh!)

After half an hour, Jareth got out of the bath and put on his clothes.

He sat down and contemplated in his mind.

'According to the memories of the original Jareth, the principal favors Jareth quite a bit, thus I can stop worrying about my survival for now, instead, I should focus on becoming stronger….' (Jareth)

Jareth got up and opened a closet that had many antique items stored in it.

'This should be it…' (Jareth)

He took out a small ordinary-looking ring from the closet and used his mana on the ring.

'This should be the space ring that stores all of the materials that the original Jareth worked on his theories with…' (Jareth)

Jareth sensed the stored items in the ring with his mana, he found that there were many items like mana scrolls and different-sized mana stones, various magic tools, etc. 

He ignored all these items, as he wasn't in the mood to research, instead, he brought out the mana recovery potions and health recovery potions, which were stored in the storage ring.

Jareth put both types of potions on a nearby table.

'There are a total of five high-grade potions of each kind… that should be enough I guess…' (Jareth)

Jareth opened the lid on the health potions and swallowed all of them together.

'Although this is quite an expensive method and I would rarely have used it in the game... but right now I have enough money to afford this, so why not do it anyway…' (Jareth)

When Jareth drank so many high-grade healing potions, he felt a feeling of warmth spread all over his body.

[Ding! Hidden conditions fulfilled!]

[Ding! You gained a new skill 'Active Healing!']

[Active Healing: Use mana to trigger your body cells into dividing at a fast speed and regenerate the wounds at your will!]

'Good, this shows that the hidden 'skill-gaining' conditions are still in play, this is good news for me…' (Jareth)

As a veteran player of this game, Jareth had the know-how of many things that a newbie player would have not known at all.

'This skill may look ordinary and weak, but it can play a crucial role in longer battles…' (Jareth)

Many a time this skill saved Jareth when he played the game, he found out about this skill quite late, but it still proved very useful.

'With this skill, I don't need to worry about getting injured at all… moreover, there are many other benefits of this skill…' (Jareth)

After succeeding in his first attempt, Jareth then glanced at the mana recovery potions.

He opened the lid of all the high-grade mana recovery potions and directly poured them all into his mouth.

A huge amount of mana entered Jareth's body. 

He immediately sat down in the lotus pose and started to meditate, he used his mana control to circulate the mana in his mana circuit.

'If I remember it correctly I need to make the mana swirl around my magic circuit…' (Jareth)

Jareth focused all his mind on swirling the mana around the magic circuit in his heart.

He pumped the extra mana that he got from the potions into the blood that was being pumped by the heart, and then he connected the mana circuit to the bloodstream via a new magic node. 

(He got knowledge on how to create magic nodes from the original Jareth's memory…)

This way he connected his existing small magic circuit to the blood, now wherever the blood goes into his body, mana will flow there too. 

The huge amount of extra mana that was overloading his magic circuit started to spread all over his body through the bloodstream and the pressure on his mana circuit lessened. 

Jareth brought out even more mana recovery potions from his space ring and then swallowed them all too.

He kept on spreading mana all over his body.

The process kept going for five hours non-stop. Jareth kept spreading his mana in his whole body through the bloodstream. 

After a whole five hours of non-stop effort, Jareth finally fully digested the vast amount of mana. 

At this point, Jareth has reached harmony. 

His blood carried mana out from the heart and spread it all over the body through the veins, then the circulated mana returned to the heart for another round of circulation.

At this point, Jareth's mana circulated in his body similar to how blood circulates in the body.

[Ding! Hidden Conditions fulfilled!]

[Ding! You have learned the passive Skill 'External Mana circuit!']

[External Mana circuit: The user embeds his whole bloodstream with mana and pumps mana all over his body like blood circulation.]

[Effect: User can store mana outside their mana circuit, thus increasing their mana capacity by many times.]

[Ding! Your 'Mana Control' skill has been upgraded from grade 6 to grade 5!]

[Ding! Your Passive skill 'External Mana circuit' has increased your maximum mana capacity tremendously!]

'I was successful, this is quite a good news…' (Jareth)

The skill that Jareth acquired just now was learned by the protagonist of this game world during the end-game stages. This skill is extremely rare and only a few characters in the game know about its existence. 

Moreover, if you don't have the proper knowledge of the whole procedure, you might end up dead from interfering with your own heart like that.

Jareth has the 'Fearless' trait, that's why he was able to carry out such a dangerous process without any fear, others might have fainted at the thought of forcing your own heart to pump mana in such a crazy manner.

'Well I have no other choice but to use these risky methods, otherwise, I might die in this cruel world at any time, if I stayed as weak as I am right now I won't survive for long…' (Jareth)

Jareth shook his head and stopped thinking about these. He focused on his current self.

'Let's see how much my mana increased from this…' (Jareth)

<Status >

[Name: Jareth Blaze]

[HP: 800/800] [MP: 1200/1200]

[Titles: Illegitimate child, Theory Genius, Talentless fool]

[STR: 13] [AGI: 12] [SPE: 10] [DEF: 9] [INT: 52]

[Talent: Fire Affinity (Grade: 6), Mana Affinity (Grade: 6)]

[Mana Purity: Grade 6] 

[Skills: Fire-Magic (Grade: 6), Null-Magic (Grade: 6), Mana Control (Grade: 5), Active Healing (Grade: 7)] 

[Passive Skills: Sharp Mind, External Mana Circuit] 

[Personality Traits: Cold, Arrogant, Ruthless, Fearless]

[Shop] [Credit Points: 0]

[Evaluation: An arrogant guy, pretending to be strong!]

When Jareth saw the insane increase in the amount of mana, his eyes widened in pure shock. He felt like he had counted one extra zero by mistake, but no matter how many times he looked at it, it was true.

His maximum mana capacity increased from the original 50 to 1200 in just one go!

'This.. this is insane!' (Jareth)

Author's Notes.

Yo! It's your beloved author here! Finally, Jareth has started to walk on the path of improvement, but still, this is just the beginning. Currently, he is even weaker than the first-year students, and there's a long path ahead of him…

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