Information (MC Appearance, etc)

Alright, this won't be a spoiler, just explanation for unclear things.

1. Ben's appearance

Skin: Rather dark skin

Hair: Yellow/Blonde with reddish tip, short, spiky

Face: Triangular, sharp jawline, sharp canines

Eyes: Sharp-serious, yellow pupils, slitted like other dragon slayers

Height: 122 cm (10 y.o), 138 cm (11 y.o), 154 cm (12 y.o)

2. Sun Dragon Slayer Magic

Like what many of you have known, the power of sun aren't just fire & light. There are more to it, but i won't list it. It's just that currently, Ben can only use fire, light, & sun itself. I make it so that he has more variations.

That's why i use name like "Sun Dragon's Light Roar", because Ben just use light element in that magic. If he use fire, it will be "Sun Dragon's Fire Roar". Only when he use the power of Sun itself, the name will be "Sun Dragon's Roar".

There will be more Sun powers as the story goes, Ben will have it as he proggressing. Sun has a very strong power, and it is very difficult to learn. That's why Ben need time to learn it, and i still learn more about sun to undertand all of it's power.

3. A.I Chip

Ben's A.I Chip is based on Leylin's from 'Warlock of Magus World' where it is merged with his soul. It isn't a computer chip planted in his brain, but more of a system with A.I Chip ability. I like the concept of Leylin's A.I Chip, so i use it on Ben.

You can search about it in 'Warlock of Magus World' fandom if you don't know it and want to know the detail.

4. Love Interest

I don't want to think about it in the early chapters and when Ben is still too young. Maybe after he turn 17. You have any suggestion?

5. Power of Friendship

... (o_o)

6. Dragon Seed

Will be explained in a Chapter

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