1 Encounter

"Someone! Please help." Mirajane screamed. She watched as the punch approached Lisana. She closed her eyes not wanting to see.

'BAAM!' The sound of two fist colliding sounded across the forest. "ROOOAR" The beast roared sharply as if in pain. Mirajane opened her eyes and found a tall young man standing before Lisana.

He had red hair down to his shoulders and wore a black cloak over his body. A black sheathed longsword hung on his back. He turned around and she saw a face she found a little familiar.

"You two okay there?", Noah asked. "Don't worry I will take the beast down in a jiffy." He said trying to assuage the two girls. He took his sword out of his back.

"Don't hurt him!", Mirajane shouted, seeing him taking out the sword. "He's our brother."

"Don't worry! Wasn't gonna. Sword still sheathed see. "He said while pointing towards his sword. "The beast took over him?", He asked with a questioning tone.

Before they could converse anymore, the beast got over its shock and lunged towards them, ready to strike.

"Edgeless Sword: First form " Noah jumped up to the beast, a magic circle shining across the sword. "Cross-Slash"

"Swoosh-Swoosh." They crossed each other.

"BAM!" The beast slammed down down the ground losing consciousness. Noah hung the sword back at its position and walked towards the beast. He pointed his finger towards the beast and muttered, "Dispel".

The beast disappeared and in its place was Elfman. He was lying on the ground unconscious, but otherwise fine. Mirajane was relieved to see Elfman regaining his form.

"Elf-nee-chan" Lisana rushed towards Elfman checking his body for any injuries. She was relieved to find there were no visible wounds. Except for being unconscious, and empty magical reserves, he looked alright.

"He would take two or three days to wake up. I drained him of all his energy." Noah walked towards Lisana while explaining Elfman's condition. The sisters shifted their focus on the young man walking towards them.

"Thank You!" Lisana stood up and bowed towards him. "If you weren't here, it would have been disastrous."

"Yeah. You were in a pickle there. " He said walking towards Mirajane. "You there alright?"She was still sitting on the ground, exhausted from all the things happening.

"Yeah. I am alright. Thank you for the help." She also bowed towards him and started introducing everyone, "I am Mirajane Strauss and they are my siblings Elfman and Lisana. We are mages of fairy tail"

"Noah Ford, a wandering mage." Noah also introduced himself while propping up a hand towards Mirajane. Mirajane shook the hand.

He went towards Elfman who was lying on the ground and propped him up on his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. "You can help your sister. She doesn't look good."

"We should go to the village to get treatment." Nodding her head, Lisana went to help Mirajane . While they were walking back, Lisana asked, "Were you also here for the beast?"

Noah shook his head, "Nah! Actually, I was looking for you guys. I was looking around for fairy-tail guild for a long time and when I heard there some mages of the guild here, I decided to find you."

Both sisters looked at him in surprise. Mirajane asked, "Why are you looking for our guild?" Lisana was also curious to know the reason as she looked at him.

"My father is a mage at fairy tail. I was going to meet him there. His name is Gildarts Clive. Do you know him?" He asked.

Both Mirajane and Lisana's jaw dropped.

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