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Fairy Tail: The Dragon's Sin


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SPOILER WARNING IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE MANGA TO SEVEN DEADLY SINS, FAIRY TAIL, OR FAIRY TAIL 100 YEARS QUEST, READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. ======= After a fierce clash with Cath Palug, Cath decided to test the limits of Chaos on Meliodas and as a result, Meliodas is drastically weakened and is sent into a different unknown world. Stuck in this new world, Meliodas has to adapt to this new environment, regain his power, and find a way back to Britannia. This is sort of an AU. It follows Fairy Tail canon but has a lot of extra things in between that I try to keep lore friendly but would never have happened in the main story. If you want to support the story, donate to our Patreon! patreon.com/Shayzero follow @shayminnerdform on twitter You won't get chapters ahead of time on Patreon, but you will get access to various concept art, sketches, polls, and notes of our planning process.


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