Fairy Tale for the Demon Lord Book

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Fairy Tale for the Demon Lord


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In ages long past, there was a bored demon lord, a king beyond compare. Whatever he wished, he did and what he did not wish, did not care to fruition. He toyed with heroes and brilliant lights and wielded the world as he wished. Yet what he sought none may provide for all eternity. The Demon Lord, ruler of all, mighty above all craves something. A new flavour over the centuries. Sadly as he’d already tasted most and all of the emotions that he needed to for himself, he decided to well, not allow nature to craft some boring act for him. So, he deigns it only right that for the story, the greatest in his mind, he might as well be the craftsman of the tale. So begins our story where the hero is crafted by the demon lord. Note:// In other technical information- the release schedules like 3 chapters per week(Monday/Wednesday/Thursday). Please Review and Comment.


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