1 Prologue - Scent of gunpowder

Sometimes I just wonder, what the hell happened on that faithful day. It was no different from any other afternoon really- the street was as busy as always, bustling with life. Well, there was one exception. Books. books were scattered all across the streets ranging from thin paper backs to thick hardcovers. As if that wasn't odd enough the scent of gunpowder was heavy in the air, as if someone had accidentally spilled metric tons of black powder onto the streets.

Naturally some people were intrigued by it, some were scared and some, well, some went there just to take pictures of this bizarre phenomenon. I was no different to be honest, I was extremely fond of reading back then, can't say I still am but that's besides the point.

Me, like the book worm I am, decided that I want to read them. I fumbled through some of the book piles and interestingly all books have one similarity: Fairy Tales, the books were all bed time stories you usually hear when you were little.

That didn't stop me from trying to read the though, if anything that just made me more interested in those books, since they were the ones that got me interested in reading in the first place. Slowly flipping through the pages it dawned on me that the sentences were all jumbled up, as if it was a deranged person's rambling.

What was more stranger was that there were weapon schematics within them ranging from swords, spears, guns and a cannon of all things. There was one book where it even contained a schematic of a nuke, a nuke! Anyways where was I? Oh right.

Like I was saying earlier, the books was far from what we had read during our childhood. If anything they felt like a fanfic written by a illiterate emo teen back in the days.

The sentences were jumbled but try hard enough and you'll find out that the content of the book is a bit different from the ones you've probably read or heard in your childhood, they differ from book to book but all contain the same message of the numbing disparity between living and dying, pretty morbid stuff if ya ask me.

Nowadays, people don't really remember what happened back then since most of the people that did witness what happened that day were either killed, eaten, or 6 feet under after getting dragged by mythological creatures. Oh yeah, did I mention creatures from folk lore also came along the fairy tale creatures? Yeah they came along side with them.

Anyways like I said people died, a lot of people died, so much so that nearly all of the human population got wiped off the face of the earth. But of course like any other times humanity almost went extinct because of our quick adaptation we manage to find a way to survive.

Through some scientific tomfoolery they managed to create weapons from the remains of both the fairy tale and folk lore monster's remains. And with that humans get to live for another day.

Well, the world mostly fell into ruins anyways, and there are monsters that want you dead so there's really no point in living.

It's been like what? 70? 80 something years since the incident happened and now? Most of the world is still a wasteland, either a concrete jungle, a desert or a literal forest. But humans have set up settlements by now, some of them even manage to turn their settlements into a capital.


Oh, do you need something? Ah you're wondering how I know all of this stuff even though I look like someone who was only born few years earlier than you right? Well I'll tell ya, this is gonna be fun.