2 Fairy Tail

Mirajane woke up late the next day. Seeing Lisana and Elfman by her side, she was relieved. Yesterday was horrifying. She had nearly lost both her siblings. She was still afraid to think about it. She had become overconfident after becoming an S class mage.

She walked out of the house to find their other companion. She saw Noah swinging his sword continuously. He performing katas. His swing was sharp and defined. It showed a dedication to the weapon similar to Erza. Sensing her gaze, he looked up and nodded at Mirajane. She nodded back at him and sat on a bench nearby. He stopped his practice and also sat down near her.

"How are you feeling today?", Noah asked looking at her with concern.

"Mostly fine. My injuries are almost healed. After Elfman wakes up, we can go to the guild." Mirajane said.

"Don't worry. I am not in a hurry." Noah replied. He was looking for about a month now. He didn't mind waiting for a few more days.

"So is Gildarts really your father?" Mirajane asked curiously, excited about this topic.

"That's what mom said. Never seen him or met him. Heck, he doesn't even know about me. According to mom, she hadn't planned to be knocked up. It was supposed to be a one-time thing", Noah replied casually.

Mirajane's face formed into a strange expression mixed with surprise, embarrassment, absurdness, confusion. " I,...I m " She didn't know what to say. Seeing her expression, Noah smiled. It was fun messing up people when he told this part.

He continued, "Mom's a cool woman. Living with her was fun. She taught me to wield the sword and use magic. She just didn't want to spend her life with a man she just met once. We hunted together."

"Ah!" Mirajane didn't know what to say. Seeing her expression Noah decided to change the subject. His life here was really fun and he didn't miss not having a dad. He had one in his previous one. He didn't want another demanding asshole who pushed his dreams on his children and beat them up for not living up to expectations. He was biased, there were good fathers around but he didn't want one in this life. If it weren't for his problem with magic being out of control he wouldn't have searched for Gildarts.

"So tell me about your guild?" Noah asked Mirajne.

"Ohh! Fairy tail is a nice guild. We are one of the best guilds in Fiore. Our guild master is Master Makarov. Although he behaves like a drunk old man, he is amazing. But don't tell him that ....." Talking about her guild perked up and light got into her eyes. She loved her guild and it seemed like a nice place. They both talked for an hour until Lisana walked over to them. They had breakfast and went touring around the village. They lived in a hut a villager had provided them.

Two days passed quickly and they took a train to Magnolia. It took about 8 hrs to reach the place. They reached near evening. Lisana walked up to the building and pointed a finger and declared, "This is Fairy Tail".

It was a tall three storey- building with walls painted white and green colors on the roof. Fairy tail insignia was carved on the door and a large banner hung up from the roof with words written FAIRY TAIL written on it. It was an impressive building for this world.

As he was busy admiring, Lisana hurriedly pulled him inside the guild. "Come on! What are you waiting for."

Entering the guild they walked straight up to a counter. They were many people gathered here. Some were drinking beer, some just chatting. Some greeted the siblings while glancing at Noah curiously. There was an energetic atmosphere with everyone doing their things but connected. It was nice.

They reached the counter. It looked like a bar. On top of it was an old man drinking beer.

"Master! We are back!" Lisana cheerfully said.

"Oh! Welcome back! So how was the mission?" Makarov asked while glancing at Noah.

Upon listening to the question their faces hung down. Seeing this Makarov focused and asked what happened.

"The beast was too strong. I couldn't defeat it. Lisana and Elfman would have died if Noah didn't arrive on time", Mirajane replied guilty and tears started forming on her face.

"Calm down child! Everyone is fine now. They are fine right". He tried to calm her down, but she started crying. After consoling them and listening to the incident, Makarov bowed towards Noah, "Thank you for saving my children. We and our guild are in your debt."

"You don't need to bow down old man. It feels weird. And I had enough thanks from Mirajane here." Noah was a little flustered and replied while scratching the back of his head.

Makarov smiled and asked, "Nevertheless, we must express our gratitude. If you need to do anything Fairy tail will help you."

"Actually about that. I do need some help. My dad is in fairy tail. It would be nice if you could contact him. I would like to meet him."

"Oh. Who is your dad? I was thinking you looked a little bit familiar." Makarov thought while observing Noah carefully

"His name is Gildarts Clive. I heard he is a famous mage here."


Makarov spat out his drink. On a nearby seat, a brown-haired girl dropped down her glass full of beer. Everyone eavesdropping had a similar reaction. They shouted in unison.


Then a sudden excited voice came out, "FIGHT ME!!!"


It took a while for the guild to calm down. Makarov had a headache. How many children had Gildarts fathered? First, there was Cana. Now there is Noah. 'DAMN! I should make him check all his lovers. Who knows if there are more of them?'

They were now in his office. The guild members were frantically trying to ask Noah various questions not giving the boy a chance to speak. He looked overwhelmed. Not to mention Natsu who charged to fight after hearing Gildarts name.

"Your name is Noah Ford, right. How old are you?" He asked.

"I am 19 years old"

So, it means Gildarts had him when he was nineteen. "Does your father know about you?" He didn't think Gildarts knew. He didn't know about Cana too.

"Nah! Mum found she was pregnant, a month later. She didn't know how to contact him. Except that he was a mage from a guild called Fairy tail. It was too troublesome to contact him. So she raised me on her own."

"Your mother seems like a strong woman."

"Yeah. She is great" Noah said with a smile on his face.

"Currently Gildarts is not in town. He's out, performing a mission. It would take a few months for him to come back. So you would have to wait for a while to meet him."

"Okay! No problem." Noah nodded his head. He had enough money for a week's stay. It seemed like he had to find some work in the meantime.

"Is there some reason you are looking for your father? As I said earlier if you need help you can just ask" Makarov asked. Hearing the boy's situation it didn't seem like he visited only to meet his father.

"Emm... I do need some help" He replied a little bit embarrassed.

"Don't be shy! boy" Makarov smiled. "Tell me. In fairy tail everyone is family. Since you are Gildart's kid, you are family too. We would help you"

Noah thought for a little while. From what he knew this old man was a Wizard Saint. Though his dad seemed like a powerful mage, the old man here should be the most knowledgeable. It didn't hurt to ask.

"I can't control my magic power properly. It goes out of control often." He said as he scratched his cheek in embarrassment. "I caused some incidents. So I was thinking if you could help me control it?"

"Also I would like to learn more about magic." Light entered his eyes and his eagerness was clear to see. Makarov smiled upon seeing his reaction. The boy's magic power was quite huge. Him having trouble controlling it was normal. Also, he loved magic.

"I can help you with both."

"Thank you, Sir." Noah gratefully replied.

"So, what are your plans in the meantime? Do you have any place to stay?"

"I have enough money to live in an inn for a week. I would have to look for jobs from thereafter."

"You are not from Fiore, right?" Makarov asked.

"No, Sir I am from Veronica."

"Mages here in Fiore have to join guilds to accept jobs. You wouldn't find a job as a rogue mage."

Noah frowned thinking about the problem. Seeing his expression, Makarov smiled and said the line he was preparing for a long time, "Would you like to join fairy tail?"

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