Fake Professor, Misunderstood As Strong

On one fateful day, Jareth Blaze died an extremely horrible death. But fate has some other plans for him; he got transmigrated into the body of a weak third-rate villain in a role-playing game. He thought it would be difficult to survive as a villain with this weak and arrogant body, but for some reason everyone misunderstood him. They thought of him as a strong person and feared him. 'What are you looking at me with fear for!? aren't you the protagonist of this world!?' (No harem here!) [WSA entry 2024] (Shares the same world with my other novel, Reborn as an extra) .. My Discord server link: https://discord.com/invite/m87MTRraFD

Calm_Mountains · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
114 Chs

Chaos and Plans... Part-2.

Abella slaughtered a whole city overnight, and the entire nation became active.

All of the government's higher-ranking officials received emergency messages.

Every registered Grade 3 or higher level individual received an emergency message from the government.

Abella's unrestrained murder of thousands of civilians was a slap in the face of the nation's guardians.

The media immediately covered this shocking news, and people organized massive protest groups to wake up the government and ask them for an explanation.

The Blaze family was the first to bear the brunt of this incident, as Artavia was their territory, and so many casualties happened under their surveillance.

The government immediately organized a meeting with Nathan and promised him a lot of benefits in exchange for hiring him to deal with this problem.